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TheOne-DreamDreamer – No-thing? Hope you’re kidding! – 17 February 2013

checkFalse prophets say one has to do… in order to become one needs to do this, and this, and this and that and this! Avoid to do this and this and that and this absolutely.

True prophets say:

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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – The Sky Is Falling – 17 February 2013

asteroidChicken Little had it right all along, as the Great Outer Space makes its mood and presence known. Our hearts go out to those that experienced this very intense initiation for all of earth. The blood you spilled is our blood as we are all one in the universal light. As you can tell something has changed and we all feel it. Like vulnerable new kittens, we look up for any predators. Continue reading

TheTap – Open Letter To David Cameron – 17 February 2012

Open letter to David CameronRethinking Government Assistance: David Cameron

The British Constitution GroupThe Annexe,

Scott Lodge

Scott Road



Telephone:      0151 601 4694

Email:  info@thebcgroup.org.uk

11th February 2013

To the Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP, Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, and the Rt. Hon. George Osborne MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 17 February 2013

hilarion2Beloved Ones,

There has been a great influx of energy in the past week and most of you are finding yourselves trying to assimilate and integrate these within your system. Many issues and emotions are coming up for review and these must be purified by spending time in silence and contemplation. At the root of all issues is the emotion of the fear of lack of love and what is needed to be summoned from within you is forgiveness, of others and most of all, yourselves. Remember that every experience that has happened in your lives was drawn to you for a reason. Every experience successfully dealt with returns to you another fragment of your personal divine power. Continue reading

SGTReport – Bitcoin Runs Laps Around Metals, Nearly 40% Gains Since 1 February – 17 February 2013

 The digital gold standard known as Bitcoin has shown impressive strength in the mist of the recent drop in all precious metals. Gold lost 40 dollars in a 24 hour period to close for the weekend at $1610.30. This loss reflects a 2.4% drop. Silver had a more significant drop falling from $31.00 to close at $29.80 dollars an ounce. This reflects a 3.4% drop in the common man’s gold. These drops have occurred despite, as Harvey Organ reports, the gold demand for the quarter was 6% higher year-on-year at $66.2bn marking the highest ever Q4 total and driving annual demand in 2012 to a record value of US$236.4bn. Continue reading

16 Herbal Teas To Put On Your Grocery List – 17 February 2013

Herbal teas make for wonderful, low calorie and relaxing drinks.

Apart from having a beneficial effect on health, herbal teas are fragrant and appealing. Let’s take the mystery out of the herbal teas and discover together which teas are good for which symptoms. Continue reading

The Pleiadians – Bliss and Divine Emptiness is Your Birthright – 17 February 2013


What do we mean when we say emptiness? We do not mean the feelings of loss and sorrow.  We mean the connection to the void in which rests only the consciousness and the bliss in creation.  Every time you create, their is a burst of delight from consciousness and All That Is. And so, we say to you today: know this bliss and divine emptiness is truly what is underneath all that you experience.

Let this bliss now bubble from your heart.  Let the joy of all that you create, all experiences, replace any judgment or beliefs about what is to be.  We have been watching many going into the “life should be” conversation.  Life should be nothing than it already is.  And now we would like one aspect of the representative collective to speak to you now.

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Tobias Lars – YOU – Are the Only Access Point – 17 February 2013

Uploaded on 16 February 2013 by Tobias Lars Tobias Lars BS, MBA speaks on ‘YOU are the Only Access Point” http://www.InnerBodyAwakening.com

Anrita Melchizedek – The Sacred Cosmic Fires Of Helios And Vesta – The Cosmic Fire Of Perfection – 17 February 2013

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Irma Kaye – Meetings With Celestina – Part 1 – Guidance For Light Workers, Healing Shame & Guilt And Part 2 – Light Worker Guidance & The Family Of Origin – 17 February 2013

Irma kaye sawyerMeetings with Celestina: Part I – Guidance for Light Workers, Healing Shame & Guilt

Hello friends. I started my channeling work back in 1996 with the four main Arch Angels (Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael.) They came to me as a collective energy that I used to call AAE, which was short for “Arch Angelic Energies.” Since 2007 and in my work in the Akashic Records, I have come to work with the “Keepers” that are my current guidance team. I have been doing some work with IET (Integrated Energy Therapy©)and the Angel Celestina has stepped forward as one of my current main guides and she has also identified as a part of the Keepers collective. I was told that I would begin some telepathic conversations with her, and this piece is the first of what I’m sure will be more to follow. In the IET system, Celestina is related to the Throat chakra and lung area. She appears to me in a beautiful Blue Ray which is also the color of the chakra. The gift she brings is healing and freedom from guilt and shame. Interestingly, I was quite ill in 2012 with a serious lung ailment for a time. It has been shown to me that this was part of my own clearing process of these types of energies and beliefs. Continue reading