Visionkeeper – Judge Not – 21 February 2013

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I saw this picture and immediately my mind was filled with all kinds of thoughts, none of which were good. I was taken first by the physical appearance, then by the tattoos, then by the probable ill-health effects that food is having on his body and my disgust for gross fast food corporations and lastly I had thoughts about judgement.  I tell this story because despite how far we think we may be on our spiritual journey to enlightenment, most all of us still have work to be done and we must not shame ourselves for this. It is not easy by any means, to undo a lifetime of conditioning we have all undergone. I judge my progress at how quickly I catch myself now and erase the judgment from my thoughts. Each time it gets a little quicker and hopefully one day the whole event of judging will no longer surface in my life. Until then I keep trying, I stay ever vigilant of my thoughts and words and I have patience with myself.

This journey to change ourselves is not a quick fix and we should never feel ashamed because we fall back into bad habits. Habits took a long time to create and they take even longer to undo or replace with good habits. A willingness to work hard on yourself shows the depth of your caring for yourself and the values you hold. It seems like the world has very little incentive or interest in working on improving the state of themselves as well as the world. I am not sure why, probably because they are buried deeply within the world of wanting ‘more’ and they see very little else. Judgement is a huge issue that needs to be addressed immediately if we are to proceed forward on our path. Judgement halts the belief of oneness and without oneness in the world we will not get very far.

Where did we get the idea we had the right to judge other beings in the first place? If you really think about it, it seems so outlandish that we would even agree to do this in the first place. It always sets off a feeling within of being better than another. It means we somehow hold ourselves in a higher regard and yet the end result is so wrong! Somewhere along the path we allowed our morals and values to be compromised and began to misuse our feelings of self-worth. We had so little self-worth that we needed to put down someone else to build ourselves up. Oh we got things so confused and disjointed. Self worth comes from having the ability to build other people UP not look down on them.

There is much to learn and practice, we best get busy! Time waits for no one, then again in all actuality there is no time. A whole other discussion for another day. Let us just practice being loving people in the here and now, that is all that truly matters. Be conscious of your thoughts and if you catch them straying to someplace they should not go, such as to judgement, stop! Apologize to Creator for your mistake and move on. In time we will cease to need to think such limiting thoughts and we can move on to higher places. Be aware but be loving and patient with yourself as well.

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