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2013 Is Strange – Part 2 – 18 February 2013

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Lucas – “The Kingdom On Earth” Vessel Floating On The Seas – A Story Of Freedom In The New Paradigm – 18 February 2013

safr_21374_j07-00090_n_deri_smallThe vessel that is called “The Kingdom On Earth” is floating on the seas is seen as the story of those unawakened humans that see only the vessel as their lives and still  in the perception of being controlled, being totally submitted in all, from mind till body, to that system. Those unawakened perceive it as  if they are not able to do anything about it.  An other part of the humans is already seeing more. They are in the process of seeing that not all is as it is. They begin to question things. They are desperately seeking for solutions in the old paradigm for that what is not found their. Then there are the ones that already have found within and see the bigger picture of what is going on. They know they are the only ones that can change perception themselves. It is change from within they see by going inwards to feel and connect with the heart, activate the heart and connect with source and mother earth. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – Interplanetary Shock Update & M1.9 Flare – 18 February 2013

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Visionkeeper – Love And Inspiration – 18 February 2013

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Breathe deeply, lean back and send your love out into the universal consciousness. If we were all doing this, the force would be with us ten fold. Love has so much power to begin with, but if everyone were adding theirs it would be power unlike any we could have imagined. Slowly we are beginning to grasp this concept but we need to come together and set our intentions as a whole. It is time for all of humanity to coordinate and project their love wherever it is needed most. As hard as it is to say this, I would think sending it to Washington would be a good place to start. Their evil intentions are so vile they need to be neutralized with a healthy dose of love from the masses. I am sure it would overwhelm them and knock them off stride. Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Fires Of Judgement & Trasformation Sweep The Planet – 18 February 2013

Uploaded on 18 February 2013 by Ron Van Dyke So many images flash through my mind this morning as I ponder what is happening on Planet Earth. If I had to sum it up in one sentence, I would say that: ALL THE ELEMENTS ARE CONSPIRING TO LIBERATE HUMANITY FROM THE TYRANNY OF IGNORANCE. They blow away falsehoods like a blast of atomic air, sweeping the earth like a tsunami, engulfing the planet like a conflagration, and and knocking down everything in its path like an avalanche. This transformative fire brings judgment to those that resist, and transformation to those who welcome its light. For the latter, the fire burns away the dross and the water cools it down to reveal the gold we are and always have been. This is a new era; and no matter how much the powers that used to be may try to hold onto their illusion of control, the very elements of earth: air, fire, water and earth work on the ethers of human consciousness to ensure that the tyranny of human ignorance will end in mass awakening. It’s a new game!

Pam Younghans – NorthPoint Astrology Journal – Week From 18 February 2013 – 18 February 2013

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Monday: Sun enters Pisces, Venus square Nodes, Saturn stations retrograde 9:02am PST, Uranus semisquare Venus; Wednesday: Neptune conjunct Sun; Friday: Pluto semisquare Venus; Saturday: Mercury stations retrograde 1:41am PST

WE CONTINUE in the “Pisces zone” this week, with the added effects of the Sun also entering the 12th sign on Monday. This makes a total of five planets encouraging us to live according to the Pisces credos of compassion and understanding, and to rediscover or enhance our spiritual or creative practices. Continue reading

NaturalNews – J.D. Heyes – CNN’s Anderson Cooper Caught Faking Interview In Front Of Blue Screen Background – 18 February 2013

Anderson-Cooper-EditorialUse(NaturalNews) The one thing about technology is that it can come back to bite you at some point. For CNN, that has happened on more than one occasion.

The network became famous for its supposedly live broadcasts during the first Gulf War in 1991, when it sent its journalists – supposedly – to the front lines to cover the drama as it unfolded. In this broadcast, for instance, it appears as though then CNN correspondent Charles Jaco and another reporter, Charles Rochelle, were caught in a potential SCUD attack in the middle of a broadcast. Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Pleiadian/ Arcturian Alliance – Mytria’s Story – Mytria’s And The Great Mother – 18 February 2013


Once I surrendered to the possibility that I would not see Mytre again, I actually opened a Parallel Reality in which I could be with him. This option occurred because I thought of his needs, rather than just my own. In this manner, I extended my love to him unconditionally. In other words, I chose unconditional love over my own selfish needs, which greatly expanded my consciousness. In the same manner, when Mytre had his Initiation of bi-locating to our wilderness home to assist me, he extended me unconditional love by endangered himself by staying so long. Continue reading

Bella Capozzi – The Dolphin Temple Of Maia : A Journey And A Message – 18 February 2013

dolphinfamilylargeThe Dolphin Temple Of Maia: A☯ Is it just me, or is anybody else noticing that, lately, the Dolphins are going to great lengths to make their presence known.  They seem to be everywhere; showing up in the news, on Youtube, all over the social-media networks, and in our meditations and dreams.  If you haven’t seen the footage of the magnificent stampede of over a thousand dolphins off the California coast, please click on the links below to check out their latest antics. Continue reading

Deborah Taylor – Dear Merlin – 18 February 2013

shutterstock_98288552 Dearest Merlin,

As I was watching the movie Camelot and gazed upon Arthur, his soul laid bare to you, I could feel his Longing.  When he asked you; “Merlin, make me a hawk!  Let me fly away from here!” he wanted to be free from himself and his Longing, so he flew high and observed from above all that was to be seen from a bird’s perspective.  He was able to get an overall view of his life and be transported to a place of detachment.  But still he had to come back to earth to enter into the game again and try and fill that void in his heart and it was then that I began to wonder; Is Longing a vehicle for enlightenment, the unsung hero of the human complex?  If Longing is a strong desire, especially for something unattainable, might it be the driving force behind our awakening, a constant need that propels us forward? Continue reading