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John Ward – Analysis : The Fall And Rise Of Gold, The Rise And Fall Of Property. Time To Be A Contrarian – 21 February 2013

goldcoinsGOLD & PROPERTY: contemporary weirdos explained

In the opening post today, I postulated that ‘indeflation’ involves a situation where taxes and prices go up, and the value of assets goes down. Following that original Slogpost from 2010, I returned to the subject several times, the last time before the Bilderberger Conference of last year, when I predicted: Continue reading


Visionkeeper – Judge Not – 21 February 2013

funny-images-funny-pictures-funny-kids-sayings-and-quotes-funny-sayings-632614(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

I saw this picture and immediately my mind was filled with all kinds of thoughts, none of which were good. I was taken first by the physical appearance, then by the tattoos, then by the probable ill-health effects that food is having on his body and my disgust for gross fast food corporations and lastly I had thoughts about judgement.  I tell this story because despite how far we think we may be on our spiritual journey to enlightenment, most all of us still have work to be done and we must not shame ourselves for this. It is not easy by any means, to undo a lifetime of conditioning we have all undergone. I judge my progress at how quickly I catch myself now and erase the judgment from my thoughts. Each time it gets a little quicker and hopefully one day the whole event of judging will no longer surface in my life. Until then I keep trying, I stay ever vigilant of my thoughts and words and I have patience with myself. Continue reading

4 Minutes News – 21 February 2013

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Ron Van Dyke – What About Trusts, The OPPT And CVACS? – 21 February 2013

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Lucas – The Newly Awakened, Domino’s And Helping – 21 February 2013

dominoheartIn the news it is now clear change is upon us. The one after the other revelation of the dark and controlling forces of humanity are coming to the surface. This is what a new large group of awakened humans see now for the first time. It is difficult to grasp and they are still  eager to get all info into their brains and minds. They experience all to go deep down the rabbit hole.  Continue reading

Fluoridegate : An American Tragedy – 21 February 2013

Uploaded on 2 February 2013 by Awakeningearth

FLUORIDEGATE is a new documentary that reveals the tragedy of how the United States government, industry and trade associations protect and promote a policy known to cause harm to the US, and especially to small children who suffer more than any other segment of the population. While government motivation remains uncertain, the outcome is crystal clear: the fluoridation policy is destroying the nation. The same thing is happening all over the world.

More info on this video and subject www.nexusilluminati.blogspot.nl

(Lucas : Just see it as the evidence of that what is going on in the world and know all will be ended as all is crumbling down now that has no standing anymore in the new paradigm. We only will address the truth to them. We expose all and the absolute truth will be soon on the table. They are scared but grace comes with knowing when to stop dear controllers. Come home and start acting as lightbeings that are connected from the heart to source and build with us the new paradigm. We will free all humans if they also turn within and not think to change  Look at OPPT- The One People’s Public Trust 1776.  Go for instance to OPPT-In.com)

Zen Gardner – Synchronicity And The Singularity – 21 February 2013

event_horizon__midnight_sun_2__by_monkl-d2yxrwn1-640x359It’s amazing. It’s wonderful. And it’s so significant! I am experiencing and observing the most exponential increase in synchronistic events and communication I have ever witnessed. Writers, posters and internet information sharers are networking at such a consciously connected level it’s just fantastic! Continue reading