Lisa Gawlas – A Meditation To Orient Yourself Into The Galaxy Of Your Heart – 24 February 2013

rainbow-serpantI am sorry I didn’t get this meditation out yesterday like I said I would, I completely forgot in order to do that, I needed internet juice so i could listen to the recording from our reading.  I had zero internet juice yesterday for the better part of the day.  I so forgot it is the weekend!

I am going to start out by giving you all the elements of this meditation, and please don’t think you need to do it all in one sitting.  Keep going back until each series of symbolisms are done.  Then do it again….

Keys -Kite-Snakes-Hammers-Golden Umbrella’s/Parasols-Shimmering Sparkles-Chunky Cement-Sand-Skipping Stones-Comforter-Rose 

Keys:  Many golden Keys were released from her first box.  Golden keys represent openings to doorways.  Take one key at a time and feel the vibration from the golden (magnetic frequency) key and open the doorway that presents itself to you (it may not look like your traditional doorway either.)

Kites: The next box contained many kites are varying levels (some higher, some lower.)  Each doorway will reveal a Kite.  The moment she talked about kites I had such a strong connection to Ben Franklin and his “electricity.”  All wisdom comes in electrical packages (since we truly are electrical Beings) once you have explored what was on the other side of the doorway, your kite will appear, place your golden key on the string of the kite… take the electrical charge into you.  (If you have gotten/seen/understood all you needed to beyond the door, this electrical kite charge will just happen. )

Snakes: In her third box were many snakes, some even shedding their skin.  From the first two aspects of this meditation will bring you to more of your soul/kundalini integration and equally, releasing more of what no longer serves you (shedding skin if needed.)  Find the snake and explore with it… however that unfolds.

Hammers:  Her fourth box released many types and sizes of hammers.  Smashing realities and solid aspects that no longer serve you.  Have fun with this one!!  I can almost see this playing out like whack a mole.  Be sure you do understand what you are shattering with the hammer as you go!

Golden Umbrella or Parasol’s:  This is the connecting point of letting what was needed go, connecting to the energy and pureness of the new and thru it you are gifted a higher vibration of yourSelf.  The umbrella/parasol serves as both an added layer of natural protection but equally an accelerated connection to the sun energy.  When she talked about this part, I kept thinking about companies that have been going bust and their CEO’s getting a “golden parachute.  As our old reality goes bust, we are given a “golden parasol!”

Shimmering Sparkles: This is pure creation energy.  Let yourself absorb into yourself as much as you can.  This energy will be in direct relationship to the first three aspects of this meditation.

Chunky Cement:  Since you have now broken away the old foundation with your hammer, it really is important to start laying down a new, solid foundation in which to build upon.  Each time you do this full meditation exercise, you will be given more and more chunks of cement as your new, solid base of life!

Sand: When she talked about the box contain sand, and if you hold it in your hand loosely, you can hold more than if you tried to hold it tightly and it squishes out your fingers.  The sand, having just written about sand, represents your soul family, your soul gifts, all the bits and pieces that are YOU.  It is time to bring your entire beach head Home to You!

Skipping Stones:  Each element you fully integrate, set into place, is going to create a rippling out affect, bringing to you more of your soul family, soul energy.  Feel yourself being the skipping stone as you skim across the water of your emotional field… sending out waves of your next great adventure for those who will be a part of it as well.

Comforter/Quilt: Liquid warm ran thru me when she mentioned that out of this box came a comforter.  It brought me back to the very first time Sananda showed up in my meditation.  He didn’t call himself Sananda at all, instead he said he was “Your Comforter.”  And now, realizing that was always me… my own christed energy come to comfort me, keep me safe thru my own shattering of reality and stepping into the new… this is YOUR Comforter, your pure Christed Energy becoming one with you.  We can even look at it as a patch work quilt, more keys you turn leads to more patches coming together on the quilt of your new, incredible life!!

Rose:  This just says it all.  The fulfillment of this entire meditation journey.  The Rose, in my world, is the pure essence of Love.  We are after all, in the Galaxy of the Heart, where Love is Pure, expressive, creative and the All.  Plant each rose deep inside of you.

You can look at this whole, incredible meditation exercise as the full on gateway of what is available to us and learning how to Be there is crucial!!

Enjoy your journey!!  And thank you soooo much Ali for this wonderful gift to All!!


Lisa Gawlas and Ali / link to original article


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