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Wes Annac – Realizing Our Infinity As Spiritual Beings (Part 1/4) – 27 February 2013

010Written by Wes Annac

I would like now to explore some of the ways we can develop into the multidimensional souls we have always been, and realize our infinity.

As aspects of the One Infinite Creator, we have always naturally possessed within, the abilities and expanded perspectives so many people are just beginning to open up to and find for themselves. We can tap into the infinite array of abilities we have always possessed and here, I would like to offer my perspective on how we can work toward attaining our personal infinity; while recognizing that mine is one perspective out of everyone’s. Continue reading


AmericanKabuki – A Letter From Greece – 27 February 2013

Hello OPPT Dream Team and Brian !

I emailed the following introductory letter about the OPPT and all relative sites to all Greek Lawyers ‘ Associations ,41.794 members the three Greek Universities’ Law Schools and consumers’association.

With 500.000 at least families in distress due to their delay in paying back their debts “loans” and “taxes” installments and 26.8 percent unemployment , i.e.1.500.000 jobless people in an aging population total of 11 million, the OPPT ” high spiritual technology” shall hopefully be most appreciated and also act as an awakening factor. Continue reading

Sophia Love – Well Played – 27 February 2013

wellplayedWe’ve realized the final moments of our journey.  Whether or not you are aware of it, our Quest is one the entire world is on.  We are moving out of slavery systems and slavery thought processes.  We are stepping into truth.  This is the next dimension and the Shift we’ve waited for.

For your power has prevailed and led you ever forward.  You have succeeded without holding any weapons.  In fact, you’ve often been at the receiving end of their fire.  Yet, you are here now, BEing. Continue reading

Tom Lescher – Astrology Forecast For Week Of 27 Febr. 2013 – 27 February 2013

Uploaded on 27 February 2013 by Tom Lescher Continue reading

Bill Ballard – OPPT – Freedom Is Here For All Who Desire Their Freedom – 27 February 2013

Uploaded on 27 February 2013 by pearls2u The OPPT is changing the game we have been playing for so long now. The Maritime Law (not law) and it’s system of manipulation of commerce and theft from the planet’s populations stealing the wealth of humanity and those individuals who created it hiding behind the corporate structure for their own protection no longer exists. It is coming down. But many persons don’t realize what true FREEDOM IS… They are at a total loss when they have to be personally response~able. That IS Freedom though… This is bringing much confusion to those who have given their power to the system. There is an old biblical saying, “Study and Prove Yourself Worthy”. I find myself repeating this quote to those who are saying that OPPT does not do anything, and deeper, for them. Yes it does, but where you take it is up to you. Just BE, Just Be LOVE!

German Lawyer Agrees : The One People’s Public Trust Pledge Lawfull – 27 February 2013

shacklesThis was posted by crae’dor on his site in Germany- crae’dor is also one of the amazing people who have been translating so many of the RTS and OPPT articles into German. This is the Google translate English translation of the article.

http://wirsindeins.wordpress.com/2013/02/26/anwaltspost-bitte-verbreiten-wir-sind-frei-wichtig-der-one-peoples-public-trust-pfandet-rechtmasig/ Continue reading

RemovingTheShackles – Why OPPT Wlll Likely Work – 27 February 2013

shacklesview the videos at:

http://tradewithdave.com/?p=15664  or


There’s plenty of material you can read about the One People’s Public Trust movement in the post I wrote yesterday below.  I’m going to summarize for you why, in Dave’s opinion, there is a high likelihood this strategy will be successful.  I’m going to skip over the “intention” aspects and the spiritual overtones for the purpose of this explanation although those are actually more important than the tools themselves, those aspects are subjective and debatable.  I’m not not even going to elaborate on the legality of the documents because I’m not qualified and this post is based on an assumption that they were drafted and executed properly. Continue reading

Lucas – The New Paradigm Obstacles – Beliefs, Patterns And The Like – 27 February 2013

wall030In a quest for real unity in the 5D new paradigm and bringing forward abundance for all in equality the obstacles are just abundant on the journey we go.  It becomes clear that still striving for, competition, dishonesty with the true self, religion, cult, belief systems, patterns, habits and even fear for of and not letting go, the holding on to that what is created, holds you into a lock.  You feel stuck, not moving not growing, not expanding or even you come to think something is wrong or things do not add up. You can become sick also by not allowing the flow to happen that makes you BE. Continue reading

OPPT Courtesy Notice Guidelines – 27 February 2013

Uploaded on 23 February 2013 by John Lennon Continue reading

CVAC Visualization – 27 February 2013

Uploaded on 22 February 2013 by John Lennon Lisa Harrison, Chris Hales, and Bob Wright talk about the CVAC Structure and it’s energetic architecture. For more information go to http://www.oppt-in.com. Facebook http://www.facebook.com/opptin Twitter http://www.twitter.com/opptinnow