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Bayou Corn Salt Dome Update – 24 February 2013

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Lucas – Have, Take And Give – Awakening And Growing Into The New Paradigm – 24 February 2013

heartinsandThis blog for me is also about living the 5D for real.  It is for me about giving my time and dedication to bring the news about the world-changing and you seeing what is happening and maybe chosing to find your answers within.  People should see that some things even when brought freely to you have need for support also. It is for me somewhat embarrassing to see still cohorts of people using others efforts and work,  and sucking others energy for their own personal gain. Those people still have not thought about the reason there is so much lack in this world and people having problems to get their bills paid as they still choose to be in the ME or Ego paradigm. I addressed this already multiple times still the response by those that gain from taking is what the heck I do not care. It is the lack of that deeper insight that shows 5D or the new paradigm is still not understood by so many. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – Australian Cyclone, Major Earthquake Uptick Watch [Feb25-March7] – 24 February 2013

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Ron Van Dyke – Is A Cry For Justice Ego Related? – 24 February 2013

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Bella Capozzi – Archangel Indriel – “When Your Heart Takes Flight.” – 24 February 2013

13760_10151394974836667_730286878_nI wanted to share this short-but-pretty message from Indriel, which I received yesterday during a reading.  It seems very applicable to what many of us are experiencing.  I hope you all find it as uplifting as I do!


“You are a wanderer, dear Human.  You go this way and that, forwards and backwards, never knowing that with every step you take you come that much closer to the very thing which you are seeking.  And what is this thing, you wonder?  This exalted state of being?  You claim to not be altogether sure.  But I ask you to think on it.  Think clearly and without the Ego’s interference and it’s tiresome obsession with everyday trivialities.  Ask it, “Step aside, please”, and thus it shall do so, and with grace.  You know  quite well what you want.  You know you seek your purpose, your mission and the answer to life’s most profound and elusive questions of who am I, why am I here, and from whence did I come? Continue reading

WakingTimes – Anna Hunt – Front Yard Food Gardens – Defying Conformity And Challenging Authority – 24 February 2013

With urban farming becoming more popular and more common, people are starting to consider their front and back yards as a potential space for growing healthy, organic produce. Yet, front yards may actually be off limits if you’re thinking of starting a food garden. Various city ordinances and, in some neighborhoods, your Home Owner’s Association (HOA) may threaten you with a misdemeanor and hefty fines if you incorporate unusual, tall or non-decorate plants into your front yard.

Is this a benign effort to protect property values and to conform to a certain standard, or is this a sign of a larger conspiracy by mega-food companies to protect their market strong-hold by exerting influence over local government?

Edible Landscaping

Growing plants that produce food in tandem with plants that support the ecosystem and attract native bugs and pollinating bees, is an effective method of creating an edible landscape, and an important part of bringing about an equitable food system. Vegetables and flowers mixed together in geometrically-positioned raised beds, planters and containers, or in-ground lots can make for a very productive and attractive front yard garden.

In the following short interview, Ian Lindsay, a professor at Purdue University, offers some helpful hints about front yard food gardening and discusses some of the political issues that have led him to take control over what food his family eats.

Big-Food Conspiracy

Is growing a vegetable garden in your front yard really such a horrible act that we must punish people for doing so? It seems like a ridiculous question, but there are, agencies, enforcement officers and authorities that are willing to do just that.

  • In 2011, Julie Bass of Oak Park, Michigan was charged with a misdemeanor and threatened with jail time for planting a vegetable garden in her front yard
  • In British Columbia, Dirk Becker was threatened with six months in jail for converting an acre of his 2.5-acre lot into an organic farm. What’s even more unsettling about the charges in this case is that the lot was literally stripped bare down to a gravel pit before this. The owner spent over a decade healing the land and converting it into a self-contained ecosystem that is now home to thriving vegetable crops, fruit trees, bees, butterflies, birds, frogs, dragonflies and more. But because the area is zoned a “residential” lot, the local government is calling on him to “cease all agricultural activity” or pay the consequences.
  • Earlier this year, city inspectors bulldozed more than 100 types of plants, including garlic chives, strawberry and apple mint, being grown by Denise Morrison in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The inspectors said her plants were too tall, but city code allows for plants over 12 inches if they’re meant for human consumption, which hers were. Morrison is now suing the city for violating her civil rights.1
  • Steve Miller was fined $5,200 for growing vegetables in his Clarkston, Georgia backyard, which he not only consumed but also sold at farmers markets and shared with friends.2

Dr. Mercola

  • The Orlando Planning Board voted to recommend that the City Council adopt an ordinance that would force the Helvenstons to uproot approximately 50 percent of their popular city vegetable garden, effectively eliminating a significant portion of their food supply.

Mother Earth News

If politician’s are susceptible to corruption at the national level, could it be that local city ordinances criminalizing food gardens are a way for the food industry giants to manipulate the food supply chain, ensuring more customers at the grocery store? Even with such speculation aside, it is no secret that industrial food production and retail chains are represented by powerful and wealthy lobbies. Our access to food is being monopolized, the quality of our food is being sabotaged, our options are shrinking, and time is running out. If city governments are willing to prosecute people for opting out of a polluted food system, then it reasons that they are at least unwittingly serving the interests of food corporations.

Supporting Food, Not Conformity

Planting a front yard food garden, or any type of home garden, even if it starts with only a few pots and planters of tomatoes and herbs, is a great way to take control over what food you are eating. Growing food makes sense because our conventional supply chain is becoming more unreliable and offers decreasing options for affordable nutritious food.

When living amidst manicured green lawns, a food garden will stand out and might upset some people. Yet, it is perfectly reasonable to exercise the simple right to grow food, especially on your own property. So don’t be afraid of city ordinances and HOA bullies. Instead, embrace your rights and take control over your life, health and liberty.

The Helvenstons, from Orlando, Florida, are a great example. When threatened by the City to remove their edible front yard food garden, this young couple, with the aid of a supportive community and world-wide support, fought city hall, and won! PatriotGardens.Blogspot.com

Getting Started

It is easy to think that growing your own food is difficult, but the hardest part is the first plant. Once you realize what a joy it is to re-connect with your food, and just how easy and fun gardening is, you’ll thank yourself. Spring is right around the corner, so find a sunny space, purchase some starter plants, and get started.

There are numerous resources that offer information about home food cultivation; some are provided below. Perhaps you’ll be faced with some interesting battles with your local government authorities, but you might also start a trend that transforms your home town into an edible town. And you’ll also be doing your duty to ensure that future generations are able to exercise the basic right to grow nutritious food.

Home Gardening Resources:

Organic Gardening 101

The Backyard Homestead: Produce all the food you need on just a quarter acre!

Four-Season Harvest: Organic Vegetables from Your Home Garden All Year Long

Getting Started In Permaculture: 50 Practical Projects to Build and Design Productive Gardens

About the Author

Anna Hunt is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com and an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in research and editorial writing. She and her husband run a preparedness e-store outlet at www.offgridoutpost.com, offering GMO-free storable food and emergency kits. Anna is also a certified Hatha yoga instructor at Atenas Yoga. She enjoys raising her children and being a voice for optimal human health and wellness. Read more of her excellent articles here.







This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact. www.wakingtimes.com / link to original article

Judith Dagley – One More Time And The Time Is NOW – 24 February 2013

judithdagleyEverything is made of energy. I know, those of you who are at all familiar with my “work” have heard me say that a whole lot of times already. Not only that, but this entire website is based on the well established, scientifically proven fact that everything is energy, including us! Being made of energy, we are beings of frequency. No news there, right? So why am I writing another post just to repeat this old news again? Continue reading

Sophia Love – Ownership? – 24 February 2013

4970511It is our third day and we are in it now.  As we navigate the journey we notice obstacles.  There are many ways to get there, all leading home.  How will we know when we arrive?  I once heard Barry Neil Kaufman (The Option Institute, author of “Son Rise”) describe what it was like to be in a love relationship that was both intimate and equal.  He said (and I paraphrase) “Being with Samahria is like being alone.  I never worry about what I am saying or not saying, doing or not doing.  I just Am.”

I’ve thought about that ever since, it seemed such an odd response.  He didn’t say “She completes me” or “She’s the best thing that ever happened to me”.  He didn’t put her in any place above or below himself.  In fact, he seemed to be saying it didn’t matter if she was in the room or not. Yet if you saw them together, you would recognize a deep and mutual love. Continue reading

American Kabuki – In The Money : OPPT Makes Plea To The Swedish Government – 24 February 2013

TOPPT-LOGO-BLOG2(Lucas : As I already have posted the open letter to the prime minister of Sweden I will not post the whole story here again, but the Guardian Express is reporting also ongoing on the OPPT.

Here are the links to the stories at American Kabuki: Continue reading

John Ward – Papal Resignation – Is The Pope Gambling That A Younger Man Can Win Back The Church’s Soul? – Doubts Grow About Motives For ‘Retiring’ As Italian And Greek Sources Offer Further Clues – 24 February 2013

ben16Smoke gets in your eyes?

If I recall correctly, it was some time in May last year that a reliable and generous media tipster for The Slog, now largely retired, told me to start looking more closely at financial corruption within the Vatican, and the emergence of a powerful clique using the Papacy’s assumed innocence as a front for its activities. I did note what he said, and I did use a Roman contact to fill me in on anything of relevance. But as so often happens in a world where the unexpected has become commonplace (and invention almost ubiquitous) I moved onto urgent stories and ignored the importance of that one. Big mistake. Continue reading