Visionkeeper – The Evils Of More – 20 February 2013

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It is time to be free of all our past conditioning that governs our private worlds. We have been well-trained our entire lives to be taught the necessity of MORE. The continual striving for more money, more things, to do more, be more. It has been all about the simple word ‘More’. The very act of striving for more of anything gives ourselves the repeated message that life isn’t complete just as it is. It sets us up with a meme of we are not good enough which in turn sets us up for a life long struggle to solve a problem that never existed in the first place! We bought into it, we believed it and it became a way of life. We have been so caught up in it that we didn’t even realize the detrimental messages we were sending to ourselves. And we wonder why the world is the way it is right now. The world is totally lost and struggling to find its way back to source. We must begin by finally grasping the truth that our worlds are complete just as they are.

Of course it is fine if we strive to improve ourselves or further educate ourselves etc. as long as it is done out of heartfelt interest and not a drive to be better because you are lacking. There is a fine line we must not cross. The whole world seems to be suffering from a never-ending feeling of LACK. We ourselves are lacking, our lives are lacking, our jobs are lacking. We seem to have been born out of a mindset of lack and until now there has been no way to correct the shortage. Finally we are catching on to the fact it is within ourselves that we will find the answers. Once we face the truth, all the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place and we see it is not US but rather it is the conditioning we have endured that is to blame.

Having MORE does not bring meaningful happiness to ones life. Yes if you have more money you can buy more things, go on more vacations, have more fancy clothes, but really, do you want these things to define who you really are? Things do not fill up the void within from being disconnected to our souls. Having more does not feed your soul with the proper food it needs to thrive, it requires what I call ‘moving food’, food created by thoughts, actions and events that moves you inside and stirs awake your soul. The day-to-day drivel that you are force-fed on television does not feed your soul and inject you with inspiration, it medicates you into numbness and nothingness.

Simplicity is where it’s at. Simplicity has a beauty to it that pleases the soul and in turn will please you. De-cluttering your mind and your life gives one great relief and a certain calm about their life. Having less forces one to become ingenious and create whatever it is they believe they are in need of in that moment, without having to have it around them all the time. It keeps our minds creative. Simplicity allows us to observe our lives through spiritual eyes for all the clutter that kept us separated from a spiritual life is now gone and we have clear space to manifest food for our souls. Break free of the ME N’ MORE mindset, break the chains that have kept you trapped and tethered to the treadmill, feel your wings expand and take flight. A sincere life is all about learning to love your life just the way it is.

Blessings to us all,

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