German Lawyer Agrees : The One People’s Public Trust Pledge Lawfull – 27 February 2013

shacklesThis was posted by crae’dor on his site in Germany- crae’dor is also one of the amazing people who have been translating so many of the RTS and OPPT articles into German. This is the Google translate English translation of the article.

Advocate Post: PLEASE SPREAD!!! We are free!! – Important – The One People’s Public Trust pledged lawfully
Posted by crae’dor on 26th February 2013 in tops
justitia27th February 2013

Dear Clients,

I forward this message especially you!
Maybe the message you already know and if there is, but the extent is evident daily.
Amazement at the new freedom is hard to put into words …………
striking to me is that I do not even I get answers to my HGB letter! But some have already been set then process or bank accounts are free again. Because the recipient know it.Silence is also a kind of confirmation?

Sunny greetings

Your Andreas Wittmann

International lawyer Website: / link to original article


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