The Pleiadians and the Dolphin Star Higher Council – Healing for Astral Attacks – 22 February 2013


Please note: this is healing. Only read if you wish to receive this healing. This is set for all those who read this in all time and space.  The energy of this healing is permanently imprinted. Blessings, Ariah

Now as we anchor in the energies for you of grounding, multidimensional alignment, and have placed the cones of alignment above and below this sacred healing space, we now begin to assist in all those who have been receiving psychic attacks, astral attacks on any level in all time and space and holographic realities.

Many of you have experienced feelings out of nowhere of feeling down, heavy, and even confused when trying to focus on things that will free you or bring you light over the past week.  Know this is not from some deficit or deep-seated problem. There are energies at work that are trying to keep the frequencies of awakened ones down, to tire you, and distract you with thoughts that are not serving you.  These beings literally have devices that can transmit certain frequencies that attach to you. Now there can be nothing like this without some unconscious agreement, so we ask that you now visualize you have a written contract with all government and lower astral frequency beings to allow them to enter your energy field so that you may learn to be stronger as a being.  Cancel this contract now by seeing that your name was signed on the bottom of it, and the astral group as well. Then imagine you have a red rubber red stamp that just cancels it out. Next see this contract going into a big rainbow flame bonfire. All the colors and frequencies are needed now to dissolve this and burn the contract.

You no longer need this contract for you find your strength now through the inner portal of the heart. You no longer need this old plan of becoming stronger through torment and astral attack.  Release yourself now, beautiful souls, and breathe deep.

Next we remove any attached devices that are being cloaked from you or others who try to heal you that have not learned to decloak.  We see there are devices on the brain in several of you. These devices are energetic, etheric objects that impulse density and negative thought.  We remove these now.  We call in Archangel Michael now to retrieve these devices and take them to be dissolved.  Next we are placing something called Quantum Transfiguration Grids around the areas in the brain where these devices rested for all who will ever receive this in all time and space. These grids are the color of ultraviolet and they help repair any damaged areas where there has been implants.

Now we feel Christ present, the Ascended Master, who is part of our council as well. The Ascended Master Jesus Christ is now sending white light through all of your energy fields now to cleanse and clear the etheric debris. We can see many of you have needed this flush for a while now. This week it came to an all time high of needing to be released.

Now affirm: I trust in my sovereign ability to access my inner power and strength through the power of love. Say this three times and seal with and so it is, so be it.

There is more work to be done. There are some holes in many of your energy fields from previous attacks.  We seal those now using our grids. And now we call forth the Overlighting Deva of Healing light, to place all who will ever receive this in an Integration Accelleration Cocoon of light to wrap you up with grace and ease while you realign back into balance.

Know you are protected, shielded, and sealed in the light of love.  No one has power over you. You are a sovereign light being and it is through awareness your shields become stronger.

With much love and oneness. So La Re En Lo.

We are one.

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