Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – From Where Does Judgement Come? – 25 February 2013

gods20handGod said:

When you feel negativity in your heart in the presence of someone or in the presence of a thought of someone, know that negativity you feel comes from your mind. Your mind has judged and drawn a conclusion.

When you feel negativity toward someone, your mind has established that the person is not the way you think he should be. You have judged him wanting, and you close your heart down.

When you feel positivity toward someone, your mind sees that person as being what you think he ought to be. Therefore, your mind thinks highly of him and signals you to like him.

When your heart takes signals from your mind, pro, your heart warms up to the person or, con, your heart distances itself.

What it comes down to is that you feel good about yourself when you think of someone you like. And when you think of someone you don’t like so much, you don’t feel quite so good about yourself. You blame the other person. In order to feel better, you look down on the person who doesn’t come up to snuff, and, therefore, for a little while, you raise yourself in your own estimation. You tip the scale in your favor. You like yourself a bit more. You feel better about yourself, and life seems better.

This is what is meant by conditional love. It depends upon something. It depends upon how another appears to you. According to the state he appears to be in, you apply a status to him, and you put a stamp on him: “Excellent. So-so. Doesn’t pass. Not to my standards.” And so you sink your heart or you lift your heart. You, who know better than to judge, judge right and left. Judgment does not feel good, beloveds, not to you, the judger, nor to the judged.

How you feel about yourself pretty much determines your stance toward another. One who judges lacks good judgment.

Unconditional love is a term bandied about, as if you can instruct yourself to love without making requirements. Awareness of love isn’t an Act of Will. Yet judgment is.

The real question is how to get away from judgment. The real question is how to get away from ego. Without ego, what would be the necessity for judging anyone up or down?

And, so, the real question to ask yourself is: How can I love myself at all times? How can I be less influenced by the conditioning of my own mind?

When the Great Spiritual Ones met someone, they met the person in freedom from past impressions. They did not condemn nor did they extol. The Great Ones did not appraise. They met with their heart of understanding intact. Their minds did not say: “This person is great. That last one was not.”

Their minds went more along the line of: “How can I best serve God through this person?” Of course, they did not really think this for this was natural to them. They didn’t have to think anything.

The Great Ones served God on all occasions. The question never arose in their minds: “What is this person worth?”

No, their question, if We can call it a question, was: “How do I bless this person in God’s Name?”

Look, they simply blessed. This is what they did. And what they did, so can you. With a full heart of love toward yourself, you will bless all who come before you. Know that all who have come before you, have come to receive your blessing. Give it. / link to original article


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