Christina – Coming Of Age – Our Unity Soul Human And Divine – 24 February 2013

A new archetypal human is being birthed.

Spiritual maturity has no precursor, age is not a factor, soul progression is. The soul’s journey unwinds and travels along a vast continuum, marked by a progression of events, carrying us towards both our descent and ascent. Our maturity arises out of the ashes of our self-imposed cremation. Out of the cosmic white fire, we emerge as a new incarnation.

Those finding their way to this virtual platform do so, through a ringing familiarity and inward calling of their soul.  Now, more than ever, is a desire to discard what no longer serves, so one may dissolve what is outdated. It is a fortuitous opportunity, inviting one to embrace a new definition and diction supporting one’s sentience as a divine/human. Quite frankly, even though one may not fathom exactly what is occurring for them in this new capacity, they are astutely aware something is happening.

As one begins to explore new material, they are ultimately encountering a new cosmic diction, flowing through a common language. In support of this cosmic diction, I am charged with translating conceptual and perceptual material, into a viable format for both practical application and comprehension. I do this by retaining the essence and intent of the subject by interjecting storytelling as the medium.

When I began my journey of awakening I had no future thought of where I might wind up. In 2001, just before my fiftieth birthday, I organized a three-week healing event for an internationally known teacher, it was an immense and intense experience. During that time I received activation after activation, which transpired over a round-the-clock-period, like a spinning top, I was ejected out beyond, into a realm of reality not previously entertained.

I knew I needed to ground this marathon activation, so I searched for modalities and options to best integrate this experiential phenomenon, known as initiation. Shortly after this, I opted to participate in a yoga/healing /spa center, along the slopes of Haleakala in Upcountry Maui, where I lived. I volunteered as a marketing director and received classes and services in return, during which time I became a Kundalini yoga teacher, vibrational healer, marketing consultant, and later part owner of the spa.  This was an intricate part of my soul progression, mixed with pain and pleasure, and plenty more.

At the same time, I established a very disciplined meditation practice that supported my process. It was during my private yoga meditation sittings, I began to receive communication transmissions from the Realms of Light. Stunned by this, I devoted myself to a regime of daily journaling. Ten years ago I was taken back and enamored by this cosmic connection I discovered. Today, I know everything is happening inside our own consciousness. It is the enlivening of our energetic template that unlocks the access to our human/divine instrument; to unrestricted territory within the realm of light present within us.

I have discontinued any formal practice, today I have integrated and conjoined my divine composite with that of my human. While we may begin our process utilizing many offerings and tools, they are often rudimentary, and simply a trusting adjunct we include to support our means to engage with our selves. I spent ten years incorporating many marvelous tools and modalities towards embodying my wholeness, and discovered these marvelous tools are no longer warranted. A new archetypal human is being birthed; this is who we are unrealized. We are forming ourselves into our new cosmic constitution. One that is determined by our birthright, our original configuration, that has by design, been in a deep slumber, much like a master in hibernation and preparation for the birth of a new cosmic cycle.

Today, I have merged with all aspects of my multidimensionality self that have always been present. I have known of such a profound, pervasive and patient, guiding force with me from my inception. This story illuminates the myth, that we are a composite entity of divine origins. In truth, we are just that. We contain soul particulates of our cosmic origins that evolve with us as we awaken. We awaken to a spiritual maturity if you will, a maturity that enables us to grasp what is true and what is not. My story is the story, it is our collective story, the story of our primordial heritage.

Every human is a masterpiece of myth and legend, in that every human entity has their precise story embedded within their heart. No human is excluded with regard to this, the differences and contrasts of one soul to the next, is simply delineated within the individual template. I refer to this as the living light template. Each human entity is in fact, birthed through the same matrix, or cosmic womb. The term Matrix is derived from the Latin meaning; maternal mother. We are a complexity; a piece of a supreme matrix or mold, consisting of finite material, ennobled particles mixed up as human/divine elements.

We consist of particulates of one ubiquitous matrix, ever recreating itself. How stunning this is!

In joy and love, I am, Unity Soul

In the Sanctuary of Enlightenment, A Story of Birthing the
Divine/Human Christina Fisher Copyright 2012 / link to article / / link toorginal article

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