Sandra Walter – Parallel Expressions In 5D – 20 February 2013

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Sharing the similarities in my Higher expressions. We are all unique expressions of Source exploring Source; the discovery of a through-line in a few of my expressions that I AM able to access was fascinating to me.

Side note: the baby spider made it safely back to town, he is now twice as big and enjoying the view from the front window’s houseplant.

Crystal Support for Solar Stargate work

I visited my sacred circle yesterday before the snowstorm arrived. I AM working with Golden Solar Heart Center expansion through the gateway. Some vibrant light Masters using brilliant frequencies joined me, sending gold-diamond-crystalline light to support my expansion. Just lovely to have such bright light on a gloomy day in the cold woods.

I place my crystals right on Gaia for this kind of work, in this case in the ice-snow which covers the mountain. Look at what one of my crystals encoded from this exchange – streaks of gold and veins/shafts of 5D rainbow colors. The rose quartz picked up some gold as well, however it is difficult to photograph (as is the quartz). Hope you can see it! The sensations and visions of the expansion can be felt when I hold it by my heart.

Use your crystals, lovelies ~ speak to them, program them, work with them during the gateway!

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