TheOne-DreamDreamer – What If… There Was No-One But You? – 21 February 2013

womanawalkingIf every thing you saw, experienced, every other being was only a manifestation of your dream?

If every one was simply a way you created to experience another fractal of your self, another fractal of infinite creational experience? Simply another fractal in the space/time realm of a dream.

What if you Knew! it’s only You?

Finally, when we dream during night time… there’s only us. No matter how many beings we dream of, when we wake up… we’re the ones that dreamt of them. And the dream is gone. Just a few sensations, colors maybe, some emotions or sounds… for a while… then we go back to life.

Or to another dream… to The Dream. The Dream of One that fell asleep and forgot it’s dreaming. A dream that can only end when the Dreamer wakes up. Being aware makes it a lucid dream, waking up makes it end.

How important is the dream to keep fighting for it?

It takes only One to wake up. / link to original article

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