Lisa Gawlas – What Is Your Vibration And How Do You Truly Raise It? – Part 2 – 18 February 2013

raise-vibrationThank you for bearing with my two parter.  I wish I could say I feel better this morning, but at least I can say I don’t feel worse!!  But lets back up into the middle of yesterdays sharing, there are some very important things I did leave out.

As you are going thru the constant process of changing out the atoms of your body, there are what could be deemed unpleasant and diffidently inconvenient side affects.  I never had so many “colds” or “flu-like” symptoms as I did the first two years of this journey.  The head snot, the chest snot, vomiting, diarrhea  the aches, the fevers.  Sometimes you produce only one or two of these releases, sometimes, on those huge conversion times, close to all.  Who ever coined the phrase “you’ve got to go thru hell to get to Heaven” was not understating that trip at all!!

Keep in mind, this process is very much like creating tiny little area’s of nuclear energy within your body.  This process creates waste, all that old stuff has got to come out.  Fortunately, it isn’t catchy.  Equally, nuclear energy produces heat, so having little (or sometimes big) fevers, common.  Also, feeling the flow of heat run out of your hands, feet, or head… common as well.  Your whole body is designed for this conversion!!!  Please don’t stop the process.  Yes, you can take a decongestant  but there will come a time you will have to start this process all over again and you have just sent a signal to your atoms, thru the running software in your whole body that says, I am only willing to go thru some of the process, not all of it.  The waste that comes out of you is as important as the Light coming into you!!

There is another body hazard that takes place as you work at lightening yourSelf up and embedding this change as a permanent resident within your cells.  Your software program is expanding.  Where is the software program running?  In your cranial fluids and spinal fluids.  So headaches and backaches become a common part of the journey.  This is the only time I take a drug to release the pain.  Once I realized why I was feeling worse (physically) than I ever had in all my life, I made an agreement with my whole body, I will endure the discomfort, the congestion  the aches but NO PAIN!  No headaches.  My body agreed because pain relievers are not stopping the process from happening, it is actually numbing the nerve endings that are putting out the pain signals of expansion.

My mentor told me two things that I have never ever forgotten, because it is as true today as it was 12 years ago.  ”Healing Hurts.”  ”Growing Wings hurts.”  We get it coming and going!! lol

All these symptoms were most severe the first two years of this journey and equally, this past year as well.  The 10 years in between, on occasion, sometimes only for hours in a day.  But I realized something huge with this last year, ALL energy changed.  So all the Light we embedded within us thru our own processes is now being changed out to the pure atomic energy available to us.  But, I am getting ahead of the story.  Because, even tho this highfalutin energy is available to all now, not all are biologically equipped to handle it.  This is a process where there are no short cuts.

So as you are building super sized Light cells within your body, your landscape of life has to change.

Remember:  Each photon has a frequency or energy that is distinctive to the element and the energy level. Electrons cannot have intermediate energies; they absorb and release exact “packets” or “quanta” of energy.

If you have gotten to this point in a household or even job environment that was vibrating to your old energy packets, you are going to start to feel a deepening wedge of energy between you and those around you.  Please don’t take that to mean you stop loving anyone.  Love has nothing to do with this, well, except Love at the Self level.

For example, the very first change that was presented to me when I first started this journey, my job.  Well, they changed me by demoting me and really set me on this (hellish) new adventure… but after several months, I couldn’t bear to go to work any more.  Even tho I was the soul provider for my children and had no savings to fall back on.  I eventually handed in my resignation and quit.

My ability to meditate blew off the charts instantly!!

Untangling from your old field of energy, even tho it served you so well, as you grow, starts to deteriorate your field by the entanglement… by choosing to stay embedded in it.

Not long after that, I found out my son, the love of my whole life, was deep inside an addiction he was not willing to release at that time.  Three weeks after his 18th birthday, I kicked him out of the house.  My heart broke into a million pieces  he was so my only external version of a male that I loved soooo much.  What I could not feel about myself I flooded onto him.  Of course he had to go!  (smile… ouchies)

Each thing I did created a super shift of energy within myself.  It took me years to fully understand what happened thru each shift… but I am a dedicated student and I am not content with just feeling better and more empowered.   I want to know what happened exactly!!  And spirit is always willing to share “that” with you… but only when your consciousness can fully understand it.  Hence, years later.

If you can look at earth the way I see it:


Imagine now that each ball within that cluster, represents a different version of earth.  A version of earth where the entire frequency is different than the other.  Lets just say we all start out somewhere at the bottom of one of the earths.  Our soul mission is to jump parallel earths into the higher vibrations.  Sometimes, we only increase our spiritual vibration (right side) so we leap upwards to the right where higher wisdom is available to bring into you.  Or you learned a new spiritual skill that you are now using, so you make the leap upwards to the left (physical aspect) where the vibration of that realm allows you to strengthen and expand that new skill.  Or perhaps you are applying both and you go straight up instead of hopping back and forth.

From the energy of Kryon… you can take 2000 steps to get to the goal, or three.  No one on the other side of the veil cares how long it takes you, they celebrate the fact you are doing SOMETHING… ANYTHING!

Every single time you fully release some part of your old energy system, you must make the choice to jump into another earth reality.  Then it is souly your responsibility to mine the energy of that new earth frequency.  Find out where your trinkets and nuggets are stashed and bring them into you for full use and application.

You will find you have made new friends who are most like your growing atomic body that will help you discover yourself.  But also, on each version of the higher frequency earths are equally, those who want to trick you into doing things their way.  Teach you their way while leaving yours in the dust.  This is not an empowered teacher, it really is a mocking-bird. (No offence to mocking birds at all.)

I have watched over the years soooo many new programs, certification programs, activation workshops get put together, a lot with some really pricey price-tags too.  Just because someone gives you a piece of paper you paid for… doesn’t mean squat!!  If you signed up for a frequency 10 energy program and you are at a 6 frequency, well, lets just say you can go thru the motions but not really able to harness whatever and bring it thru.  Or maybe the opposite is at play, you are a 10 frequency that has not learned the skill of using who and what you are now and you go into a level 6 frequency program… you will lose half of your power by reducing what you are fully able to do.

And activation’s are a funny thing.  My own massage practice taught me so much about this area of human life.  I can pump energy into your body for two hours straight, hit codes and switches in your body for the entire two hours.  If you leave my therapy office and do nothing with that… the energy runs back to where it came from.  I have had so many clients over the years return two weeks after an intense hands of light session, only to vibrate at the same rate they started out at.

There are no magic tricks to this whole process.  I (nor anyone else) cannot do it for you, Only YOU can truly hold and use higher energy.  I (or anyone) can run energy thru you, make your body sing like it never sang before… but if you go back to the life you have always lived in the way you always lived it… that energy returns back to source.  Having a momentary experience of wonderful energy of any sort is not a long time facilitator… it is getting a glimpse of what has always been available to you.

Remember, we have created this game, all the obstacles, all the challenges to keep us choosing higher.  To keep us applying who we are now every moment of every day.  Each and every one of you came into this game with skill sets that are unique unto you.  There is not a soul on this planet that can teach you YOU… except your spiritual team, of course, they are energetically on this earth and can always be directly accessed thru meditation.  Look at meditation as the hub of your soul.  Go there often!!

Don’t get all pumped up in the ego talk.  It loves to tell you things that, well,  just aren’t true and real.

So here you are, jumping earth realities as if you are a practiced cliff jumper (and indeed you ARE!!)  What is equally happening is your new enhanced atoms within your body is creating a stronger, more magnificent magnetic field within you and all around you.  Pulling to you new opportunities, new experiences, and it is your responsibility to open those packages and use them.  Which of course, increases your light field, strengthens your magnetic field, and brings more to you.

However, if something new crosses your path and your ego says… no, we do not want to do it that way, we want it our way… you are going to miss some serious growth opportunities.  Sometimes the greatest diamond is shrouded in the energy of coal.  Break it all open and see whats really inside!  Nothing is ever as it seems.

So lets take a deeper look at your dimensional or frequency shifts.  When you make new choices, start consistently applying new Light energy to your Life and hop to the next version of earth with a higher frequency for you to use, it really is as if nothing has changed in your minds view of it all.  All the same players hop with you, the landscapes and work places, all the known figures… all come with you to the new vibrational earth you just landed on.

But really, there are some notable differences.  You have just realized what you can do (spiritually speaking) gets stronger.  Some people you brought over with you really start to ask higher questions, awaken out of the dream if you will.  Yet others, it seems like life has suddenly started to fall apart for them.  This is the higher light energy pinging their inner atoms and rattling their cage in all directions.  Some may not be able to handle this new version of earth and choose to leave it via what we would call death.  They have only left this version of earth… they still very much have their other body on the other version of earth.

This really brings home the understanding of multidimensional!!

As you get higher and higher into the frequencies of earth, something amazing is happening that is also not seen.  The multiple aspects you have had in place in all the lower frequencies are starting to… well, go thru the death process in on those earths so that their full energy, mastery  wisdom, etc can now set up fully within you.  By the time you get to the higher versions of earth (which are all intermingled and overlapped and really hard to discern) you are no longer required to traipse around the earths grid to integrate the soul parts of you that were “there.”  Your magnetic field has become so strong they simply come to you.  Merging into you bit by bit.  Again, moving out the old software systems that no longer serve you, upgrading and expanding all that you are now.

You are finding that your inner guidance is getting very strong.  Your dreams have taken you to a whole new level of understanding what is happening within you, your meditations are opening portals of energy for you to integrate and start to apply in your physical life, and more than likely, people are coming and going in your life like revolving doors!!

But there is something even more amazing happening on earth as well.  The earth is also bringing together all her multidimensional versions as well.  Strengthening the field of earth, her magnetic field, amplifying it like never before.  The intensity of the sun is now sending pure light codes to earth in a way it never was able to do before (too much separation.)

A fully unified field of (super) creation!

Lets go back to the information of the atomic symbol that came thru a reading several weeks ago:


Now that I understand a bit more scientifically speaking, I really get the crystal ball in the center.  YOUR HEART is the nucleus of this energy creation: A nuclear reaction occurs when there is a change in the nucleus of an atom. This can occur through nuclear fusion where the nuclei of two atoms are fused together to make a larger atom.

So lets really understand the two by two that had / HAS to happen first.  Duality.  The feminine and the masculine.  We have so long seen these two energies as separate from itself.  Think of sentences like “Bringing in the feminine” or “Releasing the masculine hold” or things that show, say, live the understanding that there are two separate energies, there is not.  There is only one.  So what has been happening to those prepared…  The woman encompassed the fullness of the male energy.  The male encompassed the fullness of the female energy.  The true goal is not to work separately but as the one wholeness it has always been.  100% divine masculine, 100% divine feminine!!   Talk about your Wo-M-an!!

To make this simple, we can look at the sun and earth… they are not two separate systems, they are one whole system.  Take away the sun from the earth, the earth would die.  Take away the earth from the sun, the sun would cease to exist.

For those who are fully encompassing and using 100% of themselves… this is where the third elliptical was set in place.  No longer two separate energies working together, but one whole unified energy that IS Life itself!!

This is not about balancing the masculine and feminine energies (of course, on older versions of earth, or lower frequencies, many are still very much working this out within themselves,) this new earth is the fully unified (not separate in any way) Being!  (You)

For those of you who have not seen the amazing display of the sun yesterday, let me give you a peek: (Lucas Comment : this is no video just a picture as intented by Lisa.)

Look at those lines… two separate energies in a X with a singular line of energy that goes straight thru the sun.  Look at how intensely different the LIGHT coming from the center is, and even, how intense the Light of the center (third elliptical) is.

The pure power of Heaven is in the UNIFIED body.

To fully harness what all this means to you, there are absolutely fail safe systems built into the game.  Your CELLS, every atom in your body must be harnessing Light energy.  If there is still dark matter within, the road is going to really kick itself up to you to change that.

This next phase of earth is going to allow us to really start using this new atomic energy that is us and created life living fully at the same vibration.  How exactly??  That is what we are about to (re)discover!!

Have an amazing, atomic filled day!!

I love you all soooo much!!  (((((HUGZ)))) of wild and great adventures to All!!

Lisa Gawlas / link to original article


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