Lucas – The New Paradigm Obstacles – Beliefs, Patterns And The Like – 27 February 2013

wall030In a quest for real unity in the 5D new paradigm and bringing forward abundance for all in equality the obstacles are just abundant on the journey we go.  It becomes clear that still striving for, competition, dishonesty with the true self, religion, cult, belief systems, patterns, habits and even fear for of and not letting go, the holding on to that what is created, holds you into a lock.  You feel stuck, not moving not growing, not expanding or even you come to think something is wrong or things do not add up. You can become sick also by not allowing the flow to happen that makes you BE.

You have to break through those barriers and see there is just continuous change in 5D, nothing is the same in the new paradigm from say minute to minute as it needs to evolve, it needs expanding,  it needs to elevate continuous consciousness and vibrational frequency and if that is not possible  or  it has served its purpose it  will leave, go, stop to find that there is  always a new way of c0-creating, sharing, helping, serving.

This means we need to be open source in all.  We are here to share and create with the people who resonate in the same vibrational frequencies a new paradigm. If we make the open playing field into a defined checker board, or make it in a religious defined way set of rules, if  we have old paradigm translated into the new paradigm, if duality is pulled in, it is all not what the new 5D paradigm is about and can support.

Let unconditional love be your guide from within.  Al that is not resonating with love is not. How hard you push to make others belief in your love love love system that is still a conditional one. It does not make it real unconditional love. There  is only love when it resonates back with love from that impeccable heart connection with source. Love is not a word that becomes true by just saying it.

But unconditional love is love that always shares love even with those that do not resonate with it. Creating and co-creating from the heart connection can only be done in the right vibrational frequency. All that is still done from 3d/4d perception wil only work in that field of resonance and can not survive or have a resonance field in 5D.  Therefore if you are still  consciously or unconsciously having connections to or issues with 3D/4D you have to look into that and will have to let go of  it. You can not create or co-create from a lower vibrational frequency level what needs to be that higher vibrational frequency. It makes you see that things can now in this transitional time not work or be created as problems will arise due to the inequality of the vibrational frequencies.

The same goes for all that is of the old paradigm and from the mind thought field of duality and ego.  There are a lot of big egos here still on the planet.  I’m not judging them.  I just say there is a mirror attached to that for all that shows you all have or have been in that position themselves and you all should be truthful and honest about it. Let that ego go.

I hear also a lot of people talk about the higher self  and getting their info from their connection via the higher self from source but also filling in that there is a another source appointed to guide them they need to follow or listen to.  There is no higher self that will tell you to belief or have the need f9r  guidance by an other source outside of you.  That is creating belief systems, religion, cult.  Your higher self is the only connection with all and creator.  The mind is often just filling in and creating things or even others manipulate you in thinking there is a need of an outside source  that guides you. This is how the controlling of people started. They gave power to these thoughts and manipulations that made them be guided, controlled, reigned, having a chief, a commander, a boss, a banker, a priest, a guru, a president, a chairman, as all of that is just done by you thru giving your power to BE to others and that makes  you a slave. If you chose to willingly and knowingly be a slave and give your powers away that is your free will choice.

Get out of your own thought constructs and out of those created by others that keep you still confined in that what we call the matrix or even a matrix re-loaded . It is about BEing that what you are not about BEing what is said or dictated by someone else or your mind. The higher self is connected via your heart to source. Just find within the answers not outside. Truth is just that what your heart and your feeling via the heart is telling you by being connected to source.  Are you feeling the truth or is it just in your mind or is it remembered by the continuous manipulations of the up bringing, education, religion, social and political structures, friends and family,  the world around you and those little guys or girls that sit on your shoulder and tell you what is or not.

Soon there will be no more new paradigm obstacles as more and more people awaken and find the way within. They become clearly the ones they always were and are. The remembering of the authentic self lightbeings we are.  Be, BE  And be BEing.  The changes will manifest in you and your surroundings faster than you ever would see.  It is you that made it happen within You. Now you can see with your heart and your higher self what IS. You might go find others that resonate if they not already found you out there and connect.

The time has come to change the last bits that get in the way of making the jump in the total 5D living experience. The change is not coming but is already in motion big time, it is a continuous flow of change. This change  will bring us to our destination very soon.

Love and Light,


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