Sophia Love – Well Played – 27 February 2013

wellplayedWe’ve realized the final moments of our journey.  Whether or not you are aware of it, our Quest is one the entire world is on.  We are moving out of slavery systems and slavery thought processes.  We are stepping into truth.  This is the next dimension and the Shift we’ve waited for.

For your power has prevailed and led you ever forward.  You have succeeded without holding any weapons.  In fact, you’ve often been at the receiving end of their fire.  Yet, you are here now, BEing.

The power in your DOing has created this Shift.  Have you felt it? It happens mostly subtly; sometimes out loud.  Love has fortified your heart; in the darkest moments it has held you.  You have never forgotten your truth.

You are beholden to none and you hold none.  Free will is the only rule.  Responsibility is key.  Each of us takes it on full for every action – call it blame or call it credit; it belongs to you alone.

Agape is the game now.  Self love.  Not at the expense of another, for there can be no expense in love.  Love is free.  No, yet in concert with the “other”.  For all this time, when you imagined you were hurting your lover or your parents or your brother – the one you were hurting was you.  All this time you’ve blamed your wife or your father or your friend for not loving you enough – it was you not loving you enough.

Do you get it?  Can you see it?  In December of 2012, the world did change and the possibility for full awareness and truth opened up.  It was a game we all played – blame, judgment, hatred, doubt – so that when the moment came we’d notice the contrast and Shift.

That moment has arrived and we can see now the truth.  None of us are victims – we are players.  It is time for the good part.

Accept yourself.  Accept each other.  Thank the “other” for their participation; convincing and well played.  Hug yourself and know that you are okay.  You can focus now on truth.

In absolute honesty this life is but a brief moment of your eternal Quest.  You can choose now to write the part for its remainder.  Who do you wish to BE?  You are pure gold – 100% solid love.  The energy of Source runs through you.  How will you spend it?  You do not need value added to be worthy or to move forward.  You have already proven who you BE.

Feel the truth of your worth.  It may bring you to your knees in wonder and gratitude; yet not shame or remorse or sorrow.  All is done, forgiven and over.  Today is a new Quest.  You’ve reached Agape.  You see what it means to love yourself.

With your head up and your shackles removed – look for the light.  You will notice it now – its reach expands with each expression of truth.

Loving yourself means loving the world – we are One.  Let that sink in and revel in this feast of Agape!

We are the One we’ve been waiting for.  I love you so very much.


Our next Quest will be in April.  See you then!

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