Ireland Finally Says Sorry To The 10,000 ‘Magdalene Sister Slaves’ Of Its Catholic Workhouses Who Were Locked Up And Brutalised By Nuns – 18 February 2013

Uploaded on 6 February 2013 by pressassociation (Thanks for pointing this video out, Eileen)

‘Women who had their childhoods ‘stolen away’, locked up in Catholic-run workhouses received a qualified apology from the Irish Government yesterday.

Over a period of 70 years, an estimated 10,000 were sent to the ‘Magdalene laundries’ to carry out unpaid manual labour under the supervision of nuns. Some were sent because they were the children of unmarried mothers, others for crimes as minor as not paying a train ticket.’

See the whole story at below link  to with pictures and video:

Original article link :  Ireland Finally Says Sorry to the 10,000 ‘Magdalene Sister Slaves’ of its Catholic Workhouses Who Were Locked Up and Brutalised by Nuns


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