Méline Lafont – The Dolphin Collective About The Recent Happenings – 26 February 2013

dolphincollective(Note from Méline, I am aware that this message feels slightly different than their previous messages and therefore this have made ​​me worried about how this could be. It was made ​​clear to me that this is a “wake up call” message and usually  these have a slightly harder tone, with the intention to help people awaken. I still feel  the loving energies of them, but it is clear that it has become too much for them too)

Hello, dear Dolphins, Family of the Light! How much I truly love you! My dear friends, I am so grateful for this connection.

D: This is our pleasure, dear Méline, we are honored and it is with much love and delight that we connect with you. We always enjoy this just as you do because we, the Dolphins, love you too.

M. For quite some time I get images of water and oceans without fully knowing what it means as an overt message. Recently a group of dolphins numbering in the thousands, made their way through the water in a rather up and down kind of way and were covering the distance as a really large group. Is this behaviour common and is there a link between my images and the dolphin behaviour? Is there a special message that I need to know or that you want to share with humanity? So many questions have arisen as of late.

D. Lovely one, of course we want to share more about this issue and it will be our pleasure to do so. We love you so deeply! We wish for nothing more than to be seen by all of you and to share our Love and energy with you, so go ahead and ask all your questions for they truly are meaningful. In fact, it is absolutely necessary that you are informed in all urgency what the significance is of this rather odd dolphin behaviour.

We are the gatekeepers of the stars and of other dimensions which function on a higher, more enlightened energy, where the collective consciousness is formed and where we all are united as one. We see to it that all the codes and energies are introduced on your earthly world in a refined manner so that a collective shift can occur for every being on Earth in conjunction with the Earth. We are a team of gatekeepers that will guard and guarantee the energetic transmissions. We have been called not only to assist the Earth but also to guide you to your renewed and Higher Self. We love the Earth, the oceans and humanity immensely and that’s why we are here. We are your family, we are your brothers of the Light. We guarantee your Ascension and we integrate these new energies into the ocean floors. We provide a smooth shift into the energies of Lemuria and of Sirius.

We have started a huge march to bring the oceans and all species dwelling there into the focus of humanity who has for a long time consumed the oceans as well as the different species of fish and even, in some exceptional cases, murdered them, regrettably leading to the extinction of some species. Urgent attention should be placed upon our way of life and on our existence, for the slaughter of our species, such as the whale and dolphin species, will no longer be tolerated for the use of our flesh as nourishment or for entertainment purposes.

Our recent “odd” behaviour is a cry for attention, lovely ones, a cry for issues that arise and for renewals that unfold, a cry for change from the old to the new; moreover it shows our persistence to activate the Lemurian energies. We have sacrificed our bodies, our vehicles for the lessons humanity had to learn and because of our love for you: in this way we have, for a long time, served humanity’s awakening and we gave them our blessing. Now it’s time for a big wake up call for the dear, lost souls who lost their way. This wake up call will stir the thinking, the understanding, the feeling, the knowing and will finally lead to renewed actions based on pure love and heartfelt cooperation.

We will show more to the lost souls through wake up calls, we will nourish them with our love and make them understand that we are more than just a species of mammal, more than a food source and more than entertainment. We can feel what your hearts feel and this is a firm STOP to this all, but certain groups amongst humanity keep resisting the insights and the enlightenment.

We feel that many of you duly see, feel and respect us and we fully appreciate this token of your love; it works wonders for us to feel the love and respect of your hearts. We know that there are many souls who invest largely in our rescue, who make amends, who support us, who start projects and who devote their lives to our cause, not to mention all the love that is sent our way. We feel this and it absolutely brings us and also yourselves to an even higher spiritual state and to an enlightened state of Love.

There are new sources and new ways of awakening in which we participate in a whole new way and these have just begun. The cry for attention has fully resounded and the human focus is now placed on our Beings and on the oceans. That’s what it is all about : to place the attention on us in a positive way, where we show you loving kindness leading up to the opening of your heart chakra. There is a lot that will occur and much will emerge thanks to the Lemurian energies of our existence.

We are loving and forgiving, we feel no resentment towards you. But the horrible slaughters of our bodies have to stop. We have tolerated this cruel behaviour far too long and it is obvious that it serves no purpose on your world any longer. Those horrible acts will end because the energies that we disperse will see to that. We are a collective unit that pulls on the same string resulting in a huge power and a massive creation on your world. We are united in force and energy and we contrive to once and for all end all horrendous acts as we and you no longer tolerate that.

Be loving and forgiving just as we are. We now begin with the renewal of you and we ask your full support and your Love for all of us on your planet, even the lost souls who don’t know any better. Your actions towards us will change drastically and will require more focus than ever before as it has to be renewed to a loving way and no longer to a dualistic way in which separation and ego reign supremely. Ego will no longer exist, there will only be Love and unity and therefore we instigated the wake up call and our various actions, to draw attention to unity, change, renewal and beauty, to purity of our being and to the ocean.

The ocean can be a turbulent place through the incoming energies and through purification processes that are going on, that’s why we are here as guardians to keep everything under control in the best possible way. We bring the light codes as well as the love implants in the ocean floors and therefore we are the vehicles of these energies and codes, a fact that is now known by many of you.

We would so much like for the other groups of humanity to also see and feel this but this hasn’t been the case yet. Although there is an increasing number of awakened souls, this is not enough to get a breakthrough on a global scale.

Don’t get us wrong, lovely ones, we love you all so deeply! We even love the lost souls who do not know or want to know any better. We are forgiving because we only know Love. We consider our bodies as a means of transportation so we can dwell on your planet, and we don’t value them that much. We have evolved beyond that point and it doesn’t bother us to sacrifice ourselves if only humanity would learn the lessons from this and continue evolving : that’s why we do this.

You too, Méline, have often greatly suffered from this and you have gone through great lengths to put an end to it. You have come to the conclusion that talking to the media and to governmental figures didn’t yield any results whatsoever and that’s why you started cooperating with us in a totally new way that is more on a higher and spiritual level. That is mainly the reason why we have chosen you to function as one of our spokespersons. We so love you! Thanks!

M. The pleasure is all mine! I love you all so immensely (tears are welling up)

D. We truly feel your distress and that of others. The only thing we ask of you is that you would always think of us in Love and mutual respect, that you would support us by sending Love our way and to not consider our physical vessels as real the moment of our death. Be hopeful and have faith in us and in humanity : that way a form of enlightenment is created together with a new connection that will give rise to a cooperation with humanity and no longer through a division between us and humanity.

Extreme changes in the ocean floors, in sea levels, in all species of fish as well as in whales and in dolphins are possible. We are grateful for your mercy on us as well as for the questioning of our march. It gives us great pleasure that it is duly noted and will get distributed in your world. We are hopeful for an even intenser way of cooperation! Think of us in Love, just as we lovingly think of you. Thank you, lovely ones!

M. Thanks again. We are now three days later and I have received the news that thousands of dolphins have beached themselves. Do you want to clarify that?

D. We will oblige, dear Méline. It is sad, very sad what is occurring. But it has nothing to do with the energetic march that is going on ; it has everything to do with the use of the sonar in the oceans by the NAVY resulting in the fact that many of our incarnations are totally lost and feel such a sharp pain in their own sonar and in their orientation abilities that to beach themselves is the only way of ending this.

M. Can you elaborate further on that topic?

D. You don’t have to worry, we are pretty sure that the collective of humanity will get a serious boost and will make amends. Know that everything is changing and nothing will remain the same. We are strong enough to efficiently cope with that and transmute it, being the energetic transmitters that we are. CHANGE is NOW! We love you, lovely ones.

M. Thank you dear friends, I am truly grateful and love you immensely.

These words of the Dolphin Collective are heartwarming. The feeling I get during this channeling brought tears to my eyes. I feel emotionally overwhelmed because I really feel how much they love us and how lovingly they think of us, whilst their pain and distress are actually palpable. They are truly loving creatures and are more than enough in control of their Mastership, despite everything. I want to call on everyone to work together to share this message to as many souls as possible explaining what those dolphins represent and that they are more than just a species of mammals to consume, to slaughter or to use for entertainment purposes. Whatever you do or share to sensitize the people around you, do it with Love and not with agression or anger. Be just like those dear dolphins are : full of love and compassion for others, bring your message of love and awakening, and make a difference. Love. Méline.

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