The Pleiadians- Is Unconditional Love Possible? – 13 February 2013


Many think of love this week; some ponder romantic love, twin flames, and some divine love…all great things. And yet, many question the existence of unconditional love. How can beings born with ego attachment really achieve unconditional love, some say? You may have conditions that someone not harm you so how can you love unconditionally then, and not be a doormat? We say that unconditional love is more of a big picture concept. It is not about liking someone or the world, or even being willing to connect with everyone. It is about the knowingness that somehow, even those you choose to love from afar, are one with you. It is about feeling divine love for each and every souls journey free of resentment.

You see it’s all about choices. You choose to vibrate with different beings holding their own divine imprint. Not relating does not mean not loving. Saying no, can be loving too when it comes from a place of self-love or freedom from enabling others to not live as their highest potential. Yes, love can show up in many forms. Are you paying attention to how it shows up in your life?

We know you know by now the gateway to your fullest divine potential is unconditional love. However, sometimes you may seek to find it in forms you choose. Unconditional love is accepting what is in a person, and where they are at in the current moment. If you do not enjoy who someone is frequently, you actually are accepting that is who they choose to be by not trying to stay in relationship with them wishing they were some other way. This does not mean, whenever someone you love doesn’t act as you wish you always leave, however. Unconditional love also holds qualities of patience. It means you do not place your expectations about petty things on another person. What are petty things? They are things that merely have to do with personality and not vibration. This is the differentiation. When someone’s vibration no longer matches yours, that is one thing. When their personality clashes, that is actually another. Someone may be living in a high vibration, but they choose to leave the cap off of your toothpaste anyway (like some of the channelers past loves).

Unconditional love means you hold someone with as little criticism or judgment as possible. This must be the hardest part for beings on planet Earth to stop doing for your mind was constructed, and you were made to forget that you can neutrally watch without labeling. You also live from your own perceptions as individuated beings, and so, you may be critical without even trying to be because that is your nature. So we say, unconditional love is not always living from a perfect place of non-judgment in your world. It is actually being able to step back and look at your biases, look at your judgments, and perceptions when they come out, and know they are yours, and yours alone. Others may agree at times, but there will still be slight twists based on that individuals reality.

So the answer to the above question? Yes. Unconditional love exists. How can you access it more? Of course, the activation of the heart, but that is not all. It is the dropping of the mind into the heart. This happens as you breathe in the light we and your beloved lightworkers have to share. Breathe it in now for it is always existing in every moment. Breathe it in through the breeze that blows through your window, and through the breathe that emanates in and out of your lungs. Breathe it in when you witness others differences and can see that it is still beauty. Breathe it in as you prayer and intend, and create. Breathe it in when you release yourself from picking on yourself. If you catch yourself picking on yourself, we say great! Why? Because it means you are at the root of any disconnect you may have at times from unconditional love. And soon, as you powerfully say, you are done with this picking, you will attract more and more the gifts, tools, assistance, and light to release the compulsion to do so.

Yes, we think picking on oneself is a compulsion. You would not choose to do this if you could control it, so it is grace that you need to release this old way. We bring in this grace now in our words, and each time you notice this picking, this “un-unconditional” love for self, all you need to do is notice, stop yourself in your tracks, and then ask us, the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, (who are aspects of you in the future, and the oneness) to melt it with grace. Then we say reach out to others who love you. If you have few you feel connected to, then reach out to one person, or even a community on your internet that is interested in the light path. There is always someone.

We know you need tangible beings that can always show physically too, not just your talks with us. We come to you physically, however, we do not always walk in your world in the same vibration that brings us into material form. You are living in flesh here, and do not deny yourself of your need for connection.

This day, tomorrow, you have mass consciously created: this Valentine’s Day; and it is to remind you that you are flesh and blood ; that you came here to connect. If you feel you have no one to connect, than the sadness comes up to remind you that you are meant to live with others feeling, touching, playing, enjoying. Do not be attached to it being romantic. Go out and play. This is your life. It doesn’t matter where you live. We hear you say where you live is not running rampant with others aligned with light principles. Know that this is your creation and that wherever you live, when you truly believe, you can vibrate one or two people at least who connect with you. They may not have the exact same beliefs, but they will get you on a soul level. Believe. Believe in unconditional love. We promise, then, this will be your reality.

We are one., Copyright 2013


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