Visionkeeper – Living The Life Your Desires – 15 February 2013

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It is quite remarkable that we have spent decades getting to understand our bodies and how they function and eventually we began to do the same with our minds. We continued along with our lives as body and mind and thought nothing of it, or so we thought. Yet over those decades we also began to experience great unrest within and when we couldn’t come to terms with the unrest, we began to eat, buy, drug and drink away the discomfort within. What was wrong? Why was the hole within unable to be filled? We accomplished the difficult task of knowing our bodies and our minds, but that was not all that we are. What about our souls? Why should we not need to understand our souls and how best to tend to them and satisfy them, after all they are part of who we are. Would we heal our bodies but say we can heal everything but the pinkie fingers? They are part of our bodies! Our souls are starving and depleted for we have ignored them, not listened to their needs as we did for everything else. It is time we step out of the illusion and embrace our souls and begin to make direct contact with them and finally make ourselves whole.

So what is the soul exactly? Here is the dictionary definition: “the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans, regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body, and commonly held to be separable in existence from the body; the spiritual part of humans as distinct from the physical part.” Funny how even the dictionary is guilty of trying to create division and separatism. I personally do not agree with that definition as I believe the soul is very much a part of our body and mind. It is the energy and all-knowing that flows through our bodies and is eternal. Our souls being energy can never die because energy never dies. It is with us throughout our physical lifetime and through our souls we go on for eternity as well.

In order to care for our souls we must first know our souls and connect with them in a meaningful way. In order to truly connect with our souls we must be willing to release the world that we know and embrace the understanding that there is far more to life than what we know and be willing to explore this world and give ourselves to it. Walking our souls walk so to speak not just walking the souls talk. You must be willing to go after all the deep answers to your many questions, dig deep within and figure out what our soul is and what it truly wants from you. It has a purpose, you have a purpose and this is what needs to be unearthed and clearly understood. How can you tend to your soul if you don’t know what it needs from you. It has a quiet voice that whispers to us always, but do we listen? It moves us in directions that it feels our lives need to go in. To follow those promptings allows our soul to express who we authentically are.

If we are living in a way that satisfies our soul and we are following the promptings from it, then we begin to actually live our lives from our souls. Doing the daily shuffle we have all be slaves to is starving our souls for we are not listening to them and more importantly we are not following their urging. It is time to find the courage to detach from the matrix of day- to- day drivel and create for ourselves and our souls a life of meaning and purpose. It is time to dance and sing and feed our souls before they wither away to dust. It is time to be and do what is truly who we are and what we want from life. We must recognize that there is far more to life than what we have been told and to find the courage to venture forth to find the answers and leave the comforts of what we have known behind in our quest for the unknown. It will require faith and a determination unlike any we have had before but if we don’t embrace the unknown we will never connect with our souls.

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