Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – You Are A Vibration Of Energy – 19 February 2013

gods20handGod said:

Of what is life made if not of you? You are a prerequisite of life and a proponent of life. It is you who makes My dreams come true, or it is you who runs away from My dreams. You play, not only a part, but an important part of the play and display of life on Earth no matter how you dissemble or resemble.

Your existence is like a battery that charges up life, or you are like the moon that moves silently and lights the world whether it is noticed or not.

Certainly, you cannot deny that you have energy, a vibration of energy, and you mount the stage of life, and you sing a song and you dance a dance. You may even be off-stage, quiet in the background, and, just the same, in the background, you stir the actors spotlighted on the stage.

Even if you are the person who pulls the curtains back stage or supplies the props, you are not a bit player. Everyone stars in this performance on Earth. No one is obscured. All affect all. All make a difference. All contribute. Whether you see your contribution or not, you are a contributor. You may never know the whole story. Nevertheless, you are crucial to it. No one is left out of the drama of life and its importance. You have top billing regardless of what the world may say.

The world as it is known may be imagined and not really occur, but this imagined scenario is for something. It is not for nothing. It is for good reason, and all grow from it. The lights go on, and all are rapt in the imagined interplay. Be you a tumbler, a player of the flute, be you the one who cleans up after the stage lights go off and everyone seems to go home, you are significant to the theme of the play that continues to run through everyone’s mind.

In this drama or comedy called life, there are no amateurs. No one is turned away. All participate, and all have their part to play.

Your part is not iron-clad. You can take a different role any time you want to. You can be the villain one day, and the hero the next. There is nothing in life in the world that cannot be overturned.

I want to tell you that there are no bad guys. All are actors, and all do their best to play the role they play even when they do not have to play it, even when they can switch midstream, even if they are mute, even anything. A swimmer of the English Channel today can lie on the sunny beach tomorrow. A runner can crawl. A crawler can run. It makes no difference what part you play, yet, at the same time, it makes all the difference in the world.

Regardless of what you present and represent, you are My beloved child, and I lift you up to greater heights from which you see a vaster perspective.

In the world, it is all about change, and you change before your very eyes. Once you were a baby, then a toddler, then a schoolchild, then and then and then, always growing, churning, changing the manifestation of your appearance in a multitude of ways. You create and recreate yourself, and you grow closer and closer to clearly representing in Whose image you were made. You come closer and closer to Me. Whatever role you play, you are coming closer to Me, and this is how the world goes round. / link to original article

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