TheOne-DreamDreamer – So We’Ve Been Invaded By Some “Outside” Forces… – 25 February 2013

jjIt was “them” that came here to invade our eden.

And of course God knew nothing about it! The One Universal Consciousness of all that is, got surprised. Got a “oh shit!” moment.

it was “them” responsible for the fall. So evil that God could do nothing but sit there and watch as It was taken down into oblivion of it Self.

And it is “them” humanity is now focusing to fight against, probably there’s a lack of wars on earth to focus on. As of course governments and banksters are all part of “that” specie. They’re not humans, it’s “them”. It’s all because of something “out there” we fight. We… we have nothing to do with it. “That” came and got us.

“They” put fluoride in our waters to prevent us from remembering. So why did things happen before the fluoride was introduced? As One consciousness where many fight agains them selves, what better way than to give “them” the task to prevent us to remember. So if we forget… it’s “their” fault. Once again “we” come out clear and as poor guys to save.

It has nothing to do with out there. In truth there is no such thing as out there. There’s only IN here. Creation happens inside. How can it be believed that we’re One, part of the same IS as God, and believe All that is IS part of the same IS as God, and still believe there’s something that is not God or not all that IS?

One has to pretty much go Inside and choose what to believe in, and then follow it until one gets to Know. Following two masters is not possible as you miss the Knowing. Following the outside world AND trying to follow your inner Master is a pretty sure way of getting confused. Too easy to project what’s not in tune onto the outside and then claim it as not part of you; hold the “nice parts” as parts of the Self to show off in front of others (your selves!) to claim the job is done. It is not.

To “heal” the collective consciousness… one must Jump in it. BE part of it. Co-Create with it conscious of co-creating. Every thought co-creates. Every thought co-creates! Every thought goes outside and is projected into the world, every thought that is not wanted goes out there and becomes separate in order to be blamed upon. Every conscious thought BEcomes part of one Self and is mastered in Oneness. It creates Unity.


Feel. Feel Life. Feel others. Feel your Self as part of ALL. The illusion too! For as long as you see the illusion it’s because you’re still part of it. As long as you have even one enemy to defeat you keep the illusion real. There’s no enemy. There’s only blindness.

As long as you need to be “better than” you’re playing a game of separation. And if you don’t like it it’s fine. It still is. You can’t claim to be Light and see darkness. Be true. With yourself. Get to Know how the illusion works. Then climb into your self and let it go.

You want to go Home to your “real place”? It’s not another planet, or constellation. It was not taken by some extra-aliens-lizards. No-One can take you away from Home but you. Illusions veil Home. Home IS you. The more far away Home is felt, the more far away from Truth one is. The Portal is not in the skies, it’s inside.

Claiming that humanity is not evolving is looking in a Mirror. We’re One. We co-create all that is happening. All of it.

How did it start? No clue. But I Know a clue of how to end it. And that clue comes from inside. And that clue I’m giving to you as my Self for that is what you and me ARE. One with all.

I’m with you in the ride, I’m your ride, I’m the ride and I’m you riding. / link to original article