Kauilapele – Courtesy Notice Document That I Filled Out And Sent On 21 Febr. 2013 – 23 February 2013


TOPPT-LOGO-BLOG2[Update 2-23-13 0530 HST: Thanks to j I realized I forgot to fill in the small space lower half of p.2. This should have been filled in with the number at top of the “Terms and Conditions”, p. 3, which is “130221-1”. Am I going to “fret and fear” that I omitted this number? No. This is a Courtesy Document, sent to “Ti…….”, a person, as a courtesy to them, a person, and NOT a traditional legal instrument, sent to a traditional corporate entity, within the bounds (bindings) of a system that is no more, that has been foreclosed on. I live and operate in a Higher System of love, peace, and forgiveness, that is beyond that corporate mental space of “make a mistake and you’re screwed” mentality (notice that’s ‘men’-tality). And, yes, I did say “Oh, crap!” when I first saw that space I’d forgot to fill in. And, yes, I have forgiven my human self for that. That’s my system. That’s my field.]

I’m sure you recall this post about the Courtesy Notice documents. So… I now release the Courtesy Notice document that I filled out and sent to the person listed on their original notice (page 6).

I’ve redacted (blacked out) specific information, and the name of the person I sent this to, in respect of their privacy.

For me, there were a couple of points. First, I spelled my name was in regular letters (not all caps, as I am not a strawman, nor a corporation). Second, the person I sent this to was also spelled in regular letters. Third, the company in the address portion is referred to as “c/o the alleged [company name]“.

Ken Bartle was a great assist for me by answering these questions.

I include here what I wrote in an email sent to Ken.

“[Someone] suggested that, since the letter from the collection agency company spelled MY name in all caps, I would perhaps be better off to write my name, in the “Proponent” box the same, in all caps.

“My assertion to that is that, since I am NOT a corporation, and since I am NOT a straw man, I should write my name in standard text. In this way, I will have asserted to them, by writing my name in NOT all caps (viz., [“John Green”]), that this is me, the human individual person, that is addressing them. And thus NOT going along with their assertion (via the ALL CAPS spelling of my name) that I am a corporation, straw man, or any other thing like that. “

And his response to that email.

“It’s a mine field isn’t it? But the answer to your question comes to one question. Who’s park are we now playing in? If indeed OPPT has foreclosed on these entities then all their games are meaningless from that point on. More importantly, the more we even consider they might have something we need to address, comply with or adhere to, the more energy we give them and the bigger the hole in our foot. Your assertion is spot on!

“This is my park and my game and if you (an individual) write, send another notice or demand then welcome to my customer list and here’s your first invoice. That’s the message they need to get, loud and clear.

“Welcome to Freedom Kp. It’s all yours! Cheers, Ken “

I only differ with one sentence in Ken’s email, namely, “It’s a mine field isn’t it?”

I say, “It’s a MY field!!

I had fun preparing these, and had fun sending them, and am now having fun not thinking about this for awhile.

So here are all the pages (6 of them) I sent to this person, at that company address. Sent by registered mail, at a cost of (the rather significant number) $14.41.

(Pardon the dark photos… I took photos so could see that I’d signed, initialed, in blue ink.)










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