Ann Albers – Messages From Ann And The Angels – 16 February 2013

ann albers and lucy the dogMessage From The Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

You have a little saying on your earth that we will paraphrase, “Don’t let the lost, angry, hurting souls get you down.” It is important, dear ones, to remember that keeping those in misery company does not serve them. Far better to stay in your light and keep them company if they wish, than to step into their darkness. In this way you become the light, the love, the hope, and the inspiration for those in need.

In very practical terms, this means, do not allow those living in anger to anger you. Do not let the depressed sadden you. Do not let the lost, hurting, and hateful, draw you into their pain. We do understand that this is no small task upon your planet earth. There is far more acceptance for pain than joy. There is far greater support for pity than compassion. There is a general acceptance of the idea that life on earth must by its very nature involve suffering. And to a degree, dear ones, it does, for that is what humanity has accepted as the “norm.”

You, however, do not have to buy into this reality. You do not have to feel it is necessary to be in pain in order to help those in pain. You can, instead adopt the attitude that God has for all which is one of acceptance, understanding, and compassion. Divine Love says, “I would rather see these beautiful souls grow through joy but given their level of understanding now, they are growing through pain. I will send them love. I will beckon them with love. I will listen to their pain and bless it and help them release it.” But dear ones, you do no one any good by choosing to suffer with them. Instead you simply dim your light, thereby making yourself less able to lead others into the very same.

So how do you avoid falling into the darkness when you bear witness to pain or sadness? By your very compassionate nature you are likely, as human beings to have feeling of sadness or upset, but if you can acknowledge that these come from love, from a very deep and compassionate love, and then tune into that love, then you can switch from the vibration of pain, into the vibration of love. Say you see the suffering of the innocent. It enrages and saddens you. You realize that this frustration and sadness comes from a very great love. And you focus upon the love until you see yourself as God sees you, a being of very great love and compassion. You are a being that wants better for the beings that inhabit your planet earth. And from that place of love, dear ones, then you ask, “What can I do to bring this love to the surface? How can I best express it here upon the earth?” You will be guided then to express your love. You will no longer feel powerlessly mired in pain, but rather powerfully rooted and guided in love. And in this space, then you can become the force for changing the very things that bothered you to begin with.

Let us make this discussion a bit more personal. Suppose someone close to you is angry or sad. They are attacking you. It hurts. You get angry. Your human tendency is “fight or flight” and you want to either fight back or run away. Stop there. Focus on what is beneath this “fight or flight.” Is it not a desire to love yourself, to be treated well, to have the other person act in a higher and holier manner? Focus on your desire to love yourself. Does it really help you love yourself to attack the other, or to run? Ask the question, “How can I best love myself in this situation God?” And then you will be guided. Sometimes you will be guided to speak firmly and with compassion. Sometimes you will be guided to go. Sometimes you will be guided to simply listen to another perspective with compassion. When your words or actions are guided you will act or speak in a way that is conscious, that acknowledges both of you as souls who are basically, deep in your hearts, seeking love.

And so dear ones, beneath your pain is love. And from your love you can act, speak, or think in ways far more powerful than if you remain mired in darkness. We know this takes effort. We know it is not always easy. And yet we know also that returning to the truth of love is the only way to ever effect change upon your planet earth.

God Bless you! We love you so very much.
— The Angels
Message From Ann

Hi Everyone!

Years ago the angels made this point in a reading in a very humorous way. They said quite simply, “If someone is in quicksand, isn’t it far more effective to wait on firm ground for when they are ready for a hand out, rather than jumping in with them and letting them stand on your head, while you both sink?” I had to laugh. When I was a kid, my little friend convinced me to put on my brand new Christmas boots, and go play in the mud in an area behind our house where new homes were being constructed. So there we were on Christmas day – two little teenage girls in our brand new boots – walking behind our development, when my friend began to sink in the mud. It had rained for a week and part of the area that had been dug up for the new construction had indeed turned to quicksand. She started to panic, because the more she struggled, the more she sank. Soon she was knee deep in wet Virginia clay that kept sucking her in deeper.

Using my teenage logic (Consequences? What consequences?) I promptly jumped in to try to push her out. I began to sink too. Luckily the hole wasn’t that deep, only about two and a half feet,nonetheless, the more we tried to push each other out the deeper we sank. Finally we did the teenage unthinkable thing, and slid out of our boots, until we could climb up and out of the mud pit, ruining all our clothes along the way. The boots were finally retrieved and we were so muddy we couldn’t even knock on the door when we went home. Our muddy socks squeaked in our muddy boots, as we stood near my back window and screamed until we were noticed! My dad took pity on us, let us in the garage and brought us blankets to change under. The clothing, boots, and blankets met the hose before the washing machine. Needless to say, I learned firsthand that hopping into quicksand doesn’t do a bit of good.

So what the angels are saying is that the sad don’t help the sad. The angry don’t help the angry. The prejudiced don’t help the prejudiced. We can only stop the vibration of hate if we refuse to get sucked into it. Last week when I had to face some very hateful souls, I knew how easy it would be to get and stay enraged. Instead I did what I always do. I let myself be human first and had a very private hissy. Then, when that was out of the way I prayed. I sat with God. “Let me see these people through your eyes. Let me have compassion.” I meant it, but it wasn’t easy. From there I was able to pray for them. Whenever someone is trying to anger me through their own angry or hateful vibration, I think of that scene in Star Wars when Darth Vader is trying to convert Luke to the dark side, “Use your anger,” he tells Luke. “It’ll make you more powerful.” Luke refuses, opting to risk death rather than joining the dark side. I agree. I’d rather die than be mired in hatred, which is truly a death of the truth within one’s self.

So when someone upsets you, let yourself be human. Work your own upset through in private. Vent, journal and shred (my favorite technique), punch pillows, exercise, or do what you must to work the energy through. If something saddens you, cry. I cry into towels when I am sad. Forget the Kleenex. They’re too small. I bawl like a baby. But I let these emotions pass through me. I don’t feed them, and welcome them to stay. I pray like crazy sometimes in my more human moments. “God help me see with your eyes. Help me feel compassion. Help me walk a higher path. Help me live in the truth of your love.” These are good prayers, and they are always answered if you are sincere.

I see people who have been abused, who work very hard not to let the ones who were mired in pain and hurt them, ruin their lives. They work to live in the truth of God’s love for them, rather than living in the lies of the perpetrator’s pain. It isn’t easy, but I have seen people rise above the most unthinkable conditions in their lives to move into joy. It takes work, dedication, and a willingness to say, “I am made of more than this.” It can be done.

So this week, when something or someone invites you to keep them company in their misery, instead do your best to let yourself have your human emotions, but then keep them company, if you chose, in the light of your love. It feels much better, and does a whole lot more good. And that after all leads to a much happier and more purposeful existence.

Bless you! Have a great week,
Ann  / link to original article

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