Sophia Love – Heads Up! – 26 February 2013

PictureToday we begin the final stretch for this month.  It is your range of vision that determines the proximity of the goal.  How far are you looking ahead?

What is known about some humans is that as they age, they tend to trip and fall.  It was assumed for a long time that this was due to physical deterioration. This is not true.  It is because of change of focus.  Some of us will start to limit our options and capabilities, while decreasing our world view.  As we walk, rather than focus on the destination, we look at our feet. Fear sets in. We watch only each step we take.

It is not our feet that decide our success or failure at walking; not only our feet anyway.  It is our brain, our sense of balance that keeps us upright and moving always forward.  We were meant to hold our head up and look the way our eyes are pointed – ahead.  The more we take in about the surrounding landscape, the greater success we’ll have navigating the terrain.

Look ahead, around and at everything.  There is much to see and a great deal to love.  It is fear that holds our head down, cautious and unsure.  Confidence, determination and pleasure will carry our gaze to the finish line, seeing the outcome we desire.  What you see is what you’ll get.  If you only look down, you’ll end up on the ground.

See yourself as you’ve ever wanted to be.  Our imagination is our greatest tool.  We are in a time of manifesting miracles. These first months of 2013 we are creating the building blocks of our transformation.  What lovely, happy version of yourself are you becoming?

This is not to make light of or ignore the very real people, things and institutions that can trip us up.  This is a call for clarity of vision and lack of fear.  It is not just our feet that will take us there.  It is our head and even more so – our heart.

As we widen and expand our sight, we notice things we missed before – things to love, to tenderly care for, to laugh with, and to smile at; things that excite and thrill us.  We notice life!  Love is not limited.  It is expressed in every part of you and all you see.  Look as far as you possibly can.

The end of this Quest is visible now.  It only takes awareness.  Look up and look further.  See the possibility for you.  Say yes.  It is not just about the mechanics of getting from here to there, it is about how you feel along the way.

Expect success and look beyond your original goal.  You will always want more.  Anything you can envision you can create.  Children are not limited in their imaginations until we plunk them in systems of “education”, where their thoughts are measured and judged.  We have learned well, it is time to unlearn.

You can love everything about yourself.  Every bit of you is okay.  Hold your head high and keep looking for the next best thing.  All the while, appreciate the treasure of the love within arms reach.  It is all your belief, your focus and your gaze that sets up your reality. You may trip, and that’s okay. Sometimes we do that to remind ourselves of what’s important.  Enjoy each step while you pay attention to the journey; and look up!

You are the One you’ve been waiting for.

See you tomorrow!

~Sophia / link to original article

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