Sophia Love – I AM The Light – 26 February 2013

PictureNotice the light.  With your mask off and your head up, you will see it in places you haven’t before.  Then an amazing shift will happen.  You will take note of where it isn’t.  These places will stick out “like sore thumbs”.  This may come as a surprise.

You may wonder “How come I never noticed?”  It is not for lack of ability or even interest.  The masks, blinders and focus have been intentionally institutionalized. You’ve been a slave to each and the effort to proceed with them firmly in place has been exhausting.

Aware now of alternatives, we are like moths to the flame.  Inexplicably drawn to the brightest glow, we gather and watch.  No longer are we content or even capable of staying in the dark.  We have seen the light.  It emanates from people, from some ideas, programs, food and entertainment.  The more you watch it occur, the sharper the contrast appears.  It’s real obvious when it is absent.  Your wings just can’t take you there; it’s too dark.  In your heart, you feel its absence.

A well-lit person, place, thing or situation just feels good.  You can breathe.  You know.  More to the point – you are recognized.  You are equal.  The truth of you is seen here.  You speak freely and listen attentively.  You desire to participate and do so with joy.  You feel exuberance.  “This is good.”  “It feels like home.”

The light that calls you now is your own heart.  It has opened and burst through any controlling, uncomfortable binding that held it before.  You can love.  You can trust.  You are love.  Just BE.

It feels like play.  It feels like fun.  Anxiety shows up only because it is so new and unfamiliar.  Think back to that first moment you realized you were riding a two-wheeler without anyone running alongside, holding you upright – you were scared for a second.  You may even have lost your balance.  Then, you took off – free.  With my first taste of freedom I opened my mouth and screamed with joy!  Then a fly flew in.  I spit him out and kept on screaming, pedaling faster and faster.  Freedom is adrenalin.

You were meant to feel wonderful.  You were born to love and be loved in return.  Your power is within and you don’t need another to tell you how to use it or to judge its worth.  You ARE the light.  This is the reason you notice it now.  Your core, your eternal BEing, is love.  Without reservation or limitation BE.

Know that feeling of constriction and fear that wells up in your gut when confronting a falsehood.  Then, without judgment, move towards the light.  Your gut will tell you when you are out of the dark.  All are equal here.  We came now to play this end game.  We came now to demonstrate truth.  We are the light.  However concealed, it rests within.  Trust what feels good.  You will find it there.

It is the brightest, strongest, most powerful way showers that are attending this party.  You were one of the first in line.  You chose this time now.  It is the ultimate in visual, sensual, emotional sensation and you wanted every minute of it – you knew you’d persevere and emerge brilliant – radiating your light for the entire Universe.

You know what love is.  It is there, in that moment of connection.  The specifics are endless yet the feeling is ONE – recognition, joy, passion, fulfillment, freedom, exhilaration, peace; all are words for Agape.

You are here to love yourself despite all objections.  Naysayers quiet down in the presence of your light.  You are everything they’d hoped to be.  They too, are inexplicably drawn ever closer, watching.  When you notice them, open your arms and whisper “Not just me, but we.  The light is brighter now that you are here.  We are the One we’ve been waiting for.”

See you tomorrow,


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