Wes Annac – Where The Responsibility Truly Lies – 13 February 2013

416-smallMost people think great God will come from the sky

Take away everything, and make everybody feel high

But if you know what life is worth

You would look for yours on earth

And now you see the light

You stand up for your right” –Bob Marley

I’ve recently hit a strong and profound point of realization that I am still learning from as I face the same dense Earth I have always known, while feeling a strong inner-change. That very inner-change led me to this realization and as with many realizations and lessons we will learn, I already knew it; but not as strongly as I now do.

It’s beginning to fully sink in that we are tasked with the job of repairing this Earth. Along with this, we are tasked with seeing to it that our everyday Lives are balanced and easy, and that we are finding the personal inner-harmony and fulfillment that will see us thriving in these times. This epiphany is so strong for me because, upon realizing it, I see that in many cases I have looked toward sources other than myself to deliver happiness and abundance to me.

I’ve expected the very real Earth Allies; the Galactics; the people secretly working to dismantle the elites and bring abundance to this world to make Life better for me and for the entire planet, and I’m starting to realize that those souls can only do so much from the positions they are in. They can only do so much to help an Earth that we have allowed to fall into the condition it’s in and in a similar vein, our guides and aspects of our higher selves can only do so much to help us find the personal happiness that we all require.

Beyond the assistance we’re being given there will be no force, other than you, establishing this new paradigm. While some may see that as a bit of a blunt statement or perhaps even cold, I find great joy in reaching that realization. I find a pure joy in seeing that I’ve been allotted to be a part of the actual and real rebuilding of a world that we all know cannot continue to function the way it has been.

Sure, I could be intimidated – the job is very big and there is an even bigger collective to help see the Light who, for the most part, still seem stuck in their old ways. But the very idea of establishing a new paradigm; of standing up to tyranny and oppression; of finding a greater spirituality and understanding of the realms beyond our conscious perspective and being able to share that Universal knowledge with others – it honestly sounds like a dream come true.

To say it will be difficult is an understatement. But it is not impossible. If there is one thing we’ve learned at this point as an awakening humanity, it’s that nothing is impossible. At the same time, we cannot get anything done if we continue to remain complacent or we continue to assume another source will deliver our new world to us, as I once did.

I see now that the Galactic, Angelic and enlightened-human sources helping us to ascend and build a new paradigm are doing just that – helping. How many times have they told us this and still, I and plenty of others have looked toward them for answers to the problems facing our world because of their perspective.

I’ve allowed myself to wish for an outside intervention when we’ve been told over and over that the Galactics cannot intervene in bold ways for a myriad of reasons; one of which being that we have Created the mess our planet is in and we are now tasked with working ourselves to clean it up.

I am, of course, of the belief that we will be receiving valuable assistance from our Galactic and Angelic brethren when the planetary vibrations are more in alignment with the purer ones they exist in, but it is our job to see to it that the planet is able to host all kinds of Loving and benevolent higher dimensional beings and to do so, we must first mitigate and transmute the density that’s still manifested on this world in every moment.

So many people throughout our history have understood that it is we who must address the issues facing our world and do something about them.

I feel blessed to be able to play the role I am at this time; to spread and disseminate news and spiritual commentary while getting to communicate with enlightened entities with so much knowledge and energy to share. I recognize that I’ve grown into the position I have for a reason, and am now working from my corner of the world on anchoring and spreading as much Light and truth as possible.

For me, this comes in the form of channeling Galactic and Angelic beings. Your role may have nothing to do with channeling, or you may not even find channeling credible. That’s ok; for we all have our own piece of the puzzle to fill and as I’ve said before, one of the most important aspects of coming together will be to recognize our differences and rather than fight each other over them, celebrate them.

Beyond this, it’s clear that we have long been tasked with utilizing that natural God-given energy we all possess within to really begin getting to work and putting the pedal to the metal. We have all come to this place with our own measure of Creator Light, and nobody will force us to use such energy for good but at the same time, stalemates in our growth and progress will not be rewarded!

The very idea underlying the Law of Attraction is that what we put out, we will receive. What we reap for ourselves, we will sew. So why not get active in expressing your personal version of Light and truth to anybody who cares to hear or feel it? You’ll find that your perspective is essential; regardless of the degree of exposure or acceptance it is given. No matter what happens, you are crucial and if we can all begin to realize this, we can individually and collectively get active and further bring forth our new world.

For some, talk of establishing a new world or a new paradigm may be beginning to sound repetitive or cliché. Get used to it, because there is much more talk and organization to come as humanity is just beginning to find the widespread Light and inspiration that a few throughout our history have been able to tap into. Again; I’m personally realizing more and more in every moment that my situation and that of the collective is nobody’s responsibility but my own and as such, I’m feeling the strong impetus to take action.

No benevolent cosmic forces are responsible for the condition this Earth is in and yet, out of a sheer Love for us and drive to assist they are helping us anyway. In some instances, we have responded by looking toward them and asking why hasn’t this or that happened? It hasn’t happened because we haven’t made it happen! The wonderful thing is that we can make it happen and in my opinion, a strong aspect of doing so will be to realize, once and for all, where the responsibility truly lies.

I’m Wes Annac, and I’m happy to begin taking responsibility for the condition this world is in, so that we will be that much closer to working toward fixing it. I have committed myself and given my Life over to serving this planet and bringing in the New World in the ways I have discovered I can best do, and I invite you to do the same.

The best thing about this revolution is that everybody’s invited!

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