Christina – Trust All Is In Perfect Order – 19 February 2013

Kerzen mit OrchideenWhen we are not living our true existence we may become seemingly lost, betraying our self. When we experience discouragement we often overlook our true value. Sometimes we take a misstep and aimlessly follow an ill-suited path. When all seems tilted, volatile or cataclysmic we must trust that all is in perfect order.

Trust is the key factor. Self-judgment is one the biggest travesties we commit against ourselves. We may be aghast at what is being played out and yet all is aligned in perfect order and for our highest outcome.

Our true self is all knowing and will gently prod us to free us from a false sense of identity. Any self created agony or misconceptions will dissolve, clearing the way for us to live the life of our birthright.

Realizing there is divine order and our life is not a collection of random events and mere happenstance, but divinely guided, we break free of our encumbered thinking. All events are placed before us for our absolute highest good.

I am clearly and succinctly in alignment with divine order.

Living in the Now

There is only now. Living in the now means not living through the remnants of another time but present to what is. The now is free of past thoughts, and memories of old events that become inscribed and imprinted in the personal mind.

When you clear your mind of past thoughts you receive what is fresh. Stale thoughts equal a stale perspective. You are the recipient of an ever-changing perspective of what is. We become dependent upon our thoughts as the basis for living our life. We are quite adept at replaying these thoughts over and over a thousands times.

Our past thoughts become a heavy anchor and influence the quality of our life experience. In actuality we exist in the now. It is our inner self that provides us with the clarity and understanding, inspiring us to be present here and now.

The living Truths reveal to us, we are pure consciousness living in the presence of the now.

I am aware and present to what is and I live in the now

Timing and Flow

Be assured there is a perfect order to our existence and we are pristinely aligned to this. We operate preeminently through the perfection of timing and flow. It is imperative to know this. We exist in the natural grace of the present moment.

When we are in harmony with this flow we realize there is a precise course for our existence. This flow is one of harmony and absolute grace and ease. Resistance to “flow” is a common temptation. It is not the most viable option for moving through our daily lives.

We are awakening to the discovery we are multidimensional beings. Most of the time we exist in the linearity of our lives. When we live mostly in linearity we miss this flow and grace present to support us. When we merge both the formless and  human aspect of our being we begin to glide through our lives in an entirely new way.

Like gravity, operating in the unseen, we trust the meticulous intelligence of what is. In the unseen we are one with a magnificent flow operating in the invisibility of all that is.


I live in the natural flow and perfect timing present in the now

Call to Unison, A Calling Inward to the Heart
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