Lucas – Bubbles Of Truth – Bubbles Of Foam Connecting To Create And Manifest The New – 28 February 2013

2011Foam-1What is called for some reality is for others merely an illusion and for others non-existent. It comes all down again to perception. It is the resonance field that  is still in the cone of the interlocked old vortex and the new vortex where the little cone of the old is sticking in the new 5D vortex. It is the transitional field of being already but not perceiving fully that what is already.  It is about making real choices to spiral outwards from that temporary phase of integration of the new and the last choices to be made to fully expand into the new 5D field.  The before created blue-prints and thoughts from the heart for manifesting new earth and new humanity are to become clearly shown.  It is the time we are stepping into our real divine vibrational frequency bubbles tot connect all as dots to make the blue-print manifest. The building blocks we created and gave birth to last year will now be fully connecting.

We are our own bubbles of truth that have to see nothing is as you, you will be you, but still you and we are all connected and One. It is learning that unity is found in the diversity of that what all is uniting in an open source same resonating vibrational field. What does not resonate with the vibrational level of others will repel those bubbles of truth that in that perception will not resonate with others on that level of frequency. The most beautiful thing in being One is to recognize that the frequency that makes you pull together or pushes you away is managed by you.  You have the key and switch to choose to go up a vibrational frequency level or not and therefore do what is necessary to make it happen.

In the now a lot of bubbles found together, in by others not recognized and unforseen ways,  to bubble up as a foam together and bring about new creation at a higher vibrational field. Also the choice in the now of lots of bubbles of truth is to alter their truth perception and work towards switching into the new vibrational frequency. That is felt as a  new group that shifts upwards a vibrational level to unite with the already growing foam that is creating the new in the higher vibrational field of 5D.  We are making truths become truths that can connect and we do not break  the fields of the bubbles or even shield other bubbles from connecting and changing towards  a higher vibrational frequency level.

It is seeing that all that was in the lower levels had a purpose and its task was to  bring about the energy that would leap you in incorporating  all and getting into balance. You will see all that is opposite is not as it is, it is just another expression of the same and you need to see that all is just One.  The changing colors and light and dark in the bubbles let you see that nothing is  only dark or light nor one color but still all is that bubble that is divinely floating in its own being as One bubble that is still One with all.  Even all those bubbles can connect and build a giant bubble that makes a new creation.

This new creation in 5D  does allow us, you and me, that are connected as one bubble creation in connection to Be and Be as  One and in Unity. The growth of the bubbles bigger of smaller does not matter. It  is just that some expand and grow faster in their own fields. The bubbles of truth will eventually all come together by choice to that foam that makes up our new 5D vibrational frequency field of creation.  The colors of the old will change and the dark and light will have new meaning and even new unseen light or unseen color to it. But on the lower levels still the old is preached and some bubbles still hold the  duality truths  in lock for themselves and for others to keep the field that is collapsing from loosing their bubbles that move out to higher vibrational frequencies. So their reality shrinks and will eventually cease to exist.

The streaming foams of bubbles towards 5D are amazing right now. This makes the already ignited creations form sooner. Bubbling around in this new sea of connections  and interactions of beautiful lights, colors and divinity is seeing the unimaginable beauty this experience will give us. The freedom to be and to be one without having to be this or that is felt and all see that all just is and all is in perfect order and perfection.  We can create without having to dictate , we can connect without having to disconnect in disharmony, we just can Be and let others Be and still Be One. Your identity is still you even if you are like all connected and One. The resonating field of 5D will hold for all bubbles a place to connect freely.   The resonating field between bubbles is also free to connect or disconnect with and has no repelling action from the resonating field as a whole. Also the expansion of bubbles in their fields and the ever lasting connection and disconnection will make  that everything is just always like foam bubbles in a bath do: Change. The sounds of the vibrating is heard and occasionally a bubble goes to even higher levels and flows away. Some bubbles terminate their experience field of being all together and pop.  It is all just being and choices to freely create and co-create and be or not be that what is within 5D possible.

It makes creation in this analogy  wondrous. It is a continuous form that changes  and grows and flows as it is just right as it is. The fluidity of the form is seen.  It is equality, unconditional  love and  freedom of being you and being one with all in one living creation.  The real unity is born out of diversity and difference experienced as  all opposites being in balance and harmony. This may be  difficult to perceive in some bubble minds but it will come.  Now is the moment and we have started our new world.  We have ended the old and are integrating still what is needed in order to make peace with our own duality and that of others. We have to make peace with our thoughts of ego and mind and make all come together in the bubble’s  heart. This all makes the bubble expand and see its connection to source and all.  We are now jumping soon from our transitional phase of 5D into the real experience and creation field of 5D. We are gonna manifest our new paradigm.

Love and Light,


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