Deborah Taylor – Dear Merlin – 18 February 2013

shutterstock_98288552 Dearest Merlin,

As I was watching the movie Camelot and gazed upon Arthur, his soul laid bare to you, I could feel his Longing.  When he asked you; “Merlin, make me a hawk!  Let me fly away from here!” he wanted to be free from himself and his Longing, so he flew high and observed from above all that was to be seen from a bird’s perspective.  He was able to get an overall view of his life and be transported to a place of detachment.  But still he had to come back to earth to enter into the game again and try and fill that void in his heart and it was then that I began to wonder; Is Longing a vehicle for enlightenment, the unsung hero of the human complex?  If Longing is a strong desire, especially for something unattainable, might it be the driving force behind our awakening, a constant need that propels us forward?

Whenever I feel Longing in myself or see it in others, it rises up as a need that will never be quenched, a desire never to be extinguished.  We Long for something that is embedded so deeply in our memories, yet just that far out of reach.  The feeling of wanting to “remember” can be maddening, but I can’t even fathom what it is that I’ve forgotten.  A violin played in a certain way will make me Long from the depths of my being, or listening to a dog’s howl in the dead of the night will bring me closer to what I Long to remember.  If we could connect to our real home and our Galactic lineage, that would certainly help us to come closer to who we truly are but even then, I suspect that Longing would still exist.  It is more than just a human trait.  If you’re still listening Merlin, I’d like to know, does “God” yearn?  Does Source Energy long to know itself to the extent that it is always searching, always on the hunt for that sense of knowing and if so, will it ever become self evident?  As a vehicle for the manifestation of Source, I was just wondering ….

It seems to me Merlin, that the flame of Longing is a thread that runs through us, this matrix, and beyond.  The idea that there would come a point in “time” that would extinguish that flame of Longing does not seem to exist, at least not from this perspective.  Stepping into fourth and fifth density helps to widen the understanding and Longing becomes more of a joyful exploration rather than a limited, trapped vision.  Becoming a hawk and flying above it all certainly does have it’s advantages.

I feel that life is like a book and with every new chapter comes a breaking of a seal, so to speak, as we come closer to having that innate sense of “knowing” revealed and we vibrate accordingly.  Our understanding is largely predicated on our Longing and thirst as a collective to explore the depths and mysteries of our being.  It is a process with no restrictions of “time”.  And correct me if I’m wrong Merlin, but isn’t this whole adventure about letting ourselves go into the mysteries?  To become fully realized.  I think that’s what we’ve always Longed for.  An understanding of who we are and what we have always been.  That is just one illumination though, just one of many chapters in our book, one of the many seals to be broken.

So Merlin, thanks for listening.  It’s always wonderful to chat with you.  Please send my warm regards to Arthur and Guinevere and if you would like to shed any light on my musings, I’m open.  Till then, I’ll see you in my dreams.

My best,


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