Hallett Report No 6 – The Abdication Of ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ – We Are Now In A Interregum – 14 February 2013

HR6-poster(The previous Hallett REPORT No 5 link : click here)

The Real Deal with Dr. Jim Fetzer, 14 January 2013. (audiofile link included)

Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett continues to expose the
Illegitimacy of the incumbent British Monarchy in an interview with Dr. Jim Fetzer.

The proposed changes to the Laws of Succession
is an attempt by the Mafia to maintain their stronghold.
Queen Victoria had a legitimate firstborn son who lived as the British Exilarch in Portugal.
His descendants have a Legitimate and Superior Claim to the Throne of the United Kingdom.

Interview with Lord Chancellor Greg Hallett and Dr. Jim Fetzer, Ph.D. 14 January 2013

Hallett Report No. 6 you can also click here to listen to The Interview

You can read the interesting news with pictures at the here mentioned link:  www.theworldoftruth.net / link to original article

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