Spiritual Economics Now – The Golden Rule : Enough Is Enough – 25 February 2013

SpiritualEconomiscNowForty years ago, there was a TV show called, “Marcus Welby, MD”.  The star of the show was Robert Young who later lamented that he receives letters from people who ask him medical questions and he is obliged to write back, “I’m sorry I cannot help you. I am NOT a doctor; I am an actor playing the ROLE of a doctor.”

Mailing anything other than “NO!” to any employee of any corrupt, fraudulent, foreign, illegal corporation, masquerading as “government”, is tantamount to writing to Dr. Welby. They operate in fiction; their paper is fiction; their ‘laws’ are fiction; their jobs are fiction and, likely, their lives are fiction.  Robert Young would ask us, “Why write to a fictional character for a real life answer?” We can’t possibly get one.

Over the past decade or two, we have learned valuable information about how the commerce game is played. We would never know how to deal with tyrants if we had not learned and implemented what does NOT work. So, let’s review inaccurate beliefs.

1.  that anyone or anything outside ourselves has any authority over us. “Authorities” have done a great job of trying to convince us that we must be subservient to some  entity outside ourselves. This is a huge lie to overcome because we have believed it from our helpless, dependent infancy. But, we have come of age, now, so, “To thine OWN self be TRUE”, NOT to anyone or anything else before ourselves. We are our own authority; there is NO AUTHORITY.  In MY universe, MY word is law.

2.  that a “government” exists. Our second biggest hurdle to overcome is the belief that there is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  It does NOT exist and has NOT existed over the entire duration of our lifetime, if EVER!  We must put this notion out of our heads, now and forever. THERE IS NO GOVERNMENT. The Gov. Gen. of Canada even ADMITS the “government” is de facto, meaning: in position, in fact, but by force and fraud and, thus, unlawful.  A de jure government is lawful but it is not in office. Corporate minions are personating public officials, in violation of their ‘law’. The notion that any corporation –even those named “US Government” or “Government of Canada”– can EVER give us anything which WE haven’t already given to IT is absurd. WE produce it ALL. It is ALL ours.  The land is OURS, yet it has been handed over to the banks, as collateral, by those who masquerade as “public servants.”

The biggest error that all pundits and talking heads make is their continual reference to a private, foreign, fraudulent, belligerent bank as “the Government”.  We might recover, if we can give up the belief that there is or ever has been a ‘government’.

3.  that the fictional concept of “law” has any clout. There is NO “law”!  The instant we make use of, or so much as just quote their codes, statutes, acts, case law, etc., we lose our status and become one of them. All ‘courts’ are fraudulent, and all “law” is fiction and applies only to fictional entities, not to live men and women.

4.  that we can EVER possibly know what is really going on. It is ALL propaganda. When we hear or read either “good news” or “bad news”, we must suspect, “Someone wants me to believe something; my believing it supports his agenda, so what might that agenda be?”

A Crown Prosecutor (“CP”) revealed that they are powerless to do anything about the dire situation which not only we but also, thankfully, they suffer. The suggestion is that we sue the judges, bankers, et al, for TREASON.  Any “public servant” who is savvy enough to know what is really going on, ought to quit his job, yesterday.  Since the Governor General of Canada has ADMITTED that the ‘government’ is de facto, we are not required to give them the time of day, so, for us to pay any attention, whatsoever, to these vicious, loathsome people who will not find honest work, is to grant them our power. By writing to them, by explaining the ‘law’ to them, by acquiescing in any way to their demands, is only giving them the power they require to destroy us. Every flicker of ‘power’, which they believe they have, must and does come from us, via our compliance, our signatures, and our fear.  This has been a case of ‘give them an inch and they’ll take a mile’. How best to deal with a bully?  Face him and say, “NO!”

Civil disobedience means saying, “Not only NO but also HELL NO!” More important is non-compliance. This means that we do NOT do what they want us to do: get a driver licence, hand over ‘ID’, file tax forms, go to court, open mail that is addressed to fictions, etc. Once we have written, “NO!” to them, we can return subsequent mail, ‘RTS’ or ‘Returned for Fraud’, without opening it, whether it be from IRS/CRA, the courts, etc., and they will be inundated with post. We must do whatever it takes to put them out of commission. When a cop (corporate security guard) stops us, we ask, “What’s the breach of the peace?  Give me a certified copy of both your and your boss’s public hazard bonds and risk management company. If you delay me more than one minute, it will cost you. Here’s my fee schedule and I’ll need to see “gov’t-issued ID” plus your driver licence.”  Note home addresses so they know that, by treating us so dishonorably, THEY are endangering their children. I told a Can. Rev. agent to quit his job. He said, “I have children to support”. I replied, “Your children will have way more respect for you if you are doing honourable work, rather than destroying the lives of your fellow man. What would your children think if they knew what you are doing?”

We must rebel and revolt. Remember Peter Finch in the movie, Network ?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_qgVn-Op7Q “I’m mad as HELL and I’m not going to take it anymore!”  They are supposed to be working for us, not vice versa. We don’t take orders from servants. We have had enough of their bogus threats and, in the states and the provinces, we rank in the millions.

It seems that the ‘love frequency’ didn’t work. Nor did “peace on earth, good will towards men.” Being decent and honourable towards them didn’t work. We are dealing with bullies and to think that someday we will write the perfect Notice, Declaration, Contract, Claim of Right, Affidavit, Trust,  whatever, is just nonsense. Remember with whom you’re dealing. The story of the woman and the snake is analogous to our dealings with the bullies. The snake begged the woman to take him in from the cold, appealing to her good nature. After she complied, he bit her. She was stunned and demanded, ‘Why?, after I have been so kind to you!” He said, “You knew darn well I was a snake before you took me in.”  We are co-operative, polite, and compliant for these tyrants, which they pretend will put us in good stead with them, but it is our good nature which dooms us. They are snakes!  That is their nature and for us to expect anything better from them is idiocy. Do not be conned by a “good cop”.

We’ve tried to be pleasant; we know their law but they don’t. I contend that if you’re being accused of having an affair, then you might as well be having one. Similarly, if we’re being accused of being terrorists, we might as well be terrorizing them.  We’re not robo-cops with guns; they are. We don’t wear bullet-proof vests; they do. We don’t  travel with “back-up”; they do.  Who are the real terrorists?

The more I hear about the Bible, the more I realize that so much of it is LORD God’s propaganda. “The meek shall inherit the Earth” and “Turn the other cheek”, etc. are meant to convince us that we ought not to come after them for their crimes. Their best trick was the concept of “forgiveness” –designed so that we wouldn’t be so hard on them, once we caught onto their fraud. In the KJV version of the Bible, the “Jesus” character says, “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” How convenient for the tyrants! The original Bible was written in Aramaic and reveals that “Jesus” actually said, “Forgive them NOT, for they KNOW what they do.”  We must NOT forgive evil people; we must destroy them, just as they are intending to destroy us. Remember the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Based upon how they treat us, I guess they want us to steal their children and their assets. I am grateful to Kevin Annett who has, apparently, filed commercial liens against the evil Pope and the Vatican assets. About bloody time the devil was put out of commission!

But the minions ARE in fear. They KNOW that their progeny is in danger; they KNOW that, after their work, they are dispensable. Nuremberg Principal IV states that those who claimed, “I was just doing my job/I was only following orders” were also hanged.

There has NEVER been any ‘paper’, EVER, which, when filed, has freed us. The only thing that “paper” has ever done is fuel the fire of the tyrants, since ‘paper’ only further acknowledges them. The only “papers” to be filed are their “walking papers”, as they ALL ought to be fired!  Write: “YOU stole OUR credit, via OUR bonds, so YOU owe US. YOU are frauds. WE don’t owe anyone.” If collection agents are bothering you, send them Peter’s package:   https://privatis.me/    He really lets them have it.

The only way out of their crap is to say “NO!” Remember, there are vastly more of us or, at least, there would be, if the snoozers would grow a vagina and join us. Yes, it is going to take the “feminine” aspect of us to defeat them. It is mothers, not fathers, of all species, who defend their homes and their young.

Individuals must stop trying to find the perfect solution; we must join forces. Can we all have just one website, where we agree on the basic premise of “NO!”?  On one page, only, let them know that we are live human beings, not dead fictions; their laws do not apply to us, as we waive our right to be recognized as ‘persons’; we do not recognize them, as they are a de facto, fraudulent, foreign corporation with no rights, whatsoever, to be on our land or in our lives.  Let’s show up and order them out of OUR public buildings, just as in Iceland. We can no longer remain separate amongst ourselves.  United we stand; divided we fall.

The list of what has NOT worked, because it was initiated by THEM, is endless:

Paper Processes: EFT, AFV, EDP, RAP, BEA, CP, UCC/PPSA, DP, OPPT, IBHR, Notices, Private/Public, Honour/Dishonour, Declarations, Affidavits, Appropriation, Trusts, etc. Few of us have the time and the inclination to learn all this. Those who slave-labour for the tyrants don’t have the time and anyone with a hobby has not the inclination. The CP said, “Every day we get a memo about a change” (changes to block our wins). “We cannot deal with it all.”  Aw, poor kids; they ought to quit their jobs!

Why would anyone, in their, now, precarious positions, not quit?!  Ah, the almighty buck! The CP admits they need the cash as they KNOW they will not see their pensions but, like addicts, they can NOT quit!  They all KNOW they are frauds and only good actors.  I used to date an FBI agent who told me, “All attorneys are just frustrated actors!” (Yes, he was also an attorney ……. and a rather good actor, as it turned out.)

Think of all the Patriot/Sovereignty/Freedom Gurus we’ve listened to, over the years. So far, no one has come up with a win. Why?  No matter what we do, even when it is both lawful and accurate, the minions simply will not allow us to prevail (“a flaw in the Bob Loblaw law”).  Think of all we have studied:  Trust, Contract, Admiralty, Equity, Procedural, Maritime, Federal, State, Provincial, Municipal, Statutory, International, Codes, Regulations, Rules, Treaties, Policies, Legislations, Acts, Bills, Constitutions, Charters.  NONE of it has anything to do with us. What a waste of time and cash!

To any and all whose intent it is to interfere in our private affairs: “Until you provide proof that your codes, statutes, acts, etc. even exist, (e.g.: the ITA –Canada’s Income Tax Act– does NOT exist. There IS a document proving this and, if I had it in MY possession, I would send it out en masse. Employers be warned: if you take tax from paycheques, be prepared to be sued, personally, for Breach of Contract), let alone are actual “law”, and not just  ’colour-of-law’:  conduct based upon the apparent authority of law but, in reality, is a violation of law”, and proof that they apply to people, and not just to “persons” (titled dead entities/legal fictions/corporations/trusts) who work for an institution which is NOT ‘government’, and proof that any man has authority over another, when we know we are all created equal, then you have no standing in ‘law’, no jurisdiction, and, most significant, no authority over me.”  The CP also revealed that judges laugh at the hypocrisy of our griping that the tyrants are “all about the money”, whilst “freedom gurus” charge their fellows for worthless “solutions” to the tyranny.

I have gathered over a dozen stories on how we have won, simply by saying “NO!”  They are varied and clever. I ask that, once you begin to say “NO!” to the tyrants’ minions, you email me:  lovelaughlearn22@gmail.com and tell me of your successes and I shall post them, for the encouragement of others.


1.  if you are asked if you are a “freeman”, ask what it means, then accuse them of profiling and discrimination, both of which are against their law.

2. when you see someone stopped by cops (security guards), stop behind the cop car and ask him if you can assist; what’s going on?; who are you?; what’s the breach of the peace?; let’s see your DL.  Yes, he will tell you to leave, but, a) We do not have to do as we are told by programmed drones; and, b)  if there are enough of us, they’ll soon learn that theirs is a dangerous occupation. United we stand; divided we fall. No more standing around whilst one of ours gets abused.

3.  We must let them know:  “I do not recognize you; you work for a corporation not unlike Sears and no Sears employee tells me what to do; I am NOT an employee of your corporation so your manual does not apply to me; there is NO de jure government and, thus, no government agents, no matter for what alphabet agency you pretend to work; you are de facto and the people want you OUT; you are frauds and thieves; you are on MY land so you are here illegally; get off my land and out of my life!  You’re a public servant, right?  Great!  You work for me, then. You’re fired!

If the American people ever find out what we have done, they’ll chase us down the streets and lynch us. –G.H.W. Bush    Well, it’s time to start chasing.

We wouldn’t have any of this trouble if we were dealing with honourable, elected-by-the-people, true representatives, but we’re not. We’re dealing with dishonorable, stupid, unlawful, brain-washed, corrupt, tyrannical, fraudulent, vicious, dishonest, abusive, angry, compartmentalized, unloved, masochistic, boring, evil, entities.

The best reason to have a gun is so the cops WONDER if we have a gun. The tyrants are about to reap what they have sown, when they least expect it. We mind our own business; they are the ones who interfere in our private affairs, so, when they do, we ask, “Do you know who I am?  One phone call…. Say sayonara to your family. What’ll it be?”  They won’t know who is serious and who is not. Our job, now, is to put them out of commission, one way or another. If not we, who?  If not now, when?

Individuals must stop trying to find the perfect solution; we must join forces. Can we all have just one website, where we agree on the basic premise of “NO!”?  On one page, only, let them know that we are live human beings, not dead fictions; their laws do not apply to us, as we waive our right to be recognized as ‘persons’; we do not recognize them, as they are a de facto, fraudulent, foreign corporation with no rights, whatsoever, to be on our land or in our lives.  Let’s show up and order them out of OUR public buildings, just as in Iceland. How about a class-action lawsuit against them, in their personal capacity, in a Common Law Court?  We can no longer remain separate amongst ourselves.  United we stand; divided we fall.

Since we already have several wins under our belts, our mission will get exponentially easier, as more of us take them on, by simply saying, “NO!” I wonder if the controllers of the planet have taken on the thankless task of forcing us to stand up for ourselves, by hiring thugs for us to smite and defy, for when we do, at a certain point, when enough of us have experienced the elation of beating the bully, we will “remember who we are”.  OMG!  I really AM God!

Away you go. Be polite. Report back to me when you have, in whatever form you choose, defeated those who would, if left unchallenged, force us to be just like them.

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