Lisa Gawlas – Arrival In The Heart Galaxy And Getting Out Of Passive Complacency! – 28 February 2013

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Holy Shift batman!!  Whatever has taken place these last few days is truly something like I never seen or experienced before.  The first thing that changed was my own orientation to your field of Light.  With my first (and all the rest) reading of the day, I did like I always do, bent over to crank out my antenna to the field… nothing!  Before I could get disappointed about another day with no readings I hear my team tell me to sit up in my chair and open my heart.  Huh?

As I sat up in my chair and shift my body focus to my heart I was soooo shocked to watch all these tentacles stream out of my heart as if I had some large octopus was stuck in my chest.  I watched in my own amazement as these tentacles stretched outward to the field and then suddenly… wrapped themselves around this really large, really beautiful orb of multicolored aliveness.  At first, I was just dazed and disoriented with whatever on earth was happening… then I realized, OMG this is your heart center!  If you can imagine the energy that used to be the crystal ball (no wonder I had seen that crystal ball back in play as people were moving thru the dark hole) but now has an amazing reflection of earth.  The way it is revealing itself right now is very much like an image from outer space of the earth… only the colors are much more intense and very much alive.


Blue and white and replace any green with intense black!!  Now take that above image and imagine a really large octopus is hugging it with its tentacles!!  What it feels like to me, is that we have fully birthed ourselves into the galaxy of the heart and we are still very much in the amniotic sac for our own protection!

Extracting information from this sudden change… strange!  I was now pulling the energy from the depth of the heart field called YOU and translating the intense feelings into understanding.  What I am lacking so severely right now is flipping words!!  If I thought the field was fussy last week with my repetitive choice of words to explain what I see and understanding, they ramped up their ability to take words off my breath before I even form them!!

Here are some of the things I do understand about this new world we are in.  Nothing exists outside of the heart field.  At least, not right now from my crazy new view.  We are completely outside of space/time.  We are currently in a “containment” field until we really orient ourselves with this new way of Being.  No doubt, some will orient quicker than others.

My first man of the day was talking about a sudden and from our human view, amazing, set of experiences that happened.  He decided to change his business and even relocate it, within two hours he had the keys to his new place and the keys to house his employees thru this transition.  Tell me we are creating at the speed of light!!  It all happened so fast it made his head spin and once in the quiet of the day, wondered if he did the right thing.

As he shared his experience I could feel the front of his “orbital field” (spirit kept calling it this thru ever reading) it was as if his heart was breathing deeper and fuller and getting ready to release the amniotic sac thru the breath of his action.  It was intensely kewl to feel and experience this.  I could see his image of a body at the most right area where this orbital field was breathing and he was intensely black… pure unlimited potential.  From what I understand  as he moves into the new version of his life, the orbital field of his heart center will expand and grow and his body will change with the ongoing changes.

This is gonna be fun!!  Challenging on my end, no doubt!!  But where there is a great challenge, there is immense growth too!!

My second lady was kinda the same, only with a twist.  On the top of her heart field was this pure liquid yellow energy moving into this new heart galaxy.  The shape of the yellow was like a beaker… a really large beaker moving downwards into her (earth looking large orb thingie.)

What was most breathtaking and so informative about her was how I seen the inner heart field come alive.  Let me give you as close an image as I could find:


Take the sections of the mushroom and realize this is the fullness of your inner heart field.  As your soul moves into this area with whatever fullness YOU ALLOW, enlivens each section for your use!

Lets be very very clear on what this really means as I understood it thru her reading yesterday.

We still have free will (dammit) and the ability to not enlighten any given section by denying its use or value.  Example would be… like the gentleman above, had he not followed thru on his heart prompting to completely change his business and its location… many of the sections simply would not become fully energized for use.  It would have been him saying I am not willing to grow in that way yet and the soul honors you (your ego) sooo much!

Even in our soul gym discussions last evening… if you keep saying “I can’t” then you won’t.  Amazing how much we talk ourselves out of what we are able to do.   I would like to share this knowing here too… every single person on the face of this earth has a built-in ability for spiritual hearing and spiritual seeing.  There is not a single soul who is blind or deaf…. unless you choose to be.  In that case, the energy sections of that ability will go unfulfilled.

Don’t think for a single second because your Love vibration allowed the full entrance into the galaxy of the heart that everything is just going to be given to you.  Not even!!  It will be more like you are at the greatest party Life has ever known, but you can’t hear the subtle changes or see the brilliance of what is happening and that leaves your innate gifts that only you can bring to the party… elsewhere.

And maybe, you really did just want to have a seat at the party and watch everyone else have fun.  That’s valid too.  Some people don’t even want to go to the party… equally valid.

With this I hear the words:  Passive complacency.  There are a LOT of Light Being housing that energy right now (spirits words, not mine!)

There is no doubt in my heart, this massive, electric abyss now called your orbital field has everything to do with these new classes I have yet to start (cuz they kept getting rescheduled!!)

My third reading of the day caught me so off guard with a field I was still trying to orient myself with.  I was stunned to see him jumping up from the middle area of his orbital field and looking like he was trying to get out.  What the hell is that??  I had to ask him what the heck are you doing that is taking you out of your heart center.  Well, he told me!!  He was trying to fill out some paperwork to do something with somebody lol.  Something to do with the OPPT thingie (trust me, I am clueless here.)  But.. here is where the saying from all this past year really comes home to roost.  Are you a sun worker or an earth worker?  Meaning…

Are you laying the new foundation of the heart field, or are you out there breaking apart the old system.  At this moment… you cannot do both!!  There are spiritual agents assigned to the arduous task of breaking down the old system, the old energy construct of Life on all the levels of earths vibrations.  Then there are those who are so deeply aligned with the sun… creating the new foundation on the new earth in whatever way we allow our sections within our orbital galaxy to engage.

This moment in time is too important to multitask in both arenas.  For the old world to fall, we must have those dedicated to creating a new foundation in which the new structure can support itself.  One without the other is building another house of cards.

The moment he decided to let go of that paperwork thing, instantly he changed directions.  I could see him now swimming in the abyss of his heart towards what I will call the future.  What is really strange, even for me… the visual of his swimming was full-sized, yet, in the space of about 3 inches.  That is when spirit said without hesitation, we are no longer bound by space and time.

Kewl beans… it will be exciting and no doubt challenging to really work that into our reality construct!!  I am game… are you??

Before this whole day started, I took a meditation.  Even that world within has changed tremendously.  The first thing that I received was information for my son.  I was so surprised with that, but it came thru in such an electrical intensity.  I didn’t ask, it was just there.

What I did ask about was the lottery thingie.  I am making great progress in winning smaller amounts, something I have not done at all in the last 3 years combined… but I would really appreciate that jackpot.  I was once again reminded of the “change bag” that Jorge placed on my kitchen table.  The one thing I know about spirit, there are always multiple levels to anything and everything they show you.  Sometimes, those levels are not fully reveled until…. later.

Small and constant change all-ways leads to bigger and larger change.  To just snag something big is wasted energy because you have not understood the significance of all the smaller changes, so the larger one is not able to fulfill itself within ones Life.

Then I had seen this amazing lightening bolt come out of the sky and electrify the gas station on the reservation that I do buy my lottery tickets from.  As it was electrifying the building there was a pool of yellow and electric energy forming around it.  I knew there was an equal exchange brewing… this store and the wonderful people who work within it, will also be the recipient of the good energy…. the prize (if you will.)

So last but so not least… I had to ask about Jorge.  That man is getting further away from my field of meditation and looking a bit strange.  I found him down by the river, looking…. well…. just weird.  If you can image a form coming to life created by water, that is kinda what he looked like.  At some level within me, I knew there is going to come a time he actually has a physical body to play with (smile.)  That thought actually scared me and I told him… if I am down by the river and you suddenly emerge, I am going to freak right the hell out.  He smiled that incredible Jorge smile and said, you won’t be scared but you will be stunned.  Yeah, that’s a good way to put it.

And then he backed everything up to when I first moved here.  For the first several months I could see one of the guardians, the only one of the guardians wearing a human suit.  He was at a lookout point on the top of the mesa cliff always looking south-east.  He said that was him.  At that time he told me I can call him Jemez.  So I smiled and said so what, your whole name is Jorge Jemez??   He smiled and said “you can say that.”  So I now dubbed him JJ.

This indeed, is going to be one very interesting ride!!

Ohhh, gotta add this as I was searching for art for this sharing, I suddenly realized why the field keeps calling how I “see” you as the “orbital field.”  If you do not take any risks, go any further than this moment, your orbit will never expand beyond this moment.  What you fully experience in this new landscape depends completely on how much you are willing to risk within yourself.  Let me assure you… it is the fields word of “risk.”

Can you feel me wrapping my tentacles around your heart??  I love you sooo much and it is wonderful to get this intimate with you!!


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