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Lisa Gawlas – Dancing In The Rains Of Shambhala – 24 February 2013

girl-in-rainThere is so much I want to share and yet, at the same time, so much feels incomplete in the ability to share.  We are still moving thru the energy of the black hole, well, at least as of yesterdays field of readings.  Some are still reading themselves to move into that black hole energy.  Like my lovely lady said… its a matter of moving to the right zip code!!    Nothing before its time and place on the field of life. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – A Meditation To Orient Yourself Into The Galaxy Of Your Heart – 24 February 2013

rainbow-serpantI am sorry I didn’t get this meditation out yesterday like I said I would, I completely forgot in order to do that, I needed internet juice so i could listen to the recording from our reading.  I had zero internet juice yesterday for the better part of the day.  I so forgot it is the weekend!

I am going to start out by giving you all the elements of this meditation, and please don’t think you need to do it all in one sitting.  Keep going back until each series of symbolisms are done.  Then do it again…. Continue reading

Christina – Coming Of Age – Our Unity Soul Human And Divine – 24 February 2013

A new archetypal human is being birthed.

Spiritual maturity has no precursor, age is not a factor, soul progression is. The soul’s journey unwinds and travels along a vast continuum, marked by a progression of events, carrying us towards both our descent and ascent. Our maturity arises out of the ashes of our self-imposed cremation. Out of the cosmic white fire, we emerge as a new incarnation. Continue reading

Bayou Corn Salt Dome Update – 24 February 2013

Uploaded on 19 February 2013 by BPEarthWatch This will be worse than the Gulf Oil Spill. http://www.enenews.com

Lucas – Have, Take And Give – Awakening And Growing Into The New Paradigm – 24 February 2013

heartinsandThis blog for me is also about living the 5D for real.  It is for me about giving my time and dedication to bring the news about the world-changing and you seeing what is happening and maybe chosing to find your answers within.  People should see that some things even when brought freely to you have need for support also. It is for me somewhat embarrassing to see still cohorts of people using others efforts and work,  and sucking others energy for their own personal gain. Those people still have not thought about the reason there is so much lack in this world and people having problems to get their bills paid as they still choose to be in the ME or Ego paradigm. I addressed this already multiple times still the response by those that gain from taking is what the heck I do not care. It is the lack of that deeper insight that shows 5D or the new paradigm is still not understood by so many. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – Australian Cyclone, Major Earthquake Uptick Watch [Feb25-March7] – 24 February 2013

Uploaded on 24 February 2013 by Suspicious0bservers Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Is A Cry For Justice Ego Related? – 24 February 2013

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