Lucas – Have, Take And Give – Awakening And Growing Into The New Paradigm – 24 February 2013

heartinsandThis blog for me is also about living the 5D for real.  It is for me about giving my time and dedication to bring the news about the world-changing and you seeing what is happening and maybe chosing to find your answers within.  People should see that some things even when brought freely to you have need for support also. It is for me somewhat embarrassing to see still cohorts of people using others efforts and work,  and sucking others energy for their own personal gain. Those people still have not thought about the reason there is so much lack in this world and people having problems to get their bills paid as they still choose to be in the ME or Ego paradigm. I addressed this already multiple times still the response by those that gain from taking is what the heck I do not care. It is the lack of that deeper insight that shows 5D or the new paradigm is still not understood by so many.

In the old paradigm the unawakened are still living in the perception of being within the matrix controlled and ruled by those that want to make sure they are playing their game of deceit and belief and this is done from birth till death, from upbringing and kindergarten till university via education, the social structures and rules, the belief systems, the financial system and the psychological and pharmaceutical system, etc, all is in place to control. You are told to be nothing, not worthy, and just a slave to work. You are having in any case always some sort of lack or see lack in in-equality and by not distributing the abundance we have on this planet the just way. The real abundance is only for the few and those that help others to be controlled or to be deceived, manipulated, ripped of to keep the system running perfect.  So a notice of really sharing all with all is never come to mind as the mind is controlled deeply.

weiner_brassstencils_800_The next big wave of now awakening humans are in need of  all the information they can get after somehow being triggered by the notice that there is something wrong with the world. Things do not add up anymore.  It is that what makes them frantically seek for news but also get them in activist mode. Wanting change is what they want and some want to change the system even with violence. Those people need information but also care and a listening ear and showing them the way to find to their hearts. The world is indeed never been what it seems to be. The bad old world is just a perception and a big game played.  It was about take take and have have. Giving was conditional and all was conditional. You had to to get to or one hand washes the other.  The balance was disturbed and in favour of the old paradigm.

The value of your new paradigm lies in the inner heart connection to source  and all that is. The Oneness of being one with all through your perception and energetic upgrade towards your authentic self lightbeing structure. Be who you are in that new environment that is called 5D from the perspective of unconditional love, via equality, via sharing, via having open source creation, etc. All creation is without attachments and limits other than the above principles that make things work on a higher level of understanding of vibrational frequency.

So in learning to be, you have to recognize you have freedom to be you but also need to respect all other creations and BEings being. That means you’re not putting fences up or have boundaries to what you create for others in any way.  You also do not say to have the only possible truth or have the only way to do, be or have, get something.  We need to realise that the only boundary is created by the conditions of unconditional love for all. Where the love becomes reigning over or ruling over like:  gurus, masters, teachers, priests, etc, it is not 5D anymore. But unconditional is not a hollow word.  It is their to get aware love is running through and in all and is shared by all as we are One.

See that giving is a form of putting back and contributing to that what you take from the whole. This implies is not only talking about money but about love the strongest value or exchange of vibrational frequency or for some energy there is.  So know if you do not give or are sharing in equality you will feel that things will get difficult also for you at a certain point. There can not be room in 5D anymore for structures of greed, personal gain, or capitalism, belief structures, etc.  Those will not survive as the new paradigm will not allow it to BE.

You have to really get sharing and contributing in equality. It is not all about money as money is just a vibration frequency also. There are lots of ways to share and contribute to what others give you.  That can also just be by sharing  love (as you may have lack in something in this moment of your perception of time maybe).  Just remember to be really helping others, be really sharing, to be co-creating this new paradigm together. We can make a new paradigm together as a new heaven upon earth. We are changing and the world is. Take up your own responsibility and get working with all those out there already doing the work in so many ways and forms to make this new paradigm come about.

Remember all spiritual lightworkers, wayshowers, spiritual bloggers, new paradigm idea developers, and all those BEings that are contributing already in a way towards the new.  Thanks you all.  A lot of them could use your help and support in this transitional time, and yes that is still in lots of cases with money. When do you really stop arguing with people and attack them for having just also needs to keep going. Just ask yourself if you already have contributed your share. Or did you help and make and effort yourself. Or did you only take and take and even made money on the efforts of others. When do you stop commenting on everything and look in the mirror and ask yourself what did you do and what is wrong with having an other view?  Maybe by now you could give something back for real.  There are as said many ways to contribute and share. So get going.

It is senseless for us to go into answering the unawakened ones attacks, or their comments.  Their ignorance can  only be met with silence and loving thoughts or a loving word.  The awakening is only that what you can do yourself. We only can support and help you on your way. Come out of the blaming and accusing everything and anyone game but yourself, and stop seeing only polarities.  See what it is your heart tells you. As all the answers are found inside.  We are now playing in an open source playing field where all can be in oneness and still BE. Create or c0-create from resonating vibrational frequencies. If  the growth, or expansion 0r the flow in the resonating field is gone or finished, you disconnect without any (emotional) disharmony.  5D is the constant change and growth, the flow and expansion in 5D and if that ceases to exist it is just disconnect and go on playing alone or with others in the open source field.

Remember to play in the 5D for real. Do not put your old paradigm still in new jacket. It will not survive even with disguise or deception. Things are fast exposed for what they are.  You will have blockages in your own growth towards the new  by not chosing the right way.  I see lots of choices pass the scene. It is up to you to see what is you have to let go of and what is in line with the new paradigm. If you have relationships, work or other issues that block you in becoming free not only from the system but also from mostly fears than please do. Fears are deeply hidden and come about just to show you to address it and let go. There is no need for fear if you have found the love in your opened and activated heart.  Come out of your routines, patterns, habits and old ways.  The box will reveal there is no box if you perceive things different.

Just look around you and see what all is about in the news and especially the alternative media.  Do not dig to deep and get lost in details but see the bigger picture.  You will see and learn yourself to connect the dots. Do not worry about it too much,  it will be for those just awakening an interesting ride in a short time space. It all is still just a ride you have to make to come to your destination.  Enjoy the journey. Just know all is well even if it seems not at the moment. Just live in the now. It is the only way to be present and BE.  All that is not 5D or in line with the new paradigm will not be supported anymore and or crumble till nothing is left, if no change is made.  There is enough about to BE and DO.

Love and Light,



Do not let me remember you every time to give support or donate towards those helping you and bringing out the message for you to awaken and learn for free, so you can make up your own truth and choices.  It is not only about appreciation, but keeping a balance in giving and taking.  Look at those blogs and websites you frequently visit and see if you can support or help them weekly, monthly or occasionally and please do only if you can.

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