The Pleiadians- Life is Relationship – 28 February 2013

BrighteningthePathSome of you are in what you would call a romantic relationship, some of you are not, but does this mean you are not having relationship? Your life is a relationship to all that is.  You  experience the merging, and the lessons just the same. You have a relationship to all things that are material, human, animal.  The energy of all things relates to you in that you have a view, a perception of it.  You also have a relationship to money and your life experiences which includes the work you have chosen, paid or not paid.  As you embrace the relationships in your life for what they are, you can welcome in new frequencies without resistance for the relationships that are not fulfilling you. We come today with this information for you will shift your experience through the knowing and embracing of all life as your partner.  All life is your internal emanating out as your reality, and although many of you know this mentally, we would like now to help you have the experience of this.

The experience of this comes from the releasing of the resistance to all relationships to things or people you wish to change. It is the acceptance of your relationship to your work or money as well so that you may first see clearly what is, and then, infuse what shall be with the light of love.

As you infuse all that you wish with the light of love and acceptance, your life will become a miracle. Yes, life itself is a constant miracle. Know this, be this miracle through connecting to the light energy and words we share here today.

In a Pleiadian world, we feel all that ever was and is now as well as the future.  Therefore we embrace the creativity of parallel and multiple realities.  The way to this is through the activation of the pineal gland.  Let the light in now for this activation and as you read this over and over again, more light will come in each time. You are well on your way to experiencing the knowing that you can create multiple realities, multiple relationships.  Yet, it is awareness that matters.  True awareness deeply comes from looking honestly at your selves daily. Look deep inside. Watch your every encounter and thought. See where they stem from.  Pay attention to your part in all exchanges with people.  Pay attention to your reaction to the things you do not like. Are you embracing all? If not, then look at where there is still pain and offer it up now to us as a gift. We are here to help. We have agreed to come and assist you in shifting your vibration. We have come to help you make a change here on this planet. We say offer us the pain as a gift for in this offering comes our ability to be closer to you.  Make room for our love. Make room for love to show up in all your relationships. through awareness. We love you. In the light of all that is, we are one.

Ariah is a counselor, Pleiadian healer, and New-thought minister.,

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