TheOne-DreamDreamer – The Respons-Ability Of Choosing Truth – 20 February 2013

It’s a no going back choice, if made from the Heart and Soul.

Once Truth is Chosen the whole Uni-Verse plays out following our desire. The Whole Uni-Verse is inside and outside, It’s us and it’s all.

Once we choose, there’s no cheating anymore. It’s still possible to try… but wise souls soon feel enough pressure to go back on track of their own choice. Even if friends, relatives, beloved ones of any kind are stuck into the illusion… once the Choice has been taken, going back is impossible. The body plays the game for us when we don’t listen, giving us strong hints of being off track. The Uni-Verse plays the game for us by making it impossible to walk off track.

And still some try, for they don’t remember the moment when their Heart choose Truth, pretending to prefer illusion they pretend to prefer they do not exist. They pretend they’re not alive and divine. They try and wonder why things get so difficult, why every thing seems to collapse.

Remember The Choice. Every thing is simply showing you where it goes along. You’re simply getting the help you asked for. Guidance.

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