Lucas – That Perception Thingy – United In Difference & A Birds Tale – 15 February 2013

bird-nest-removal-largeIn daily life the perception of 5D now is still about people having that perception thingy going. The perception of that one open playing field where everybody has his or her space of creation,  a space of being the authentic self,  and a space to be living the own creation in harmony with others. Many of us still perceive the need for borders and the need for circles drawn around the parameters of ones own perception of what is and is 5D. 

It sounds all a bit strange but even 5D is a set of rules that make this vibrational frequency level of perception work.  Even when 5D intents to be in the now living and seeing, you have the power to interact and alter that what will be and was all in the Now. You shape your own NOW now so to say. 5D is a set of the rules playing the new open playing field of 5D in being United in Difference but still being One. All we are is just different  special expressions of the One. And that expression of One can be you with all that you see through your eyes and feel,  or hear, or smell, and perceive in all its entirety. You have also the power as creator of that One that is all and is also you. You can alter your reality, your perception always.

It is that what makes that you can be into that open playing field of 5D creation with the knowledge of unconditional love for all that and still can be you. You need to be aware that 5D establishes that YOU  can be YOU or with or whatever you want without having to have attachments nor defence parameters around you or without shielding your own perceptions to keep all that is YOU within that open playing field. This is still a fear of losing your authentic self-identity. The ego and your mind will  be shielding YOU with that fear in place.  The ones shielding will attack or defend their parameters set (even if they are continuous changing) and this makes Oneness can not be established as an open connection with that same goal of doing and being all just acting for the best of all and for the highest good of all. Become aware you can be having or seeing differences but that does not equal not being on the  same page, or not having the same end-goal or  not being in that same playing field.  Embrace the perception of  being different or having different views and see you are still United in Oneness. You always have been. Your own perception just makes you think there is no Oneness or only Oneness on your terms. This makes shields go up also as a reaction or response to the  shielding.  It enforces only more division.

We have to perceive the knowledge of One as being United in Difference. Everybody is special and loved unconditional. If you want to live in Oneness in this open playing field with all others this means respecting the perception of others without having the need to correct or hurt them or keep them enclosed in your space.  Vibrational frequencies need to flow freely to find the or a connection. Those connections can  bring expansion or are needed for (c0-)creation purposes in the field.  Creating or being in Oneness is taking in account differences  and being your authentic selves all playing in that open field of 5D.  Being United in Difference means also you may have a different view or perception on things but still acknowledge that others may see things different. You are all just having that same open playing field with that same set of parameters to play in and with.

Open means having  no boundaries,  drawing no circles around perceptions or visions as in the moment of now all is changing continuous.  See that differences and polarities were created in 3D/4D to learn what Oneness is. It is the balancing out of all to become whole again.  No judgements, no quarrels or wars needed if you just can let all be and be in the One playing field of all in unconditional love. Everybody has his or her creational field space in this field. It is that what makes you YOU. It also is a space that others respect in that open playing field of unconditional love and Oneness. But it is always open to connect and disconnect in the flow of all that is in the now without having emotional or other attachments nor having issues with that what was connected with you.  All just is if we let all just live in peace, harmony and understanding of all to be. Be just all that unique pair of eyes in the sky that experience life and creation for the creator in your way but still as an expression of the One and Source being connected with the All and One. So all just comes down to that perception thingy ain’t it.

At the end of this article I write a little story.  I love to use those stories when I talk with people to explain my views and how in my perception thing are seen.

A Birds Tale

This is the story of a bird family nesting.  In the world of  3D going 4D the father and mother bird fell in love and in the expression of the love they wanted have children.  So they  got nesting in a big tree in an open field with lots of flowers, food and everything they needed around and they had a little family.  The parent birds where caring for and loving their bird babies to bits. They loved them so much they feared they one day would fly away in that new world  called 5D.  It made them do something that fear and ego- and minds still do, they made up a story to create borders and keep their children confined to the nest. They told their little ones they could not fly. They told them the  came into this world like that and they could not survive out there not being able to fly.

So the now fully grown birds in that crowded nest where only aware of the fact they could not fly and they had learned not to leave the nest as it was the bad world and they would not survive.  So the family birds making up 5 kids all together  in the nest were more and more having troubles with space and being confined to that small place not suited for them to expand. So one bird got stressed,  and an other angry and frustrated and one was without intent pushed over the edge of the nest. The bird died in thinking it could not fly and plunged from the tree into the rocks on the ground. The others got arguing about who had done this and caused the dead of the family member.  It was a fierce debate and argument that divided them more and more from each other as they thought in ego and duality about who was right and wrong.  In all the commotion one bird got tipped again over the edge. This time the bird was given an insight to use its wings and to flap them up and down. The bird just in time got enough lift  to not fall and be smashed dead onto the ground.  So it learned, as it was its nature, how to fly.

This bird was loving its new free way of living but was angry at his parents  who had lied about them not being able to fly and survive in that world outside the nest. It caused the dead of one of them. The bird had gone through lots of experiences in his new world. It became aware of all the beauty and things it could do, and his heart was full of love for everything. After years it went back to the parents nest to find out what became of all the others.  The sad story was the parents had died from their sadness and grief. They had broken up their loving family by denying them to grow up and fly on their own and caused also a dead of  one of their offspring. The self-pity and pain was what they thrived on till their dead.

The bird found only one sister at the nest that was having her own family. But she was proud to tell she learned so much and had become aware of all as she also flew away into the new world herself. She came back also years before her brother and had tried to ease the pain and sadness of the old ones as she saw they could not get over it. The could not step into the new perception of things that those other children all had flown out and where happy and loving their lives in this new world.  The brother bird was glad to see that his sisters children did fly off already. She had always been teaching her children to be  open for all that is in that new open field out there.  She taught also to be loving and receive love. Be giving and be given. Be caring and be cared for. At that moment the light of that beautiful sun shone on the nest and them. She and her brother hugged. With a small tear of joy in their eyes they he said goodbye and they new all is well and it had been always. They knew it now.

Love and Light,


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