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John Ward – Preserving Wealth – Falling Demand For Manufactured Goods + Credit Aridity + Falling Employment Hours = Plummeting Property Prices + Rising Sovereign Debt + Rising Gold Value. – 21 February 2013

housegraphIgnore the bollocks: watch the signals

The near-certain reassertion of fundamentals is driven by myriad factors. Some of these were covered in a recent Slog Saturday Essay about interest rates, when during the second half of the piece I pointed out that only if everyone is in the same tent will the élite stand firm. China clearly isn’t in the tent: before long Beijing may start pissing into it….and before not much longer, others may join in. But there are eclectic drivers of equally unstoppable importance. Continue reading


Wes Annac – The Ascended Masters : Forgiveness And Love For Every Soul Will Be Essential – 21 February 2013

059small-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Various stages of enlightenment follow when a soul begins to awaken and find the growth that is planned out for them to experience during their incarnation and experiences in the lower realms. You all experience various forms of enlightenment that come in various stages and for many of you, the lessons you learn are preludes to lessons that are quite similar, but are lessons which you learn in much more intense manners later on in your growth. Continue reading

Bill Ballard – Coming Up To The Halfway Point Of The Great Tribulation – 21 February 2013

Uploaded on 21 February 2013 by pearls2u We are coming up to the Halfway Point of the Great Tribulation or the 7 years of change between the Piscean Age Shifting into the Aquarian Age. Since my last video, I have spoken to several others on the front lines getting the news out there. It seems there has been many of us who have experienced cyber attacks in one or more of many ways. Radio shows are being hacked and messed with. Of course many of you know Facebook was hacked and the media states no one’s information was messed with, where I find that many of us had our posts, videos and information deleted from February 1 to February 13-4, 2013 deleted. Programs are being installed on our computers and many things that are designed to trip us up are occurring. This just since OPPT was publically released and that information spread like a wild fire. Of course the Pope’s expose as well as both Queen’s abdicating, the Queen of the Netherlands as well as news of Queen Elizabeth II too. I reviewed this video and noticed I used the word abducting, rather abdicating… oops… haha… That happens as I speak from my heart and not thinking from my head as I live my life from my heart… I feel it from my heart and speak rather than thinking about what I say… There are mistakes sometimes. No one is perfect… haha. LOVE!
What is OPPT about ~ http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2013/…

Lisa Gawlas – The Melting Of The Reality Construct’s Fuels The Turbine Engine Called YOUR Life!! – 21 February 2013

melting-reality1It is rare that I actually dream on any given night, well at least dream and keep the memory of it.  So I have got to really pay attention when I have the same dream two nights in a row!  I woke up again this morning being taught how to harness that energy… that energy I call frustration, only without being frustrated.  We must have been working hard because I woke up with a doozy of a headache!! Continue reading

Collective Consciousness Astrological Forecast March 2013 – 21 February 2013

Uploaded on 20 February 2013 by ScarletMoonOnline The last week of March 2013 is going to be extremely intense on a collective level. Here are some aspects I am reading regarding the major shifts being now being supported by planetary movement. Saturn in retrograde will remove a lot of restrictions but add an additional caveat to the mix

Ariah Velasquez – What to do When People Play Emotional Games – 21 February 2013


I get a lot of people coming to me with questions about the title of this article. Why do so many people on planet Earth seem to find relief through playing games to hurt, harm, get what they want, share a message without speaking it directly, or show someone they are hurt by hurting back? I see this as a wounded condition of some that are still waking up to the whole concept that we create our own reality.  I also see this behavior coming from a place of people not spending daily time connecting to their underlying impulses, and subconscious issues.  When we don’t spend time looking deep within on a daily level understanding what drives us, then we will tend to take actions that we feel are justified. We may say to ourselves, well if this person said that to me, then I am going to do this to them.  This is the revengeful approach.  Then their is the unconscious approach: well, I want to feel loved, so I will distance myself when I am afraid someone will not love me. These are just examples of the way humans play games with each other.  Unfortunately, when it comes to these type of games, no one ever wins. And one of the biggest issues is that many times these actions are done towards others due to their own assumptions that something is happening, without ever discussing it with them or having proof. Sure, a person can have an intuition, but a lot of the time, interpersonal dynamics are misconstrued because of a person’s own wounding.

Continue reading

Jamye Price – Weekly Lightblast – Being One – 21 February 2013

JamyePriceThe strength of your heart is renewing with each blessed awareness.  You call them Aha! moments as you breath in the ahh and exhale the haa.  What grace of connection that moment brings!  This is your work, to connect All Things; be it a physical experience, a mental concept, an emotional chasm or a spiritual Truth. Connection is what opens the door to the next connection, or what offers the next dimensional awareness.  It is by examining, understanding and giving Life to the unseen that you become a conscious participant in dimensional living beyond 3D.  It was always there, yet your awareness brings it into your experience in a way that you connect and interact.  This new dimensional interaction is available to you through the lens of connection.  As you realize that you are One with All Life, you open to Fifth Dimensional expression.  Continue reading

John Ward – Analysis : The Fall And Rise Of Gold, The Rise And Fall Of Property. Time To Be A Contrarian – 21 February 2013

goldcoinsGOLD & PROPERTY: contemporary weirdos explained

In the opening post today, I postulated that ‘indeflation’ involves a situation where taxes and prices go up, and the value of assets goes down. Following that original Slogpost from 2010, I returned to the subject several times, the last time before the Bilderberger Conference of last year, when I predicted: Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Judge Not – 21 February 2013

funny-images-funny-pictures-funny-kids-sayings-and-quotes-funny-sayings-632614(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

I saw this picture and immediately my mind was filled with all kinds of thoughts, none of which were good. I was taken first by the physical appearance, then by the tattoos, then by the probable ill-health effects that food is having on his body and my disgust for gross fast food corporations and lastly I had thoughts about judgement.  I tell this story because despite how far we think we may be on our spiritual journey to enlightenment, most all of us still have work to be done and we must not shame ourselves for this. It is not easy by any means, to undo a lifetime of conditioning we have all undergone. I judge my progress at how quickly I catch myself now and erase the judgment from my thoughts. Each time it gets a little quicker and hopefully one day the whole event of judging will no longer surface in my life. Until then I keep trying, I stay ever vigilant of my thoughts and words and I have patience with myself. Continue reading

4 Minutes News – 21 February 2013

Uploaded on 21 February 2013 by 2013 by Suspicious0bservers Continue reading