The Pleaidians and the Dolphin Star Higher Council- Healing for Exhaustion and Energy Integration- 15 February 2013


Please note: this is healing. Only read if you wish to receive this healing. This is set for all those who read this in all time and space.  The energy of this healing is permanently imprinted. Blessings, Ariah

We now bring down the energizing light frequencies and codes to assist in balancing out all energies that have been needing a boost.  We see in the group collective shock and fear from things changing on the planet so quickly, which includes releasing of the old paradigms, and we now cleanse and clear these energies. We  send healing emerald green light to soothe,  and replace the fear and shock.

And now we are drawn to the heart chakra where there is some healing to refine the integration of all that has changed on Planet Earth. These changes include adjustments of dimensional frequencies, ascension energies, shifts in consciousness and perception, the releasing of old attachments, and an increasing of light. So now we send the recalibration lasers in the heart chakras of all those who will ever receive this healing, and we surround you now in a Recalibration Chamber of Light. To fully receive this, some of you may need to clear the old belief that it is too scary to move into your next phase as a carrier of the light. Clear this by breathing this belief out of the heart, and then affirm out loud: I accept my highest frequency as a carrier of the light. And so it is. So be it.

Now we send impulsing energies to pull you into vertical alignment so that you connect directly with Source, with the light. All else falls away now that was clinging or holding on to the energy body. And as we do this, we see old soul pain leaving the body. We are assisting now in releasing this out of the cones of light above all who will ever receive this healing that we have placed in the healing space. We also help clear this will the transmuting violet flame now being sent through your physical, emotional, etheric, mental, astral, and spiritual bodies.

And now we close this healing with two things: liquid white light that we are sending now through the crown chakra to completely energize you, and an Integration Accelleration Cocoon to be wrapped around you to assist in the grace and ease of this process. We ask for assistance from the Overlighting Deva of Healing light for this purpose. This healing is now complete. So la re en lo.

We are one.,

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  1. Thanks so much! This was simple to do, and I was ready to participate. Thanks for sharing from my heart to yours, Blessings, Barbara.