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Visionkeeper – Embrace The Unknown – 28 February 2013

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For me personally, what makes life so interesting and exciting is the wonders and magic of the unknown world around us. I guess if I could be anything in this life time I would have to label myself a pioneer. I crave the idea of discovering the unknown, being the first to welcome in new things. I can’t understand why people are so afraid of it. I can understand change and the discomfort with not knowing where you will go next or what you will do, but to fear the unknown is something we were taught to do. Stop the fear! I thoroughly enjoy learning new things which is why I probably embrace this whole way of thinking. Pioneer is a good name for me in every sense of the word. We all need to be pioneers and expand our boundaries outward to include the magic of the unknown. Why do we find it so hard to grasp or believe new things, especially if they come from outside our galaxy? Brainwashing. New information has been ridiculed for so long now to keep us separated from the truth. It’s time to turn off the television and delve into data that can expand our minds and encourage us to evolve more quickly. It is time to get out of the rut and take a detour into the wildness of the unknown. Continue reading

3 Minutes News – New Complex Sunspot Group – 28 February 2013

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Lucas – Bubbles Of Truth – Bubbles Of Foam Connecting To Create And Manifest The New – 28 February 2013

2011Foam-1What is called for some reality is for others merely an illusion and for others non-existent. It comes all down again to perception. It is the resonance field that  is still in the cone of the interlocked old vortex and the new vortex where the little cone of the old is sticking in the new 5D vortex. It is the transitional field of being already but not perceiving fully that what is already.  It is about making real choices to spiral outwards from that temporary phase of integration of the new and the last choices to be made to fully expand into the new 5D field.  The before created blue-prints and thoughts from the heart for manifesting new earth and new humanity are to become clearly shown.  It is the time we are stepping into our real divine vibrational frequency bubbles tot connect all as dots to make the blue-print manifest. The building blocks we created and gave birth to last year will now be fully connecting. Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – OPPT – Because Our Contract Is Fulfilled! – 28 February 2013

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Gravity Waves And Ancient Egypt (26th Feb 2013) – 28 February 2013

Uploaded  on 26 February 2013 by Thyalwaysseek THYALWAYSSEEK FACEBOOK GROUP:…… (Lucas : I would say it more looks like a part of the flower of life. That is a holy geometrical shape and explains all live and  as all is interconnected so this is just an example of it.)

RemovingTheShackles – Rebecca Campbell : “The Revolt Of The Pawns” – 28 February 2013

shacklesAn enormous thank you to Enerchi from Ascension with Mother Earth for uploading Rebecca’s screenplay and getting this out to the public!!

I plan on sitting back this evening and reading!!

Rebecca Campbell: “The Revolt of The Pawns” – A Political Science Fiction Screenplay Continue reading

Dutchsinse – US Navy Labs Create Plasma Spheres (Rings) Using HAARP – HF – High Frequency – 27 February 2013

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Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Elizabeth Warren Grills Bernanke On “Too Big To Fail” Policy – 28 February 2013

mish-image-15%(Lucas: For me It does not matter how great Elizabeth fries Bernanke as it is all about them already being foreclosed upon but still doing “their Job” if there is anything to left to do. They should go home as their jobs are not existing anymore, the corporation USA and FED are foreclosed by default.)

Inquiring minds are watching Bernanke squirm under pressure from Senator Elizabeth Warren who complains “Too Big To Fail” is now bigger than ever before.

Link to Bloomberg video :

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American Kabuki – Brian Kelly – The Public Trust 1776 Resurrection Of Forgotten Principles – 28 February 2013

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Laura Bruno – Empaths And Paradise – 28 February 2013

laura brunoJust a quick reminder that we’re crossing some bizarre energy ripples right now, which have the power to distort in strange and sometimes scary ways. Whether you call it Mercury Retrograde in dreamy, illusion-inducing Pisces, Archontic influence of off-world beings instigating and surfing negative emotions, or simply empathing some of the intense disaster posturing of our world right now, many people are experiencing flare-ups. Emotions, spiritual issues, identity crises, physical pain that outreaches the actual diagnosis, thoughts that won’t stop recycling: yep. I’m feeling it, and I know so many others are as well, because I’m hearing from you in sessions! Continue reading