Sophia Love – Masks Off!! – 24 February 2013

MasksOffMidpoint now, we are faced with a decision.  We can stop here and go back to our game of pretend, or we can forge ahead with authority to embrace the truth.  Agape is but a decision away.

What will it take for you to love absolutely?  Radical honesty.  What is stopping you is fear of loss.  What is at stake now is illusory.  In truth, you do not own/control the “other”.  You are playing together and they come to you freely.  They stay by choice; theirs, not yours.  This is true of people, money and material things.  There is not fear without rules.  There is an exhilarating sense of self. Love comes when it is allowed, not forced.  Love emerges when control falls away.

If we proceed now, we’ll do so with blinders and masks off.  To those still playing the game, this may look reckless, weird, disturbing or even wrong.  It’s okay, they are looking at shadows, mirror images and costumes – not you.  They still believe the game is real.

Do you?  In this Quest we are searching for unconditional self Love.  Trust is necessary.  Self Acceptance.  Allowing.  BEing.  Transparency. Truth.

What stops you in your tracks?  Do you realize who you are?  You are the physical embodiment of love.  You are meant to run free.  The whole world awaits your expansion and expression.  You are not meant to be contained.  Contrary to everything you’ve been told, you will remain and steadfastly love without a ring, contract, law or official to hold you firmly in place.

Love is what you do.  Free is what you are.  Go ahead.  Try it.  Let go of something you’ve held onto because you’ve been afraid.  Watch what happens without the props.  You’ll discover you were there all along.  Perfect.

Capable, authentic, brilliant and bursting with talent – there you are.  You were built from Love and are here to Love.  You do not need anything but you.

It is you that you’ve been waiting for.

See you tomorrow.


I leave you with this, from my son, “…the secret of seeing beyond himself…”. Enjoy.

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