Lisa Gawlas – Warning : The Intense Magnetic Pull Of YOUR Light Body… – 27 February 2013

black-holeI have got to share a dream I just woke up with, it is really funny, yet at the same time, information rich as well.  I was watching myself move down towards the earth from above it and seemed to stop about 10-15 above earth.  There was this crazy magnetic field coming from my whole body that very much looked like a black vortex and objects were leaving earth and moving into my magnetic field.  I mean, large objects like houses and cars and every little thing too.  The people on earth were panicked.  I could see mothers scooping up their children and getting out of dodge!  I woke up because the fear from the people running around the streets scared me… and I seemed to be a little clueless that I was causing this wide-spread panic.

I find it interesting I have this dream…. today.  When I am anticipating the new galaxy that we have been sucked into via that black hole, should be settled into created reality for us to “see” and start understanding the significance of.  I am hoping that the dream was an over exaggeration to show a point… just how strong our magnetic field of attraction has become.  Of course, I had to go see what the sun was doing too…:

With a caption (from that reads: JUPITER-SIZED HOLE: A magnetic filament curling around the sun’s southwestern limb erupted during the early hours of Feb. 27th. As it flew away, it formed a loop of plasma big enough to pass the entire planet Jupiter.

No doubt that the sun set the stage, or maybe better stated, magnetic pathway for our new galaxy of the heart to be online and ready!!  But I also feel that this intense magnetic pull we now have on the earth is the reason we had to move thru the black hole into a whole other galaxy equipped to buffer our magnetic field.

I mean, think about it… no matter what version of earth you are on, everything is tethered to the earth due to its gravitational field, keeping everything in place.  In this way, we have been moving outward in life… moving towards our heart desires.  This has allowed us to fully temper our egos, become more fully aware of what we were creating and even the view of how we may have created what we didn’t want, based on our true core feelings.

In this dream, my god there was no buffer at all!!  But, again, just from that dream, we must learn to harness that magnetic energy that is now pulling things into our created life at the speed of thought… because if we don’t learn to harness and create from the field of unlimited potential then we are pulling to us other people’s stuff in nanoseconds… without even realizing it!!

Self awareness is more crucial now than ever before and learning to temper who you are, magnetically speaking!!  Let me just take a moment and share with you how I “see” this now… how I see many of you NOW.

In the road to here, you would work on taking in Light, removing any elements that didn’t serve you, and walk into your next greatest expression in time.  Over time.  For those that have done most of the inner work and allowed for the full spectrum reversal within you and around you… you are now flowing differently.  YOU are the Light field that is walking forward.  The light is now permeating out of your pores, creating a magnetic shift in everything.   Time has released itself from you path and there for, you feel, therefore you pull into you.

It is the LIGHT itself that is magnetic.  Up until now it has been pulling you towards it (your deepest feelings made manifest.)  Now, the light is radiating from you and you are pulling things to you… right out of the field of created earth, which is only going to be a hazard in our beginnings (I hope.)

Of course, in my dream, which I really feel as a warning shot… I was pulling things that were other people’s to me and not even realizing it.  Their houses, cars, trinkets… didn’t matter.  Of course, in my dream too, it was all tangible stuff, things I could see and recognize in the dream.  But it goes deeper than that too.  We can pull things out of the core of people.  This may sound lovely… but really… not so much.  (Now I so understand why our “spiritual skills” must change too.)  Imagine someone you know has a really deep core issue… we will just use an example that I am familiar with… anger.  Lets say, this person has really deep unresolved anger and they are in no place within themselves to deal with their anger… lets also say the anger has created such a deep dark spot within their core energy.  Our magnetic pull, if not tempered and fully connected to that which is around us, will start to pull the anger to the surface.  Creating chaos in that persons field, but also, if that dark spot was at the verge of disease (for me, my first disease was gallbladder disease from stored anger) we can inadvertently trigger the disease to fully manifest because again, the person has not yet become ready to deal.

No wonder spirit has been saying so strongly to release what no longer serves you, to remove yourself from “that.”  It was not only about allowing yourself the full growth potential, but also, protecting those who are not ready yet.

In my attempt to read yesterday, something really interesting happened thru each and every reading.  I hope I can explain it accurately, because the feeling was so new, so unexpected…

We got what I call “snapshots” of where each person was at in this Shift of Light.  Each time, I would say “we aren’t getting much today.”  With that released breath of energy I would instantly get a return feeling from the Light field I was seeing, and it was indeed a very deep feeling… but the understanding within the feeling was I don’t value what I see when it is only a small glimpse.  I only find value in the bigger (my words would be full) reading.  Maybe to really capture the feeling would be like your expecting the love of your life to show up at your door and you hear a knock, your heart skips a beat and when you open the door, it’s a salesmen.  You feel your whole heartbeat plummet and feel disappointed.  What we don’t realize is that salesmen is feeling your disappointment too.  So too, was the Light and redirected me each and every time.  It instantly reflected back to me how I felt.  Lovingly of course but I also had a twinge of sadness from the undervaluing of what was shown!

The snapshots that were revealed yesterday, really were breathtaking and packed with understanding.  The best way I can describe this intense energy is like you have a unitard on, but not just on your physical body, but equally encompassing your created inner heart field.  I could see the outlines of what this unitard of Light was revealing (also think of a tight sweater worn by a very voluptuous woman, you can see ever curve and angle… same thing) and that is when i realized the Field of Light has changed directions… it is now flowing out from you.

Thru the progression of the reading snapshots, I knew that the day would give birth to being fully within the galaxy of the heart of creation.  What I did not know was what the hell does that mean to us!!

I think my dream showed us a little bit.

But yet, even thru the amazing and wonderful conversations I had with everyone yesterday, each person seemed to have the same feeling.  My antenna must change the way it “see’s and understands” now.  Because, in truth, you have changed!  Everything about how you (we) work now has changed.  So the direction of the readings have to change.

Our goal is to learn how to fully use and harness this massively creative energy that is now US so that we do not inadvertently cause harm.  Even with that thought (and trust me, I have a million thoughts going thru me right now… maybe better stated: questions) spirit assures us as long as we are working on our fuller awareness, they can and will temper our magnetic pull to ourselves.  However, if we want to create for the sake of creating, we will pull towards us our desire, but from the laws of karma.  (yikes)

A precious soul had gifted me a book (back in December) that I have only started reading a couple of days ago:  2150 AD by Thea Alexander (1976 revised version.)  This book is filled with amazing nuggets of information.  I would like to share a quote from that book (changing a word to make it understandable without having read the book: I am changing the word “marco” to “spiritual:”

You don’t start out to develop Spiritual Powers – you start out to develop Spiritual Awareness.  The powers develop as the awareness increases.  However, you need to remember that there are two necessary factors in all learning: sufficient desire and sufficient belief. …

…Thus, with both sufficient desire and sufficient belief, anything is possible. …

I am not even halfway thru this book, but am smiling at the pure wisdom written thru it in 1971!!  How many people want to just be able to do stuff… work their spiritual powers without taking the energy to really develop their spiritual awareness.

Today, the spiritual awareness is key!  I mean, really really key!!  We will talk about this in-depth in the Soul Gym today (at 4:30 pm MST)  For those who cannot attend, I will get the chat transcript published to the archives sometime tomorrow.  (Internet juice allowing of course.)

However, with this massive shift we have just become, there is an outward effect to all versions of created life, CHANGE!!  We will have the opportunity to bear witness (another key word there… witness) to all the changes that WILL happen thru out all the earths.  Peoples lives are going to change.  The energies of the combined earths is going to change.  Everything about Life is going to change as the magnetic pull sucks the negative into the field of Light.  Do not stop this or interfere in someones purging.  Please!  The pull of karmic energy back to you in preventing the evolution of…anything… is not a price you need to bear, unless you are more interested in using your powers than your awareness!!  Everything is a learning lesson!!

I am going to end on that note and ponder!!

I love you!!!  (((((HUGZ)))))

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