TheOne-DreamDreamer – We Do Not Judge – 15 February 2013

We LOVE, and are Open and Ready to welcome all Home. ALL.

God’s House has no locks and no opening hours, nor does it have standards but one: TRUTH. Lies and illusions cannot enter God’s house for they cannot be seen by God’s eyes. So why should we see them? Why should we play the game of slaughter if God has already forgiven all? Why should we decide who’s to forgive and who’s not?

Lightworkers came to shine their Light for those that are in the dark, not for those that walk side by side already shining! That’s BEing the Light. That’s Seeing the Truth. We do not judge, we open our arms for all to get their rest after the illusionary battle. We hold the light during the storm, we offer the Shelter of Love for the lost, we give our Voice for those that lost theirs.

We are OPEN. 24/7. For Love.

We are the Voice of One, the Love of God, the House of Justice. We are the Eyes that See beyond the illusion of separation, thus bringing all back to ONE. / link to original article


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