Bill Ballard – OPPT – Freedom Is Here For All Who Desire Their Freedom – 27 February 2013

Uploaded on 27 February 2013 by pearls2u The OPPT is changing the game we have been playing for so long now. The Maritime Law (not law) and it’s system of manipulation of commerce and theft from the planet’s populations stealing the wealth of humanity and those individuals who created it hiding behind the corporate structure for their own protection no longer exists. It is coming down. But many persons don’t realize what true FREEDOM IS… They are at a total loss when they have to be personally response~able. That IS Freedom though… This is bringing much confusion to those who have given their power to the system. There is an old biblical saying, “Study and Prove Yourself Worthy”. I find myself repeating this quote to those who are saying that OPPT does not do anything, and deeper, for them. Yes it does, but where you take it is up to you. Just BE, Just Be LOVE!