Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – The Eclipses Of 2013 – 22 February 2013

moonlightAs you move forward in Time you are quickened into more time allowing you to access  your past that stands within the frequency of the future.  In the expansion of time, there is a contraction of time.  In the moving forward there is a synchronized moving backward.  Always forward stretches and stances are paralleled by backward movement.  The future can be entered through the spirit of the past.  All time runs hand in hand, moving forward is the same as moving backward. 

In the time of the 2013 five eclipses there is a progression of geometric encodings that will be replaced within the universal denominator of earth, The numbers of your chronological age will change.  The numbers of your biological age will change.  The number sequences that you know and hold within your DNA will shift.  The latitude and longitude will shift,  There will be galactic time movement in order to regain and re-calibrate the future.

Your Time has been as a man on horseback running along side of a train.  The locomotive represents galactic time.  The man on horseback represents human time. As you know Nothing in your world runs in a straight line.  Everything is curved to gain momentum.  In curvatures, the gravitational pull and the pull of energy shifts.

The energies of earth boxes you in. The 24-hour day, 60 minutes, 60 seconds and 12-month year’s were created to bewilder and limit you. This upcoming  time tone will help you understand that Time as you know it is bendable, moldable, stretchable, and contract-able.  Each person creates Time according to their personal wants and needs. Some will want their days to be shorter, others will want their days to be longer, some will want more daylight, others will want more night, and some will want more dusk and more dawn and less high noon.

Allow these nuances of time to escort you into probabilities that go beyond any calculations. You have held this course of light for eons.  You are as a portal, an entranceway for energies of a higher channel of communication. Until you actually feel the energies, you will not be able to interpret the language of light that we have laid in the earth. Know that you are as every sacred place that has ever existed through all time and space.  The light shall walk through you and you shall be as a beacon, an airport for the higher octaves of the celestial beings.  You escort this higher light to earth by your desire, by the light that is in your heart, and  by the light that is in your intent.  You are the key in human form.   You are the doorway in human form.  Now it is time to prepare your bodies, your minds, your awareness by releasing what is not of a higher vibration.  Whatever is not of the highest vibration will scream and kick and bite, until you recognize it and let go.

2013 eclipses

April 25, 05° Scorpio 51′, Partial Lunar Eclipse
May 9, 19° Taurus 33′, Annular Solar Eclipse
May 25, 03° Sagittarius 58′, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
October 18, 25° Aries 51′, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse
November 3, 11° Scorpio 16′, Total Solar Eclipse / link to original article


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