The Pleiadians – Bliss and Divine Emptiness is Your Birthright – 17 February 2013


What do we mean when we say emptiness? We do not mean the feelings of loss and sorrow.  We mean the connection to the void in which rests only the consciousness and the bliss in creation.  Every time you create, their is a burst of delight from consciousness and All That Is. And so, we say to you today: know this bliss and divine emptiness is truly what is underneath all that you experience.

Let this bliss now bubble from your heart.  Let the joy of all that you create, all experiences, replace any judgment or beliefs about what is to be.  We have been watching many going into the “life should be” conversation.  Life should be nothing than it already is.  And now we would like one aspect of the representative collective to speak to you now.

I speak as an ambassador now for the Pleiadians today.  I am an aspect of the divine masculine energies that make up the representatives of the Pleiades.  Sometimes, the channeler, speaks our one voice, and sometimes, we selectively choose aspects of the council to speak to you. I hold the energy of action, strength, and divine sovereignty.  I come forward today because this is what energy is needed to release all of this conversation within your minds that is about attachment to how things should be.  When you attach to what should be, you hold back what could be, which is often far grander than when you try to plan out life.  When I speak of life, I don’t mean your day to day plans. You need to be grounded and plan out some things.  What I mean is your divine plan.  Yes, there is a divine plan for each and every one of you and this divine plan is masterful, perfect, and intricate.  It has every little bit of understandings embedded in it that you have ever needed to attain.  This divine plans purpose is, however, all the same for everyone. It is too ultimately lead you to your birthright of experiencing bliss and emptiness.

What is emptiness? I  would like to go deeper into this deeper into this with you now. Emptiness is the expression of the zero point.  Emptiness is the space between creation and All That Is.  It is a place that you often access right as you fall asleep, or right before you bring thought into physical matter.  As you access this emptiness more and more, you will find it is vast and expansive, deep, and interesting.  The interesting part is that it has no elements of judgment at all.  It just is and always was.  When you go into beingness through your meditations (whether active or sitting), you find the true peace that you so are.

What is bliss?  Bliss is the joy you experience when in the present moment and conscious of your creations.  It is directly connected to source which emanates deep love. This deep love by nature is blissful. It is ever-present.

I would like now to merge back with the collective and let all of us give you the experience of bliss now. As we, the Pleiadians, transmit to you the ecstatic nature of the all encompassing I AM presence, we flood you now with the divine energies of presence and bliss.  We do this so that whatever is going on in all your worlds may just be more graceful, as you allow exactly what is to unfold.  You receive this bliss now so that you can tap into the treasure trove of bliss that rests in your heart. It is grace. Sweet grace, and we know this grace can emanate your every moment.  No matter what hardships you bare, no matter what physical pain some of you feel, emotional discordance, we know it is your birthright to experience this bliss, this peace, this emptiness.  It does not matter what your life looks like. It is always here. We are always here. Loving you, holding you.  Some have said that we have left at times to allow you to evolve more with your own divine will and power.  But we have never left. There is nowhere to leave to. We always hold you in love. We do not stop this holding. You stop the noticing. That is all. So we say, pay attention now, as we share our love. We love you so deeply.  We are one, forever, and always. We love you. With tears of joy, we embrace you now.

We are one.

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