TheOne-DreamDreamer – No-thing? Hope you’re kidding! – 17 February 2013

checkFalse prophets say one has to do… in order to become one needs to do this, and this, and this and that and this! Avoid to do this and this and that and this absolutely.

True prophets say:


False prophets know where humanity comes from. They have looked into humanity for a while now and know it comes from a do-ing modality, thus it knows that by telling people to do something and do not do something else… they fulfill their path.

True prophets have lived among humanity and know where they come from. They know why they’re stuck and say:


So humans believe what is familiar, and doing has become familiar, that is why walking a path towards its Self is so easily distorted by rules. You do not ned rules. All the rules you need are already in your Self. BEing True needs no rules, uncertainty does. Uncertainty loves rules as they simulate certainty by keeping labels alive. They help you doing and prevent your BEing.


How can a human being simply BE? Humans need food, water, money, shelter… how can this be achieved by BEing without doing?

BEcause by BEing, one is all it needs to BE. Every gesture, thought, action BEcomes True and thus IS. And all IS as a consequence.

Doing has limits, BEing has none. BEing is ALL.

Let go of all you’re doing and discover all that can BE by BEing. It only takes a breath, the instant of the Choice not to care about appearance and care about who you truly are.



No-thing is present in doing. Every-thing is Present in BEing. Every-thing is a whole lot!

BE. You’re Wonder-Full! Trust me (I’m You!) / link to original article

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