Multi-dimensions – Suzanne Lie – Transmissions From The Arcturian Mothership – 19 February 2013


We, the Arcturians, are sending transmissions from our Mothership to our human expressions who are holding forms in several of the myriad versions of 2013 ascending Earth. I speak with you now to give you a brief preamble about Multiple Realities.

Multiple Realities encompass Parallel Realities, Alternate Realities and Multidimensional Realities. Some Multiple Realities resonate to the same frequency of expression and other realities resonate to different frequencies of expression. Hence, multiple realities that all resonate to the third/fourth dimensional frequency band are known as Parallel Realities or Alternate Realities. On the other hand, realities that represent different frequency expressions of the same experience are known as Multidimensional Realities.

Planet Earth is shifting into the higher dimensions. Therefore, all Parallel and Alternate Realities are also traversing into higher frequencies of form, and all Multidimensional Realties are pulling up their third/fourth dimensional versions of form. We will give you a brief description of each type of reality. To make this description simpler we will title the reality in which you are reading this message as your Base-Line Reality.


A Parallel Reality is created every time you make an important either/or decision that has the possibility of changing your life. For example, if you choose to leave a certain job, there will be a Parallel Reality in which you keep that job. Your Primary Point of Perception-the YOU to whom we are speaking to in your Base-Line Reality-may not know about this Parallel reality, but your Multidimensional SELF does.

Your Multidimensional SELF has taken the long trip down from Source into the world of form and wants to experience every possible option for every experience. As your consciousness returns to the innate multidimensional thinking of your fifth dimensional SELF, you will be able to easily handle both your Base-Line Reality and all the Parallel Realities that shoot out whenever you make an important either/or decision. In this manner, you can have optimum learning from every experience and share your Parallel Realities with Source.

While your Base-Line Reality is the physical world, you will likely be unconscious of the fact that every possible version of any given reality is being lived in a Parallel or Alternate Reality. Also, there is a difference between Parallel and Alternate Realities. Your personality in all your Parallel Realities is similar to your personality in your Base-Line Reality.


On the other hand, in Alternate Realities you explore alternate types of personality in similar situations as your Base-Line Reality. Therefore, your Alternate Realities are comparable to your Base-Line Reality but YOU are undergoing the same situations through the viewpoint of a different personality. In this manner, you can explore different personality traits and even different expressions of your Divine Qualities within similar, yet slightly different, situations.  The situations become different because YOU are different, and all of you are the creators of your world.

How you create your reality is largely dependent on you state of consciousness. When you are in a higher state of consciousness, you are able to connect with your innate wisdom, power and love. Hence, your world is on of higher advancement and learning. On the other hand, when your state of consciousness is limited by constant fear-based thoughts and emotions, you world is riddled with conflict, power-over others or victimization from your surroundings.

As your primary consciousness expands into the upper fourth and lowest fifth dimensions, your growing wisdom, power-within and unconditional love allows to remain within your Center enough to allow Parallel and Alternate Realities often “bleed through” into your Base-Line Reality. In this manner, your Parallel and Alternate Realities converge into the ever-expanding Oneness of your ego self who is merging into your Multidimensional SELF.

In fact, when your point of perception rises into the fifth dimension and beyond, you will be able to preview many the Parallel and Alternate Realities of your many third/fourth dimensional selves. Consequently, you will be able to gain the most information and learning from your time in lower worlds. Furthermore, from the perspective of your Higher Dimensional Expression you will be able to view your many manifestations of SELF without judgment.

One of the reasons why you choose NOT to be aware of your Parallel and Alternate Realities while still holding a 3D form is that there is a strong potential for self-judgment. This self-judgment would greatly hinder your ascension process. Thus, most ascending ones choose to limit the perception of their other realities to those that they believe they can use and/or heal.

In Summary, an Alternate Reality is like a tree has many limbs. Some of these limbs are strong enough to survive any storm, yet some of the limbs will fall away from the trunk. Your Soul creates and chooses many Parallel Realities to give itself the greatest variety of experiences.

Each Parallel Reality is created when you make a life changing, either/or decision. On the other hand, in Alternate Realities you chose to express different components of your complex persona so that you can live many versions of your self in one timeline of physicality.

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You are all great multidimensional beings with expressions of your greater SELF concurrently running on many different dimensions. If you are wearing a physical form, that form is the “anchor” of your many other frequencies of SELF in the higher dimensions. Your Multidimensional SELF came down form Source in the twelfth dimension long before time was even a concept. As you traveled down the frequency scale into the lowest frequency worlds of the third dimension, you created Parallel and Alternate realities on each frequency of reality.

Each of these realities can be fully experienced from the perspective of the realities of higher frequencies. On the other hand, in order to consciously experience a higher dimensional reality, you need to expand your consciousness into the frequency and make that connection. You see, dear ascending one, YOU are not your body. YOU are pure consciousness. Just as you choose what clothes you want to wear each day, your Multidimensional SELF chooses what form it is wishes to wear so that it can interact with any given reality.

Fortunately, when you expand you consciousness into the higher brain waves of Theta, Delta waves and beyond, you can have conscious interactions with your Higher SELVES who have taken a home in the higher worlds. We say home rather than body, because some of your highest realities of SELF are no longer limited to a form and live as pure consciousness. These higher expressions of your SELF live in Unity Consciousness and no longer desire to be an individual. This is the case for the Arcturians who are now speaking with you. We resonate to the eighth through tenth dimensions in a Unified Field of unconditional love and multidimensional light.



You, our brave ones, you have taken earth vessels again and again. In many of your incarnations on the body of Gaia you appeared to have died in your attempt to return Gaia to Her true SELF. However, you did not die. You were pulled out of active duty and returned to your real, higher expression. Therefore, we remind you that those who died in service to Mother Gaia did not die. Instead, they were recalled Home to heal.

However, we are not here to talk about returning Home via death. We are talking about the conscious return Home of Ascension. As you know, the percentage of un-awakened or darkly intended humans is much larger than the percentage of ascending ones. Fortunately, the higher light quotient of the ascending one allows the few to make a huge, multidimensional difference.

If you are driving a car and have to turn it around to go in the opposite direction, it would take “time” to regain your forward speed. In the same manner, humanity has had to turnaround to change their intentions from destruction to construction. Therefore, it will take the illusion of time for Gaia to “pick up speed” again.

Your world is accustomed to operating in a Power-Over Others fashion, which has set Gaia in a tailspin into the lower frequencies of reality. What has allowed you to turnaround your perception of reality is your connection to your Higher Expressions of SELF. It is this great service of grounding your higher light that has assisted Gaia to cease Her downward spiral and shift Her course in order to ascend into the higher frequencies.

During this moment of immense transition there will be many offshoots into Parallel Realities. The humans of your world has been taught for thousands of years to obey orders from others, to be poor, to follow without question and to get ill and die young. This indoctrination is very strong in many areas of your planet. These brainwashed ones cause a breaking system, a drag on forward motion if ascension. Hence, you are changing direction of your car while dragging a trailer without wheels.

Therefore, you, our ascending ones need to create your own Parallel Reality, as the majority of humans are not at all prepared to shift their life into a higher dimension. Many humans are barely surviving, others are riddled with fear and hatred and others are brainwashed by the dark ones who do not want to give up control. However, because of their innate Power Over others behavior, the dark ones cannot move into higher frequencies. They are fine with that limitation because they enjoy the power over others that they can gain and maintain in the third dimensional frequency.

Because of these conditions, you, our ascending ones, will need to create your own Parallel Reality in which you choose to return to your true multidimensional vibration. At first, while your frequency of reality is in the spectrum where the power-over still has influence, you may feel that you are moving in very slow motion.

Your escalation of motion and frequency appears slow because you need to break away from the habit of being in a third-dimensional Power-Over Others reality. In order to gain the adequate collective power to create a Parallel Reality, which is an offshoot from a world based on fear and domination, you must unify with as many other humans who have the same love-based intention. Fortunately, Gaia and Her plant and animal kingdoms, especially the Cetaceans, also want to create this Parallel Reality.

We want you to realize that this Parallel Reality of New Earth will, indeed, become the dominant reality, as the reality that appears to be dominant is unable to make this shift. As you now understand, a Parallel Reality is based on the decisions that you make. These decisions are your creative power, which is based on the thoughts you allow to remain in your mind and the emotions that you hold in your body.

Dear ascending ones, there are more of you than you suspect, but time and space still separates you. However, as more and more of you expand your Point of Perception into your Multidimensional SELF, you have a built in “elevator” in which you can easily raise your Perception into higher and higher frequencies of reality. This elevator is most easily entered through your merging with a higher expression of your own Multidimensional SELF.

As your consciousness begins to expand into the fifth dimension, the first expression of your SELF that you meet is your Divine Complement. When you first took an embodiment in your third dimensional world, the frequency of that reality was too slow to accommodate your fifth-dimensional, androgynous SELF.

Therefore, whenever you entered 3D Earth you needed to choose a gender and live your life being only half of your SELF. Very often your other half remained in the higher frequencies to guide and comfort the component of it’s SELF who was incarnated in the hostile third dimension.

Over your vast evolution, you have learned how to bi-locate from your Divine Complement. By this we mean that you and you learned how to remain in the fifth dimension as one Androgynous Being while one or both of you also took a form in the physical world. In this manner, you each had the option of actually meeting your Divine Complement in your physical world without loosing your connection with each other in the higher worlds.

In your past, Divine Complements seldom met each other while on the physical plane. The world was too dark and humans were too separated from each other. However, now Gaia has the greatest light that she has experienced since before the fall of Atlantis. Also, everyone, everywhere in your world, can easily communicate with each other. Hence, Divine Complements are finding each other in distant places and entering into deeply intimate relationships.

Since both of the complements have had many incarnations as both men and women, these couples are often very androgynous in nature. These androgynous relationships are a preparation for your unity into your androgynous, fifth dimensional SELF. Fortunately, the complete merging with your Divine Complement, also known as your Twin Flame, will greatly facilitate your merging with even higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF.

The Parallel Reality that you, our ascending ones, are creating is the version of reality in which Gaia will transmute into Multidimensional, New Earth. Since Gaia has spent 4.5 billion years as a physical form she needs your assistance to return to Her true, Multidimensional Planet. Every time any one of Her humans returns to their Multidimensional Expression of SELF, they contribute to Gaia’s return to Her Multidimensional SELF.

Your earth vessel is made of the elements of the body of Gaia. Thus, whenever you transmute any component of your own physical form, you simultaneously transmute the physical form of Gaia. Furthermore, when your fifth dimensional consciousness merges with your fifth-dimensional Divine Complement, while you in a third dimensional relationship with each other, you have one foot in the fifth dimension and the other in the reality of ascending Earth.


In fact, whenever you have a conscious connection with any Expression or Expressions of your Multidimensional SELF, the lies and illusions of the third dimension will have no influence on you. You will then view 3D Earth as a Kindergarten world from which you have graduated. However, you may still hold a form on that world to assist others, as well as to help Gaia. Fortunately, many of you have learned to find a degree of comfort and safety in your physical version of Earth. Most importantly, you can easily commune with the many other ascending ones who are sharing your bi-location into the Parallel Reality of Personal and Planetary Ascension.

When you bi-locate you don’t actually leave either place. Instead, you shift your primary consciousness-your focus of attention-to whichever reality you wish to have as your primary perception and experience. However, the other expression of your Self is always within your consciousness in case you are needed.

Eventually, you will know that you have done all you can for the 3D version of Earth, and you will shift most of your attention onto the once parallel and now primary version of fifth dimensional Earth. When your primary consciousness permanently shifts from the third/fourth dimension and into the fifth dimension, and you will be fully ascended.

One way in which you can escalate your full ascension is by merging with a Higher Expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. Some of you will merge with your Divine Complement first and your Higher expressions second. On the other hand, some of your will first merge with one of your myriad higher expressions of SELF and then merge with your Divine Complement. It does not matter whether you merge first with your Higher Expression or with your Divine Complement, as in the fifth dimension there is no sequential time to create sequential choices. All choices and decisions are made within the NOW of the ONE and flow in harmony within your myriad multidimensional worlds.



The element of your Multidimensional SELF who serves as the interface between your Multidimensional SELF and your earth vessel is your Lightbody. Your Lightbody connects the physical body with your Higher Expressions of SELF.

The physical body is NOT capable of accepting the full download of your Multidimensional SELF. Fortunately, your Lightbody serves as the buffer and connecting energy field between your physical body and your higher dimensional expressions. The fourth dimension is an etheric interface between the third dimension and the higher worlds, but it is too riddled with polarity and fear to effectively connect the third dimension with the higher worlds.

However, your Lightbody can easily move through the fourth dimension and directly connect the fifth-dimensional realms with your physical body. Still, there is often the sensation of crossing many voids as your Multidimensional SELF extends your Lightbody down from the higher worlds, through the fourth dimension and into your earth vessel.

These voids are actually initiations to assist you to release yet another component of your ego from your fourth, then third dimensional aura. Sometimes, these initiations are primarily experienced in your body, other times in your mind, your emotions or even your spiritual life. These initiations occur because you are bending down to jump higher. In other words, you are clearing out old anchors of fear so that you can more easily sore into the higher worlds.

Another challenge/initiation that occurs when your Lightbody is fully connected to your earth vessel is that you will likely experience great perceptual confusion. When your fifth dimensional senses begin to overtake your physical senses may perceive both frequencies, but in a jumbled and confusing manner. However, with practice you will be able to discern the difference between the physically based input and the higher dimensional input.

Then, by constantly choosing to attend to your higher dimensional input, you are consciously choosing to release your physical world and attach your attention to the higher frequency of reality. Please remember, the reality that you choose to perceive is the reality that you choose to live. Therefore, you are creating your own reality by the choices you make about the frequency of stimuli to which you attend.

As you remember that you have the Power to make these perceptual choices and the Wisdom to primarily focus on the choice of perception that feels like unconditional love, your formerly unconscious ascension process becomes conscious.

Your ability to make a conscious perceptual choice is, also, an antidote to fear. If you are consistently conscious of the fact that you have a choice about what you wish to perceive, you will fully realize that that YOU are creating your reality. Additionally, if you are in constant contact with your Higher Expression, you will be able to ask questions in order to higher frequency choices. The knowledge of your freedom of choice, as well as the constant source of enlightenment from your connection to SELF greatly expands your ability to attend to love and ignore fear.

The ascension process may seem very unique to your human self, but is common for your Higher Expression. Once you surrender your ascension to your Higher Expression, the ego’s firewall of the Reticular Formation within your physical brain will be superimposed with the “Spiritual Screening System” of your Higher Expression. Once you process data through your spiritual perception, you will be able to easily discern which physical communications are important enough for your attention.

In this manner, you can relax into the process of recalibrating your attention away from the myriad illusions of the 3D and onto the Truths of your ascending reality. When you surrender to your SELF, you can relax into the knowledge that if there is a physical message to which you must attend, such as driving your car, paying a bill on time, or answering the phone for an important call, your ego can remain relaxed as your Higher Expression is on duty.

This type of working relationship with your SELF is your most important preparation for living in a fifth dimensional reality. When you live in a higher reality in which your every thought and emotion instantly becomes manifest, it is vital that your internal filtering system filters OUT any thoughts or emotions which you do not wish to manifest.

During your long sojourn into the worlds of matter, you have allowed your emotions and thoughts to focus on fear. Fear is a necessary component for survival in the lower worlds as Power Over Others is the dominant form of behavior. Also, many humans have completely lost their connection to the Great Mother. When your society was in touch with Mother Earth, you could determine the weather, co-exist with the animals and know which plants to eat.

However, now many humans perceive nature as dangerous. This danger does not exist in the higher frequencies of reality in which people and planet are ONE Being and Power Within is the only operating system. In a higher dimensional reality, if you are afraid, or think that someone or something would harm you, your consciousness instantly drops back down into the fourth dimension.


Your state of consciousness determines your perceptions and the reality you perceive is the reality you live. Hence, when your consciousness drops below the resonance of the fifth dimension, you can no longer perceive or live within that frequency of reality. Fortunately, your Multidimensional SELF is similar to a huge ladder that your consciousness can climb to interact with different frequencies of reality.Thus, you do not need to become better or more deserving to enter a higher frequency of reality. You only need to attune your consciousness with the appropriate resonance of your Multidimensional SELF to be able to perceive and interact with that frequency of reality.

We, the galactic representatives of your own Higher Expressions, are very pleased to be able to speak with you directly. We know that your grounded expression may not remember that you are visiting with us. Luckily, some of the messages that YOU are receiving will bleed-through from this frequency of your SELF and into your physical consciousness. If your physical self can remember, feel, imagine or picture any part of our messages, it will greatly change your decision making in daily life.

The single act of checking with your Higher Expression of SELF, rather than your ego self, before you make decisions will greatly alter your physical reality. When you check in with your ego self, it does it job perfectly. It tells you that you need to be careful, that many possible problems may arise and that many persons, places or situations may be dangerous. This does not make your ego self a negative force in your life. Your ego self is just doing its job of keeping you safe. Since your ego self can ONLY perceive the physical reality, it can find myriad possible dangers about which you need to be warned. You ego is incapable of knowing that that which you focus on is that which you manifest.

Ego does not realize that it is actually creating the very situations that it is warning you to avoid by telling you to place your attention on that perception. It is true that naivety can be dangerous in the physical world, but only if you are NOT connected to your Higher Expression. Your Higher Expression can see any possible harm even more clearly than you ego. However, instead of saying, “LOOK OUT,” which only creates the very fear that you are in danger of attracting, your Higher Expression simply guides you away from that possible reality by revealing a higher resonance of choice.

This higher resonance of choice is your protection because it keeps your thoughts and emotions in a frequency that pulls your energy field above any interaction with any fear-based, possible reality. However, there is one issue that is often confusing to our ascending ones. This is the issue of clearing old darkness. There are some times in your physical life in which you are ready to clear old darkness/fear from your consciousness. During these times you may experience a bad thing happening. This does not mean that your Higher Expression has been slacking from its duty.

No, this event is one that you cannot go over, under or around because it is an important initiation. In other words, this ‘problem’ is actually an initiation that you chose before your present incarnation. These initiations are not enjoyable, but they represent that you are ready to move into a higher resonance of reality. You can take a great deal of time going through this challenge, or you can surrender to the ONE and allow your Divine Guidance to guide you through the parting seas. Then, you can get on with the important business of personal and planetary ascension.

And so our dear ascending ones, we complete this transmission. However, we, your Galactic and Celestial Family, will continue sending you transmissions. Since our messages are projected from the realms beyond time, you may tap into the infinite loop of our communications whenever you calibrate your consciousness to the fifth dimension and beyond. In order to consciously receive our transmissions:

  • Open your High Heart
  • Connect it with your Third Eye
  • Send out a beacon of unconditional love
  • Then simply say, “I am ready for transmission.”

We, your Higher Expressions of SELF await your call.

The Arcturians and all your Higher Expressions

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