Visionkeeper – Old Habits Die Hard – 26 February 2013

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The cat in today’s picture tells the whole story. We get used to doing things a certain way and we dare not venture out beyond the comfortable. Here the cat has a wide open door yet he still insists upon using the cat door. It’s all he is used to and so he uses it again despite the fact the door is open. If we take a close look, I would imagine we could probably see many old habits we are still holding on to despite the fact we are now free to do whatever we desire with our lives. There is much comfort in doing things the old way, but do we evolve forward if we remain locked into the familiar? No. We may feel safe in this familiar world, but if we are not taking risks, experiencing the unknown, or allowing ourselves to see our world through different eyes, we are not expanding our consciousness. Remaining safe is not living your life fully.

Habits create a life where consciousness is no longer required for existence. The unconscious life habits we create disempower us in many ways. How do you wake up and greet your day? Are you enthusiastic or do you dread what lies ahead and so you tune everything out and hit the autopilot button? This disconnection with the reality you are living is an excellent wake up call that you need to create change and actively rejoin your life. If you choose to stay aware you have power in your life to choose the direction you wish to go in, if you choose to stay unaware, you choose to give your power away and remain a victim of your circumstances. Find the courage to break old habits and risk changing your life for the better.

Staying consciously connected to your life and making small changes as you go along keeps the life flow moving along smoothly versus waiting to make changes that become radical and create major drama. We get signals as we move along when things are out of synch. We often ignore these signals that are begging for change and then wonder why everything  seems to be going wrong. Part of the changes we can make to improve the value of our life comes about through changes in our beliefs. If the old beliefs are holding us back or keeping us locked in dead-end thinking, then we need to change them so that they will provide us with positive outcomes eliminating the drama.

Don’t get trapped by old habits that keep you from viewing your world in a whole new way, and ultimately viewing yourself that way as well. Don’t do what the cat in the picture is doing. The secret to life is ‘Allowing yourself to be’ in whatever fashion is appropriate for the moment. Notice I say moment, for we must be willing and able to change on a dime in this, rapidly changing world we are in now, from moment to moment! Hold no expectations and the flow will continue unhindered.

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